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  1. Actually speaking of references in Nitro Fueled's castle stages, Nitro Court has a banner that suggests that Fake Crash is Cortex's court jester.

  2. How has no-one nailed the CTR podium ceremonies with several COSHH violations yet? It was bad enough with *just* flamethrowers and live gun munitions, but now we have such things as lasers, toxic gas and alien dog piss thrown in there. 

    1. Jango


      Hahaha i love these podium animations tho'. Hey man! Wanna play online today? Add me on psn! My ID is: joaovicmartins 

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I have the Switch version only right now since my PS4 is currently tied up. I'll get the PS4 version eventually though. 

    3. Jango
    4. TheOcelot


      When are we gonna be able to play as the trophy girls?

    5. Jango
  3. "Sssoo, you've beaten all the other racers on these tracksss. Well, now you'll sssee why I'm the most feared driver on the circuit. I--"

    "I've seen you as a go-go dancer in Slide Coliseum in another save file, don't try to intimidate me".  

  4. "You BEAT me once again!"

    Dude, I've only raced you once. 

    1. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Let me guess. You beat him after getting all the time relics.

  5. Oh thank god, the turn for the badass Joe took in his cutscenes didn't remove the waterworks. 

    1. mayday2592


      Kinda seems out of character for him now. Would have preffered him having a saltier losing animation.

  6. I need a barometer here. 

    Is this better than the Netflix dub?

    1. Sean


      Without joking or any iota of hyperbole, yes

    2. Your Vest Friend
    3. SupahBerry


      That's basically comparing the Pokemon dub 4Kids and Post-4Kids but up to eleven.

  7. I will not have Twinsanity being disrespected like this in my house.
  8. My first Crash game was CTR, I got thrown in at the deep end without a paddle.
  9. I just realised that Greg Eagles has technically been voicing Aku Aku a mere four years less than Mike Pollock has voiced Eggman. 

    That's a mindscrew. 

    1. E-122-Psi


      Meaning Lex Lang's been voicing Cortex for one year less. The two doctor's actor change was almost simultaneous.

      It's sad knowing the Crash series has kept a consistent actor longer than the Sonic series.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Lex Lang (and Jess Harness with just a year less) are less jarring to me because their characters (and especially their tone) have been kept pretty consistent the entire time they've voiced them. Greg Eagles from the Titans stuff to N Sane Trilogy is like getting Eggman from Sonic X to Sonic 06.

    3. E-122-Psi


      Debi Derryberry's been on the series the longest and her voice for Coco goes in and out through the course. She went from feminine and soft spoken to basically her Jimmy Neutron voice to slowly leaning back into the former.

  10. Not with Activision behind him. It was impossible for Sony to negotiate him into PSASBR when he was still dormant, the demands after a 10m hit would be even higher.
  11. Today is not my day. 

    1. E-122-Psi
    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      All sorts was going wrong. I came down heavily with a cold/sore throat which is not great for telephony work, I was feeling rough in general and at the time of the status update something happened which I can't even go into. 

    3. E-122-Psi


      Sorry to hear your rough day, especially so early on judging by the time. Any better now?

    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Still a bit rough and the throat is still making my voice mad quiet, but overall still much better.

      Besides, I've got CTR to perk me up before work tomorrow. 

    5. E-122-Psi


      Good to hear, hope your cold clears up soon.

  12. Managed to see the whole of the boss cutscenes now.
  13. Oh boy, father's day. 

    Dad's asked me to get him nothing (like, he outright said "don't get me anything, not even a card") and I worry how mum will react to that. 

    1. Little T

      Little T

      My Dad used to say that every single Christmas, and we always did anyway

  14. Actually, real quick nit pick, it sucks that Charmy doesn't get an outfit.
  15. @Dee Dude Yo, Happy birthday for the big 2-1 today! 

  16. *Kirk Thornton voiced Donald Trump in The Queen's Corgi*

    oh boy

    1. JosepHenry
    2. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Not in the UK version, apparently.

    3. Ferno



  17. goods_190614_01_eye.jpg

    oh my ghoooddd

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      its not even just the tsr cast these are so goood


    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      These are cute, but what are these

    3. Little T
    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Sketchhog Sonic will always be best Sonic

  18. Isabella and Liz look weird to me. Megumi looks weird but in a cute way. Ami looks like a bro I want to hang out with.
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