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  1. The roster was split into aligning with either Aku Aku or Uka Uka. Has absolutely no significance unlike Crash Bash, but it was there.
  2. Not gonna lie, even though this is from the fandub I really like this tune as its own thing. 


  3. Hmm, not heard of Aaron LaPlante. Let me look him up. *looks up* Seems to be fairly sporadic for VA stuff, even if he has been going for years now. He has bit parts down pat though, including random credits like Friend, UPS Guy, and-- you know what I don't remember the episode of adam ruins everything with that in it
  4. Hence my sentiment in the first place that that sort of criticism is bull.
  5. That issue is something that could be fixed if TSR represented more of Sonic in it. It doesn't need other SEGA IPs to get involved. If anything, that might exacerbate the issue.
  6. *Part of the reason it's being put down is because they want SEGA IPs over just the Sonic IP* Okay that rhetoric can officially go for a long drive off a short pier now.
  7. Technically speaking it's also kinda hypocritical in the wake of Sonic Mania since additional character remnants were datamined from the base game way before Plus was a thing.
  8. It would have me too. The classic appearances have been restricted to either Forces (which was story-related, as weak as someone may find it) or mobile games. Not this type of game.
  9. Sounds like TSR gameplay streaming is being saved for the weekend.

  10. This CTR stream is fucking weird. 


    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Like we got Espio's old voice actor just singing "Hazmat Dingodile" after it being joked as the safe word every so often and swearing and references to sex and this is supposed to be Activision sponsored and what. 

      Nolan North please don't give Ripper Roo the Wally Gator voice. 

  11. Nobody told me Dingodile and Espio regularly met up for game nights. Let me just write that into my book of reptile boi headcanons.
  12. Heh, one of the windows in Cortex Castle references Cocortex.
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