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  1. It's nearly 2 O'clock in the morning, I'm tired, and I read the topic title as Snake Piss and wondered if Hogfather had lost the plot entirely. I'm off to bed.
  2. The Co-Op have already begun to sell Lebkuchen. :>

  3. That still wan't helping him in any way (and he was getting frustrated by it throughout), and then by the last interaction Shadow was telling them to get out of his way, so any teasing isn't returned in kind. Doesn't seem so close when it's a one-way street. Although Espio telling Knuckles he doesn't give two shits about the Master Emerald is still the best single moment of the game for the sheer irony.
  4. Rivals came out around the same time as Sonic '06 (before and after depending on the version of '06, but also kind of irrelevant as Rouge wasn't in the first one), and Sonic Rivals 2 came out Christmas 2007, so it was after the whole comradery shebang.
  5. Sonic Rivals 2 did that first, really. They ended up saving the day in the end anyway, but Rouge wasn't really up to helping Shadow out, and in the end he brushed both her and Knuckles off. Sonic Rivals 2 is kinda like Sonic's Free Riders' twin in terms of jerky characterisation, from what I recall.
  6. Whoops, Legend of the Everfree got leaked by Brazil.
  7. Nope, doesn't seem like Dimps (or THQ) were responsible for any of the characters in their games.
  8. To be fair, Mephiles did get acknowledgement in Sonic Runners, but that was probably solely because he's super popular in Japan.
  9. ...So, why did SatAM suddenly start ebbing off other cartoons near the end of its run? I know AoStH did it too, but that's in character for it. By the end, we had Rotor do a Muttley, and Antoine did both Hardy Har Har and Snoopy in one scene. 

  10. *Halfway through getting all the images together*

    *35 so far including some non-SatAM ones*

    Oh boy.

  11. Just had a tip through that SSMB is banning polls. 

    1. FlareSakithaSol


      What, but... but...

      Sonic 06 vs Sonic Boom?


    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Are the mods going to announce this soon?

    3. VEDJ-F


      It was a joke to the Motobug peeps.

  12. They seem a bit reluctant to reference Gemerl, especially when Emerl is the more "famous" one of the two and has been referenced in the Mario and Sonic series (and is on Sonic Channel). Perhaps they ignore the ending of SAdv3 so Gemerl isn't living with Cream and her mother. Edit: Checked her Sonic Channel comic for her to refresh; Advance 3 is put before Battle (which is weird because it's supposed to be chronological), and no mention of Gemerl is given for the Advance 3 recap, just the name of the team she had with Amy.
  13. Hey, I was speaking with my wallet before the classic/new split reveal.
  14. ....*poke* Eh. Okay, so someone asked about how Silver and Espio interacted in Sonic Rivals 2, so I decided to answer that by looking up a transcript. ...I don't get where people got the idea of them becoming close friends from, they hardly even broach being friends. Their dialogue stays very much on business terms throughout despite Espio foregoing gathering evidence for saving the world, and they just leave on very generic "thank you"s. No wonder it got ignored by Sonic Team.
  15. "It's going to eat the Chao alive? Incredible!"

    Holy crap I forgot that Espio was such an ass to chao in Sonic Rivals 2. 

    1. Forte-Metallix


      He understands how overrated the Chao Garden is.