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  1. VEDJ-F

    Who's the most popular character now?

    I don't think Mighty and Ray have really gone that much higher in the popularity stakes, even with Mania Plus on the horizon. I'm not seeing much more activity for them than before the reveal.
    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      These fuckers just keep on sinking to new lows. I honestly can’t fathom how anyone could be so callous and cruel.

    2. SupahBerry


      Sure, a few zillion angry movie fans can join together to get a franchise put on hold because it made a few mediocre movies that simply offended them despite being a fictitious media.

      But when all these actually harmful and sinful acts happens to innocent, defenseless real people for representing a ethnic that the government doesn't like? OK, we'll just let it slide!!!!

  2. VEDJ-F

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    To be fair, that's accurate to the source material it was working off.
  3. VEDJ-F

    Sonic Channel

    She can get some, but she keeps getting it year on year when characters that are equal or even higher in standings as her (I think Omega is equal for now) seldom get them. She needs to be less frequent at this point, and let other tertiaries get a go (heck, how about a Storm standalone to follow from Jet and Wave for example).
  4. VEDJ-F

    Sonic Channel

    What I meant was the likes of Cream getting as much priority as she does when her importance has gone downhill since 2007. This wasn't about Sola Sonica.
  5. VEDJ-F

    Sonic Channel

    They've been going since at least 2007. Problem I find is that the character prioritising still feels like it's based on 2007 instead of a decade later.
  6. Basically managed to rekick the Disney stuff.

    Sword in the Stone is...I don't even know. What is the point of it aside from being a worse education tool than Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boon? It doesn't even cover that much of Arthurian legend, with the only other knights being Sir Ector and Sir Kay. At least Madam Mim is a more capable dragon than Maleficent I guess. 

    Aristocats is fun for some fluff (still one of my faves), but not much to analyse. At least there not being a villain until partway through the plot is somewhat interesting I guess? I mean, Edgar isn't presented as one until he finds out about the will. 

    Robin Hood is a whole different barrel of fish. Despite the reused animation, the actual story and tone are radically different from other Disney films in how down-to-earth and dour it is. I swear a lot of the moments of small talk don't feel like standard Disney fair...and Prince John is goddamn dark when he wants to be. Planning to hang a clergyman must have gone down so well in 1973. 


    1. E-122-Psi


      The 60s/70s Disney films have this kinda weird episodic feel to them, like they're loads of little films compiled together (I mean that is pretty much exactly what Winnie the Pooh was anyway). I know most of them adapt a compilation of novels, but it's not like they follow the story structure that closely most of the time anyway.

      Sword in the Stone was an adaptation of some novels based on early Arthur's teachings, just like often with Disney, a lot of the substance was just converted to fluff and silly antics. It's rather ironic it was among the few that didn't get a sequel considering the source material really.

      The first half of Robin Hood is crafty in how sets up John and the Sherriff as being dumbed down for the adaptation...and then at the heated point of the heroes mocking them, they take a much darker turn. I know the original climax was going to be darker, which John chasing and almost killing an injured Robin personally.

  7. I don't think Vector would be split from the rest of the Chaotix in most circumstances. The reason he was with Team Rose in Free Riders seemed more like they wanted the Chaotix, couldn't get all three in because the rest were established in the Riders series, so Vector was squeezed into team Rose (since Big wasn't there already and they could argue Blaze was paired with Silver for the consideration of teams) and given a reason in-story as to why. Nowadays though, you can see in Runners/Runners Adventure/Forces that they're more willing to have all the Chaotix from the get-go than make sure any semblance of team Rose is present, so really I think it's only them that are the wildcard right now, and that we'll get all three Chaotix.
    1. Cobalt_Bolt


      Guess the U.S. has become the equivalent of Germany from WWII now. Mueller can't stop the Wanker in Chief's administration fast enough. 

    2. MightyRay


      I wouldn't recommend you look up what us aussies are doing to our refugees if that makes your blood boil.

      Because the shit we're doing should be dragged into a international court of law IMO.

  8. So, Sleeping Beauty. In retrospect? I...actually think this one gets a lot of unfair schtick as well after watching it. 

    Yeah, I still stand by that a lot of it seemed like it was trying to be "Snow White, but 'modern'", but it seems it was trying to build on what Snow White did, in the same way the Renaissance era built on what it did. 

    I think maybe the core of the misunderstanding is that people think that the film is about meeting your love in a dream and then it's true love from there. While the phrase provides a key element in the climax phase, that's really not focus on the film.

    It's more about the interplay of fate with the needs of the individual, and how not meeting one can fuck over the other. Right from the start, Aurora is fucked over by determined fates right as a baby; she's got one that says she'll prick her finger and fall asleep, another that says she's betrothed to a prince. By the time she's 16, she's still not allowed to meet anyone at all because of these. 
    Aurora herself is presented as sassy (again, something from Snow White), perceptive and curious, and desperate for independence. That's why she's so willing go along with the dashing rogue in the forest (who she doesn't know is a prince even) who comes off as charming, and when the fairies tell her that she can't see him again and the one outlet of exercising her will is taken? Well, I'll get to that later. [cont]

    1. E-122-Psi


      It's sort of obscured by the fact that the two 'protagonists' have pretty much zero speaking lines after the first half of the film, thus making them only a fraction more developed than in Snow White (albeit gender reversed, we see the Prince more often this time).

      People often overlook the fact it was probably the first Disney film to really have active and charismatic female protagonists, but of course they're overlooked for being comic relief and not idealised princesses. Even the live action film undermines them completely.

    2. VEDJ-F


      I will get to that thing about second half stuff in time, don't worry. Probably in the next part after this. 

      [cont]Prince Philip is also presented as being a rebel to authority, to the point of seeming like the exact blueprint Flynn Rider is based off. At the very least, I enjoyed his character a lot, especially his interplay with his father and the animals. And it does make sense, being a young impulsive teen, that he'd run off the same thrill to meet someone outside what's been decided for him. 

      KIng Stephan and King Hubert's stuff is probably stuff Disney would shy away from now; two fathers who are already thinking about their kids getting married and having sex (especially Hubert who gets drunk off his ass). That said, that plot, as humourously as it's played, is a key driving force of the plot and essential to the motivations of Aurora and Philip. 

      I thing everyone can agree the fairies get the lion's share in terms of the plot and their plight as fairies trying to adapt as mortals for 16 years, then being instrumental to the climax. Then again, I see a few complaints that Philip having them was all too convenient for him...never mind the fact the fairies were the ones who fucked up because they were careless with magic and they owe him big time for basically screwing over everyone he loved.[cont]

    3. KHCast


      Well that’s quite the analysis of a early Disney children’s film lol. Food for thought sure, but I honestly doubt Disney went into that much consideration. There’s not much to work with and go off of regarding the simplistic and fairly straightforward storylines and characters.

      all and all, yes, I get what you’re saying, but wouldn’t surprise me if what people say about these films to some degree holds true. Keep in mind there era in which these were created 

    4. VEDJ-F


      [cont]Maleficent, I have mixed feelings on. As I said before, I like her best when her evil is being exuded through a very calm, polite but totally dripping with underlying hate veneer, because it makes her psychotic rage all that more pronounced. She even does the whole mocking fairytales thing decades before that was a trend (although it ends up being foreshadowing to her dragon form here).That being said, she's one of the most incompetent Disney villains out there! Like, Hades gets schtick for not keeping tabs on Hercules and allowing two bumbling henchmen to do it, but why not Maleficent who does exactly the same thing. And then, when she has Prince Philip, she doesn't even think of getting security for him when she knows the fairies are still about, and then she's shocked when it goes pear-shaped. Lady, I could have told you that was a disaster waiting to happen! That being said, I really liked the part when, after her pet crow eventually got the deets on Aurora's whereabouts, she follows her to the castle and exploits her emotional state (remember, she was told she could never see the stranger in the forest again, so she's miserable as hell) to hex her more easily which leads to the finger pricking. 

      I think ultimately what lets the film down is the climax being rushed to, again. I dunno if it was just cinematography of the time or what, but the fact that Aurora and Philip have no dialogue after the point Aurora has her freak-out is insane. Like, I can see what they were trying to do because the animation is done masterfully enough to convey it (Philip has more smarmy moments, is impressed by the digs the fairies bestow him, has moments of being out of his league when against Maleficent, Aurora has the knowing smile when she wakes up since she recognises him, the fact Philip has different clothes by the scene after heavily implies there was at least enough time passed for them to have a conversation about what had happened and to clear up the confusion), but the lack of dialogue and lack of more scenes of Philip and Aurora really hurt having that message that I mentioned at the start come across or to fully get behind their characters. Also the fact the fact the strangers they met happened to be betrothed to is kind of a cop-out. 

      Still though, I generally think it's pretty good in hindsight. 

    5. E-122-Psi


      Most of the earlier protagonists didn't really seem to drive the plot on their own, requiring magic or sidekicks or sheer coincidence to get their happy ending. Snow White and Cinderella got the most known amount of complaints over this, though Pinocchio and Dumbo were pretty helpless without influence most of the time as well. Peter Pan and Bambi (post-time skip) may count as exceptions, though even then Pan was recurrently irresponsible and Bambi was considered more a somewhat bland product of nature before the midquel retroactively developed him.

      Then again this was the company that gave us the infamously bland animated icon that is Mickey Mouse, who has only in recent years started to gain more personality focus.

    6. VEDJ-F


      Oh, uh, sorry KH, I genuinely didn't see any notification you'd replied before I posted that. 

      I guess I could be, but at the same time other Disney works of that period were putting more thought into it so I'm not so sure on that. 

    7. E-122-Psi


      I heard somewhere that the lack of voice work in the second half of the story was mandated for some reason, though I couldn't find any further info on it. I do know Walt pushed for 'less gab' in some of his works such as Bambi, preferring art to tell the story.

      As a bit of random trivia, this was the first professional animated project Don Bluth worked on.

  9. Finally getting to another Disney film, this time Sleeping Beauty. 

    Holy shit, this stylisation in the intro would make Hercules go "Whoa, easy on the artistic influence". I like it for being experimental, but I can see why audiences in 1959 didn't like it. 

    Speaking of which, I can tell this came out the exact same year as Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land, they share a lot of the special effects. 

    1. VEDJ-F


      You know, people talk about Maleficent as being the best for how super powerful and evil she is, but I like how she tries to play it off as cool first. Builds suspense as she lays out her "gift" since you don't know how it'll go up until she drops the whammy. 

    2. Ernest-Panda


      I think Maleficent is blandest villain in the Disney canon. The Angelina Jolie movie was the best thing that ever happened to her tbh

    3. VEDJ-F


      I'll give my full thoughts on her when I write up my assessment of the film. Which will be now but in a separate status update. 

  10. Honestly, the minute I saw the roster number, I knew they weren't going the route of having classic characters in there. I mean, it would have been a long shot at best to be honest. The spinoffs have a spotty and inconsistent history with how and when it does cross-promotion like this. There's the Mario and Sonic series, which did nods to both Sonic Chronicles and Sonic Boom at one point or another (the latter for Sticks), and Classic Sonic is given classic cross-promotion where it wouldn't really affect things (aka the mobile games basically, with Runners and Speed Battle doing it), but otherwise stuff like that is pretty limited. And just to note a couple of things; -Yeah, there's a history of other SEGA properties crossing both in Riders and the Sega All Stars series. The Sonic series has a longer history of doing that and it's practically interwoven into the series' fabric (remember SA1 and SA2 both had NiGHTS references). -What they did with Sonic Lost World wasn't so much cross-promotion as trying to get Lost World embedded into the fabric of the series. See Zavoc in Forces and TSR's art style deriving more from that than the games Planet Wisp appeared in. I think the big question mark is if Infinite will be involved. On the one hand, he shouldn't be aligned with Eggman at this point and it would seem out of place for him to be here. On the other hand, with Eggman being Power and Infinite looking more like a Tails stand-in than Zavok, he's probably got an edge over him at least. Unless they pull a blinder and put Tails Doll in there. It's not completely out of the realm of possibility compared to the rest of the classic cast, what with the Adventure dolls looking like him, his character artist having worked on Lost World, making a cameo in Lego Dimensions thanks to its developer (Dimensions notably being a modern Sonic showing), and the R in Racing making a reference to Sonic R despite not being based on its style. That said, I'd still find it incredibly unlikely.
  11. We don't need references to Tails Gets Trolled, thanks.
  12. This Nathan guy is the Sonic brand manager?  Why have I never heard of him?

    1. AdventChild


      Is his last name Drake?

    2. VEDJ-F


      I get the joke, but for real talk Googling his actual name brought up 0 results. 


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