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  1. I don't watch any SonicTubers really. Not out of any "oh no this might be cringe" factor, just that I don't feel like getting others' opinions on gameplay at all, and if its for lore I can do that myself.
  2. Oh hey, Tories released their new COVID policy today.


  3. luigi blc dropped


  4. Well this is basically it.


  5. The false leaks happened when there were three games in a year, announcing more stuff won't stop them.
  6. I feel like mild venting, so I'm just to list off some things that annoy me about modern posting trends. Nothing super critical though.

    1. Referring to mood purely in terms of Serotonin - As a science person this one aggravates the side of me that is like "This is a gross simplification of what Serotonin is". I don't think anyone would like so much Serotonin that it disrupts the bowel and causes seizures.

    2. Keysmash - I just can't get my head around it. It's hard to read and communicates little to me. I'm not a good communicator in the first place so eh.

    3. Random headcanons about characters stimming - This is very much a me thing, but I'm not keen on seeing characters stim. I stim myself, but I don't like doing it. Two of my stim behaviours legitimately cause me pain because it hurts my joints (especially my wrists), and another has me basically pacing up and down a room (usually skipping or something) which I cannot control. It's not a pleasant thing.

    1. DanJ86


      You're a science person too? I'm not good at the subject, academically speaking. But find comfort in the known and feel anxiety from the unknown.

      I'm also not good at following trends so I had never heard of keysmash until now. One quick search for the definition and it does sound annoying, especially for those that struggle to communicate. I'm similar in that regard too. I might've seen it before and just ignored it, thinking it was gibberish.

  7. I really do hope SEGA decides to refuse crossovers on this comic. I didn't even want the Mega Man ones on Archie, but those at least were still keeping to the video game theme.
  8. No, make Nicole a jaguar. On a serious note, wow, didn't realise the skulduggery going on with the Hooligans. I thought it was just a continuation of the grandfather clause of Archie, I guess not. Also if we went by SatAM's groundwork we'd have to get Boomer X Bunnie lol
  9. This one's actually slightly different IIRC. Ian dropped the name in because he was intending on using them, but it was written before Mania Plus was revealed, which cemented the classic-locked cast as being classic-locked. It got through because it was too late to change it, the issue coming out less than a month after the DLC's reveal.
  10. Time to go for the Eggman in mobile races.

  11. Honestly, the more I realise how far his resume goes, the more I respect Ian James Corlett as a VA. He voiced Dr Wily in Captain N and Mega Man (and Rush) in the 90s Mega Man cartoon, which I somehow never knew until now, as well as being Coconuts. The man has range.

    1. Dejimon11


      He also voiced Master Chen in Ninjago. 

  12. The partner of one of my dad's colleagues' was made a widow today of all days.

    That's two deaths within the hospital staff this month. There's still a third staff member in ICU. 

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Combined with my parents visiting a family friend who just had a fucking terrible 2020 even comparatively, and learning about the DNR fiasco that could affect me and my sister, and today has not been so hot over here.

  13. I didn't even know it was open already but goddamn this food is killing me.


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