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  1. Huh okay. That's going to be as ignored as every other Western interpretation of classic games, but at least in Sonic 4's case that's not something that will likely crop up and present an issue.
  2. Well, he's right in the sense that Sonic Team as a whole didn't make the game. This was back when it was split between STI in America and SEGA Enterprises in Japan. I think Sonic CD might have had a few more Sonic Team persons in the game making part on top of that, possibly? Either way, Hoshino and Ohshima at the very least were involved.
  3. When was that confirmed? I'd love to know more about this. Thanks! Hoshino stated it in the interview done for Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works. That book is really a treasure for those interested in MD-era development history.
  4. Well, there was confirmed disruption during its development; the Sonic Team part of SEGA Enterprises were pulled off the game partway through to work on NiGHTS. If only the less experienced non-Sonic Team SEGA Enterprises was left over...well, you can see where this is going.
  5. Copy-pasta because I've got a theory again. At least this time it'd be an unpopular one for people who want the scrapped characters to come back; I theorised the date and cause of their scraps.
  6. You know, I was listening to the Willy Wonka soundtrack a week back and thinking "Man, Gene Wilder must be pretty dang old by now". Welp. Now I know how old he was for certain. RIP Mr Wilder.
  7. One thing I don't get is why Concept Mobius outright states that Silver was designed by Uekawa...when Uekawa wasn't even a character artist for Sonic 2006. In fact, in my research for the thing I talked about earlier in the week. I found an article from 2006 talking about the design process, and it seems it was more a team effort, without Uekawa.

    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Interesting. Always thought he designed every post-Adventure character.

    2. VEDJ-F


      Eh, depends where you look. He certainly designed every post-Adventure character in games not developed by Sonic Team, and he handled Adventure itself. But in the Sonic Team games, it's more mixed (especially Adventure 2, where he wasn't involved with Shadow but may have been involved with the other playable characters made for the game. Other Sonic Team Sonic games just don't have him). 

      Fun fact: Two of the character designers for Sonic '06 (one being Amaike) would come back and be the sole character designers for Sonic Lost World. 

    3. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Wow, the more you know! Thanks! :)

  8. Who wants a JonTron of the new variety?


  9. That's why TSSZ are asking for any help in verifying it and not going "Oh yeah we heard this and it's totes real guys!".
  10. Indigo Rush guest stars in a video....kinda

  11. Here I am trying to listen to something mentally stimulating [Harry Potters audio books are totes high class culture guys] and the revelers outside are blaring out jazz and blues and rock and roll. You 50-year-old kids better get off my lawn!

  12. You know, my order for three least favourite Sonic games for a long time has been Sonic Spinball, Secret Rings and Sonic 3...I think Sonic 3 needs to be put to 4th because why have I not put Chronicles in there yet. 

    1. Indigo Rush
    2. VEDJ-F


      ...My dislike of Sonic 3 is something I've made obvious for a long time. 

    3. ShroomZ


      And why do you dislike it if you don't mind me asking 

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      til SatBK, Sonic UnWiished, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Jam [], Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Heroes and Sonic 4 are all better games than Sonic 3

  13. I still think original Raichu is cuter than Alola Raichu. The latter seems like it's trying too hard to be cute. 

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Alolan Raichu is perpetually surfing on its own tail. That alone makes it cuter.

  14. Please note that these were for fun, not serious considerations.