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  1. I can see why that one was scrapped.
  2. >:/

    1. Forte-Metallix


      booty had me like


    2. Tara


      Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo is okay.

    3. Dejimon11


      Hey I aint complaining.

  3. Two possibilities there; 1. Wave is a specialist, as she only really deals with engineering Extreme Gear. 2. It was speaking in the context of Sonic Boom, as neither she or any other such figure is present there. It would apply to other new media as well, but she'd be included in the inventor batch if she was there.
  4. Johnny's next foray into the Kingdom hearts series.

    Wait a minute...

    1. Bobnik


      Oh, Kingdom Hearts N.sane Trilogy, my favourite!






    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      I have a feeling that the next video after KH2 won't be 358/2 Days... :)

  5. What does a spider-pig do? Episode 48; On the newest episode of the Bumblekast, Ian and Kyle discuss the latest film from the swinging superhero, Spider-Man: Homecoming. They talk about what they thought of it, spoilers about the film, their views on the characters and actors, the little details, their favourite scenes, the handling of the mythos/setting, future movie projections, and the little things they didn't have an issue with that others may have. And now we get to the sticky string of thought that is the Q&A! -How would Ian go about Breath of the Wild comic - Tough one, would depend on how much time he had on the project, if it was manga-style where you could focus on panoramic shots and let story unfold at decompressed rate then he'd follow Link's journey in organic way, maybe work his way counter-clockwise around the map, if it was more concise (Ex: a straight-to-trade print) he'd approach it more as small vignettes, small stories for key moments, make the Ganon fight better, thinks the boss was anti-climatic considering how everything else was so well built up. -Why he roboticised Sally again - To make better use of concept, first time was done in an issue, completely forgot they had portable roboticiser until Mecha Madness, even then it changed designs, idea was supposed to take Sally the tactical brains and making her into a killer robot and play with terror/challenge that would present, didn't quite pan out that way. -Has Avalon voted to leave the Eurish Union to pursue freedom in international trade and relationships [it's a Brexit joke, and many of the ones who voted for it didn't do it for that reason...] - Saw what he did there, no because it's ruled by Hood who is a puppet of Eggman, firmly in Eggman Empire, "Avaleave", "Avagone". -How would Countdown to Chaos play out if Ian went with original idea of a hard reset - Probably fairly similarly, idea behind it was to introduce each Freedom Fighter in new design in new world, set up the planet explosion and Unleashed adaptation, main beats probably the same, just no baggage of memory stuff. -Any plans for Babylon Rogues - Yes, did have plans for them in farcical heist plot with Hooligans, can't get into it a lot right now as things are the way they are, did have some plans, might have more plans for the future, "knowing smile". [Well huh, good for them]
  6. There'll probably be a necessity for some if they plan to go in the direction of having character development and stuff, since there's a mandate against it for the active game cast. If they don't that's less of a problem. Either way, they can just fill the gaps with Avatars theoretically.
  7. Christ, how much footage of PSO2: Episode 5??

  8. Hard Boiled Heavies have a vastly decreased chance -if- the comic is modern-only. If they have a separate classic one, then I see odds being good for them...provided Mania doesn't kill them off.
  9. Cool beans. I got a little reaction pic for it, but it has some strong words in it.
  10. Anything off-limits before will be off-limits now, even though some of them are fine to use legally. As we've been discussing, it's the SatAM/AoStH/Archie comic cast/scrapped game characters that are in question as to whether they'll be mandated out or not.
  11. Yeah, it's at the very least mentioned in Sonic Universe #9, but I'm probably forgetting earlier instances.
  12. Fashionista Honey no, that's more a reference to her Fighting Vipers counterpart. And not just the fact she's a fashionista; Candy is stated to be her own tailor too. Team Hooligan is more debatable. While they're the three playable characters that weren't seen future games, Bean and Bark were the ones paired together, while Fang wasn't viewed as being to do with them. If anything, a team with Honey, Bean and Bark makes more sense. The cameos in Generations and Mania weren't even included by Sonic Team, they were put in by AAUK and the Mania team respectively.
  13. I'm reading this two ways and in both ways my reply is "they actually quite do care". If you're talking about people from outside the comic sphere caring about them being different in Archie, they most certainly did prior to Chaotix Quest. You have to remember that despite their various appearances, the Chaotix weren't well developed at all for most of their Archie lifetime due to being made into Knuckles' flunkies and getting no sort of action independent of that (Fleetway was better than that, and they didn't have Sonic Heroes!). And that's not even including what you mentioned above, or tying Espio to a clan, or throwing the detective title in superficially so you didn't have to actually do anything with it (seriously, does anyone remember the fact Archie called them detectives before Chaotix Quest? Even though they didn't act like it?). They were different post-reboot too but it's mainly people like me who care about it because it contradicts the game stuff in that point you've got a better argument of saying that they didn't care. If you're talking about comic fans caring about them being different in the games...don't get me started.
  14. Before I go on, I'll state that I'm reblogging because this is very true. Especially considering that if they were revived (talking about the scrapped characters), they'd probably be very unlike what the comic has presented even recently due to what SEGA would take from the prior history. If they ignored Chaotix to get Mighty, for example, you wouldn't get the pacifist the Archie comic had for god knows how long. But yeah, a couple of fact statements; 1. Archie was hardly the only thing keeping some of these scrappees alive, or on the inverse did very little to preserve them. Sonic The Comic has as much a hand in many of the characters' preservation before it ended publication as Archie, and by the time it did end publication the Chaotix were in Heroes and it was that that really sparked interest in the whole "well if they revived them they can revive x" thing. On the other hand, the concepts of Tails Adventure and Tails Skypatrol weren't in the comic for a long time, so it's not like the Archie comic was carrying them along. And the scrapped band characters/Madonna were so minor that they weren't carried by the comic at all. This applies even more to Sonic R, as the Tails Doll is way more famous for its creepypasta than its brief Archie stints. 2. I really don't think the Chaotix situation went about as people think it did. It seems after the failure of Sonic X-Treme, they set about doing a pseudo-reboot, which included drawing up a design document of what they could use. I don't think it's that they stayed dead all those years and then Sonic Team were like "let's revive them!", moreso that they were always on the design document and they were waiting for a suitable time to reuse those concepts, which happened to be in the second main game to come out after Adventure. There was really only about a three/four year-turnaround from the release of Adventure (which established everything again) and the beginning of the production of Heroes (which brought them back into the fold).