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  1. Day 8 of the 12 Days of Crash. It's another big one, with a doppelganger and the most faithful assistant you could ask for. Today, we have Dr N.Gin and Fake Crash!

    -N.Gin made his debut in Crash 2 as Cortex's new right hand man. He was presumably enlisted during the year gap between Crash 1 and Crash 2. 
    -After getting into a Missile experiment accident, the missile in his head is now a life support, and is a good indicator of his emotional state. 
    -N.Gin is the fourth boss of Crash 2, which is significant for being the only place in the trilogy with its particular fighting mechanic. 
    -N.Gin returned in Crash 3, and didn't get degraded down as he's still the fourth boss. It's the only boss fight in the trilogy you don't play as Crash for.
    -N.Gin was a starter playable in CTR, CNK and CTTR. In CTR he's the intermediate class, in CNK he's the beginner class and he has no class in CTTR. He has to be unlocked in Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 (the mobile one).
    -He made a cameo as an obstacle in the N.Ballism mini-game in Crash Bash. He actively tries to hurt the players by quickly firing balls that are tricky to deflect back. 
    -N.Gin is the second boss of Crash XS (and technically part of the final boss). 
    -N.Gin has an entire level for him in Twinsanity, Hi Seas Hi-jinks. Crash has to go around the ship defeating his mutant goons (something not seen since Crash 1) and then fight N.Gin directly at the end (which eventually sinks the ship). He later shows up wanting to claim the treasure along with N.Brio and N.Tropy.  
    -N.Gin appears in both Crash of the Titans and Mind Over Mutant. In the former, N.Gin runs a factory and is torn over Cortex's replacement. In the latter, he leads an attack on the bandicoot at the very start of the game but is eventually fought off the island.
    -He cameos in Crash/Spyro Fusion as a collectible card, and in Crash Boom Bang as a silhouette in a mini-game. 
    -N.Gin has had a number of voices over the year, but like N.Tropy it will be Corey Burton reprising the role from Wrath of Cortex in the N-Sane Trilogy.


    1. VEDJ-F


      -Fake Crash is the result of Crash's surprising popularity in Japan; they made a strange-looking plush of Crash, Naughty Dog saw it, and decided to include a character with the same look as an Easter Egg (Penta Penguin has his origins in Japanese media too).  

      -Fake Crash made his debut in Warped. You need to get the 100% ending of the game to trigger him appearing in some of the levels. 
      -Fake Crash is playable in CTR by winning the Purple Gem Cup, and is intermediate class. He was assumed to have no cheat code like the other unlockables for a literal decade, until it was discovered fairly recently (the word is Oddnoodle, possibly in reference to his Japanese origin). 
      -Fake Crash is playble in Crash the Japanese version only. He has no moral alignment. 
      -Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced is the first time Fake Crash was included in the story. N-Trance thought he had captured and hypnotised the real Crash along with Coco and Crunch, but it turned out to be Fake Crash. He is the third boss. 
      -Fake Crash is the unlockable of team Bandicoot in CNK. To get him, you have to do 50 consecutive boost as someone of team Cortex (as someone who did it back in the day, it's a bitch to get). 
      -He makes a cameo in the fourth hub of Crash Fusion, where his card is nearby. 
      -Fake Crash can be unlocked as a playable character in Crash Boom Bang. This was made by the Japanese company Dimps, so that's not surprising.
      -For some reason, he is the main antagonist of the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands adventure level in Skylanders Imaginators. 
      -Fake Crash will be voiced by Jess Harnell in the N-Sane Trilogy. It seems logical that he has the same voice actor as Crash, but this is the first time it's happened.

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Another fun fact about N. Gin: His sexuality varies depending on the writer. A deleted scene from Twinsanity had Cortex put his Coco disguise back on during the Arctic portion in order to avoid attracting any unwanted attention. N. Gin sees "her" and falls in love. After finding out "she" was Cortex, N. Gin isn't sure how to feel about it.

      In the Titans games, however, N. Gin expresses his disgust of girls. (And he apparently wants to eat Coco)

    3. E-122-Psi


      That guy is nuts, punch him in the throat.

      Concerning Fake Crash, from what I know this is actually the first time he has the same voice actor as Crash himself.

    4. VEDJ-F


      Thinking about it, that scrapped Twinsanity arc was really fucking creepy. Even if not a kid, she would have been 14-15 at most. 

      And I think they technically shared one somewhere else, but that was because they recycled Crash clips for Fake Crash. 

  2. Had to play technician a few minutes ago. Power got tripped which was caused by a hoover being switched on. Tested it and it works but is stuck in boost mode. 

    What a weird fault. 

  3. I've had a lot on my plate today, from a day out to CLOBBERIN' DAT DERE KIRBEH. But that doesn't mean I can slack off, because day 7 of the 12 days of Crash is pretty big. This time, we have Tiny Tiger and Polar the bear cub!

    -Like the Komodo Brothers, Tiny Tiger was designed for Crash 1. He was presumably held back because the boss roster was full enough already (and redundant with Koala Kong there). Unlike the Komodo Brothers, he didn't change much.

    -Tiny is the third boss of Crash 2. This boss is the source of some confusion, as he's supposed to be working for Brio, but is in Cortex's space station and is depicted as the most loyal mutant to Cortex after this game. 
    -Like Ripper Roo, he was degraded to first boss in the sequel (Crash 3 for Tiny). Set in the roman period, it's the only boss fight that Cortex appears in where he doesn't have an active role. 
    -Tiny is playable in CTR from the start as an advanced class character, and in Crash Bash as a good guy (basically he's evil, but because of some arbitrary rules he's made to fight for the good guys). 
    -He appears as an obstacle in Wrath of Cortex, and has portraits of him up in the medieval stages. 
    -Tiny is the third boss of Crash XS (and also technically part of the final boss), and the second boss of Crash Fusion. 
    -Tiny's loyalty is cemented with his appearance in team Cortex in CNK, where he is again of the Advanced class. In the plot itself, he attacks Velo which leads to them being sent to Terra, and he ends up winning the affection of its inhabitants (solidified by the Tiny Temple track). 
    -Tiny only makes a cameo in the first boss fight in Twinsanity. There were no plans for further stuff with him.
    -Tiny appears in Crash of the Titans. His appearance there was controversial due to...basically being a different character (now a regular tiger and not thylacine, smart and with a more peaceful side as opposed to being dumb but brutally devoted to destroying the bandicoot, the Mike Tyson-like mannerisms...only the loyalty to Cortex was a thing in common). Tiny is in charge of collecting resources for the Doominator, and has to fess up the location of Coco when beaten. 
    -John DiMaggio was the last voice actor for Tiny prior to the Titans era, and he reprises the role in the N-Sane Trilogy.



    1. VEDJ-F


      -Polar featured as Crash's ridable animal in Crash 2, replacing the hog as the signature pet. He is used in four levels (three regular, one secret), and can be seen in the second warp room. 

      -Polar cameod in the intro to Crash 3, but wasn't used in gameplay. 
      -Polar is a starter character in CTR, being of the beginning class. 
      -Polar bears that look like Polar can be seen thoughout the Polar Push mini-game series. Polar himself doesn't appear.
      -Polar reprises his role of ridable in Crash XS and Crash Fusion, being used in three levels for the former and three mini-games and a boss in the latter. 
      -Polar is again a racer in CNK, but this time he's brainwashed by N.Trance and is on his team (although the team bandicoot ending shows him free of mind control). He's a beginner class racer, and is unlocked by beating the Blue Gem Cup.
      -In Crash Twinsanity, he makes a cameo at the first boss fight, wielding a baseball bat. It's unkwown when this turn of character occured.
      -He is playable in the first Crash Nitro Kart 3D, although with no class this time. 
      -He is a card in Crash Fusion, and also cameos in Crash Boom Bang as a silhouette in a mini-game. He is fully anthropomorphic in this game. 
      -He was voiced by Debi Derriberry in CNK. He has no voice credit in the N-Sane Trilogy.

    2. E-122-Psi


      He's an intensive care bear. What do you expect? :P

  4. Weird Al is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

  5. Remember when Andy's dad died of Polio? Pepperidge Farm remembers. 

    1. VEDJ-F


      The reference;


  6. Getting my chips in while there's still plenty of space. 1. Speed of Sound (Knuckles Chaotix) 2. Team Chaotix (Sonic Heroes) 3. With Me (Sonic and the Black Knight) Remix Slot: The Sonic Gems Collection Remix of Fairy of A.I.F, originally from Sonic the Fighters.
  7. Ah, the anniversary of Sonic and Eggman. While that's all and good, I tend to recognise it more as Vector's anniversary, since he was conceptualised for Sonic 1, but actually introduced in a later game.

    Why bring that up in a 12 Days of Crash entry? Because as luck would have it, Vector isn't the only reptile made for the first game in a series but introduced later. As we reach day 6 and halfway through the rundown, we have the Komodo Brothers!

    -The Komodo Brothers were designed to be included in Crash 1 as bosses of the temple area, but the technology wasn't up to snuff to feature two boss characters in one fight until Crash 2. 

    -Their concepts had them with a Japanese theme and with a slant of wanting reptile supremacy, only switching when Zembillas reworked the designs. You can still tell by the fact their intended boss location is in an area with lots of lizard enemies, and their Crash 2 profiles still call Komodo Joe a skilled samurai despite not having that origin. 
    -They're the second boss of Crash 2, and they were the first fight where you had to fight more than one character at a time (later followed up by the Crash 3 final boss and the N.Tropy/Brio fight in Twinsanity).
    -They have never had an explicit allegience to Cortex despite some places inferring so. 
    -Komodo Joe is the tall and cunning one of the two, Komodo Moe is the more physical but dumb of the two (although the boss fight wouldn't indicate that). Their names combined basically form the word Mojo (which became a big thing in the Radical era).
    -They were the third boss of Crash Bash, based in some sort of space base and them coming out with two tanks once that was destroyed. In this game, their health bars are switched. 
    -They cameo in the medieval levels of Wrath of Cortex as paintings, making them the only non-debuting characters who appear that weren't involved in Crash 3. 
    -They were going to appear in Twinsanity in part, most prominently on the second island running a race course for crystals with a car that had no brakes. They were ultimately scrapped altogether, not even making a cameo in the first boss fight, making them the only characters of the original trilogy who appear in zero capacity. 
    -Komodo Joe has had a little more exposure than Komodo Moe thanks to the racing games. Komodo Joe was the boss of the third area in CTR, Glacier Park, and can be unlocked by beating the Blue Gem Cup. He is of the intermediate class. He cameos as a statue in the Jungle Boogie track. 
    -Brendan O'Brien voiced the little grunt clips you could hear in Crash 2 and Crash Bash for Komodo Moe. Komodo Joe was voiced by David Anthony Pizzuto in CTR. With O'Brien not reprising any roles, and Pizzuto's death in 2012, Fred Tatasciore is voicing both in the N-Sane Trilogy.

    1. VEDJ-F


      Just to note, Jungle Boogie is for CNK, not CTR. 

  8. If SatAM fans had their way and Classic Sonic had the voice of Jaleel White, Japanese Classic Sonic would be Crash Bandicoot. 



    1. Ernest-Panda


      I still wanna know where I can see those dubs

  9. Of course my earphones choose tonight to die in one bud. 

  10. Almost got blindsided by Stoke on Trent Pride going on tomorrow, but I'd decided to try and get the Lost Imaginite Mines Adventure Pack tomorrow, told my parents I'd being going to Hanley, and mother mistook it for that when one of her friends told her about SoTP. 

    I thought it'd be July, so I'll go tomorrow now (after picking up the pack).

    Also found out said friend's kid was transgender. Good for him, always glad to see people confident in their identity. 

  11. I pre-ordered it at GAME, doubt they'd have it in this early, nor would they sell it if they did (Pokemon X & Y was an exception due to competitors playing dirty).
  12. Double post because I can't edit the above one at all. Edit Japanese Box art. Also yeah, the boss portal is inactive when you enter the warp room, and doing the five levels activates it. You don't fight the boss by going up the lift.