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    -SGB's Super Mario 64 let's play.

    -Hellfirecomm's Simpsons: Hit and Run let's play (also periodically watching Sun and Moon parts). 

    1. Forte-Metallix


      For me, it's HFC's Sun playthrough and BrainScratchComms's Gex.

    2. VEDJ-F


      I can never get into BrainScratchComms for some reason. 

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      It's Ryan's flat robot voice, isn't it?

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      I still need to watch the Super Best Friends Playthrough of Nier.

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      SBF's THUG playthrough

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  2. I still don't buy that this is related to the court case, to be honest.
  3. So what I wanted to post when I got back from town wasn't that little anvil, but to wax lyrical on SEGA and Archie "talking". I don't think Yardley or Lovallo or Archie are lying about that at all, because there's literally no reason to. But to be honest, as much as people want it to mean good things, it seems...bad to me. 1. These talks are assumingly not new. Things wouldn't have just stopped in the middle of January (January being the time when licences get renewed), Archie and SEGA left to twiddle their thumbs for two months and then go "Oh wait, yeah that comic!" and talk then. It's safe to say they've been talking all that time, and if they're still not agreed on the fate of the licence after two months, that generally means they're not seeing eye to eye. 2. Riverdale has perhaps delayed some issues before, but it has not stopped other properties being released while it's running; Just look at Black Hood, which got an issue release recently and has one announced for June. 3. When the comic gap first came up, the comics that were due to come out were consistently rescheduled to a later date on their PW entries. For the last couple of weeks, they haven't been touched despite their dates rapidly approaching, which suggests to me that Archie don't think they have much chance to hold on to their end any more. Sonic #293 was put at 2, but so was Worlds Unite #3 last month, and I'm very much expecting that to be cancelled off at some point (it took 2 months for SSD#8 to be cancelled after being put to resolicit, SSSM#14 3 months).
  4. Sooo it looks like Mega Drive: Overdrive is cancelled. 

    1. Ayliffe


      this disappoints me greatly

    2. Gabe



      Thanks Archie.

    3. Thigolf


      I tried to prepare myself for this since the whole Archie debacle started and it still hurts :( 

  5. So, yeah, no Overdrive coming out on March 29th. Edit: This was originally pertaining to the schedule list, but it is actually listed as outright cancelled on the cancellation list. Sonic the Hedgehog: Champions is also cancelled on the list. Sonic #293 is "to be resolicited".
  6. Oh wait, I actually got a proper translation of that section from TheAmazingSallyHogan So basically it was a very technical way of doing an amendment.
  7. Looks...bad, maybe? It looks like Fulop managed to get something Archie filed dismissed, possibly a counter-claim.
  8. That they don't know anything on it?
  9. Gees, and Previewsworld still hasn't updated the March 29th list to full, so we can't find out if Overdrive is dead or not still. 

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Beginning to think Archie are leaving them just as much in the dark at this point

    2. Soni


      I swear if Overdrive is canned!

    3. VEDJ-F


      What I mean is that PW have the list for some of them (DC/Marvel/Dark Horse/IDW/Image), but not all publishers, so we're still in the dark about whether it'll be as its entry says it is. We know one comic is definitely out on March 29th for Archie; Jughead: The Hunger. 

      So it's a matter of seeing what else appears with that. 

  10. "DEATH IS COMING TO ARCHIE COMICS – BUT FOR WHOM?" I can't believe Sonic the Hedgehog is fucking dead.
  11. Well, if one considers popularity as a measure of what power one has amongst a social environment, then it's pretty natural that it potentially has similar effects.
  12. Technically, Ian not saying that Mega Man's cancelled is correct as the official word was hiatus as opposed to cancellation (which was Boom). However, it doesn't seem likely that it will be resumed when Capcom's got the plans for the animated show in the pipeline so they're busy focusing on that. Edit: Also have to slightly correct myself; The Archie Jumbo Digest isn't the only Archie title out this week, but the other one is an Archie Best of 2016 Annual.
  13. It may be that for its individual listing, but it's definitely not lined up in the new releases, only the Archie Jumbo Digest is.
  14. Except all signs point to it not coming out in April, hence the worry. I mean, people do have to hold on in regards to the creative staff because they're either under orders for silence or just don't know, but it's not that they're being so impatient they can't wait for a two week space.