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  1. *Random cooking show has a recipe which is fried chicken with a watermelon salad*

    *Make my usual comment about it sounding vaguely racist (you know, not being offended, just cocking an eyebrow at that combination)*

    *Dad gets angry at me since it's "just food"*

    Sometimes I forget that I'm probably several times more up to speed with American culture than my folks, even if I am clueless myself at times. 

    1. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      It's not remotely racist unless they relate it to being specifically black peoples favourite food.

      I don't even think the watermelon stereotype exists in the UK. Never heard of it. 

  2. Ahaha, made an opponent with two Tapus rage quit. Not bad for a team that's literally untrained.

  3. *Labour managed to win the Stoke By-Election, making sure Ukip didn't get in*


    1. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Now we just need UKIP to fade away from existence. 

    2. Blacklightning


      Your move, America.

  4. Hey, anyone on here have a 5* Purple Dye House in their Festival Park. I have Dye Houses and other 5*s. 

  5. Nice sunny weather here, I think Storm Doris has passed over our area now. 

    Actually managed to hold up really well in it earlier. I think the waxed coat was the trick; waterproof but also much heavier than an average coat, rain and wind resistant!

    1. Boomer


      It's been absolutely dreadful up in the Middlesbrough/Stockton area :/

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      It was bad here but now it's calm in Glasgow.

  6. Two of the Stoke by-election constituents are based in Penkhull, including Ukip leader Paul Nuttall. I could theoretically walk to his house in less than five minutes and just insult him to his face. 

    1. Ayliffe


      1: buy megaphone

      2: go to Paul's house

      3: ring doorbell

      4: when he opens it, shout through the megaphone at him "YOUR SURNAME SOUNDS LIKE NUT OIL"

      5: leave

  7. The central Sonic volumes won't be in line to be affected until April (for StH Volume 5) and May (SUS Volume 1). Worlds Unite Volume 3 is currently suspect as it's been tabbed as up for resolicitation.
  8. The problem is that silence is just about the worst thing you can have in customer service. Even if they're waiting on a situation to change, something like "We will provide updates when they become avaliable" is oodles better than staying completely schtum.
  9. No, but it doesn't look good when solicits are a no-show, things are pushed back constantly, secondary lines are cancelled left, right and centre and we don't hear a word on it from the official communication lines. People are anxious, and at this point quite justifiably. Even if the reason ends up being perfectly valid, this is not really an ideal situation for anyone.
  10. It definitely hurt Sonic when it did it last year though. I'm guessing that's down to the difference in audience.
  11. Hang on, saying they'd resolicit things only to cancel them later isn't just a past occurrence; that's exactly what happened with Sonic Super Digest #18 and Sonic Super Special Magazine #14 in December. That isn't a good sign then. And if they get cancelled the month after their scheduled release date, we may very well see WU volume 3 pop up again in the April 2017 order form.
  12. I checked back, they were never outright missing. New solicits were released in January and March 2016, while February and April 2016 had some of the old covers reposted again for resolicitation. They were never without Sonic there entirely. Double post, but this has an update, sort of. It's order form time! Remember that this page is a reference. Sonic Super Special Magazine #14 is officially cancelled, again. That was kinda known despite them not saying it. Worlds Unite Volume 3, on the other hand, has a 2 next to it, which means that currently they're saying it'll be resolicitated. Now, Archie has been known to say it will resolicitate something in one month, then just cancel it without resoliciting it in a later month, but still.
  13. I edited to sort of point that out. It's not a safety confirmation, but it is at least a sign that the creative staff haven't been made to jump onto other projects yet (explicitly instead of Sonic) which is something. And after over six weeks of nothing, that's a step.
  14. Well here's a Tweety tweet too. There is one caveat that I must mention though; It may be the plan, but that doesn't mean the plan will work out. Remember the best laid schemes o' mice an' men...or just remember the plans that were wasted by the reboot, or the plans for Shard post-reboot that were nixed in the end.