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  1. Hey, I didn't realise the scrapbook was updated with each GP, neat that I get to see new stuff in it.

  2. The iron checkpoint crate doesn't have a victory animation, lmao

  3. The final episodes air in less than 24 hours! How about you listen to the opening theme again to reflect on how far its come.
  4. Animal Crossing's online is pretty awful. 

    On the plus side I just hit an island called Butter which had Lady Gaga as the island tune. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand.



      And Nintendo works twenty years behind.

  5. I wouldn't, because Tikal is actually a pretty common one for the SC stuff.
  6. Playing through CTR post-update. 

    Wow, there's so many changes beyond just the new character  and kart stuff. It feels like Sewer Speedway has had a physics overhaul and is as bouncy and fun to play as the original now, and the invisible crate in battle mode actually makes you invisible.


    1. Perkilator


      And the two biggest highlights:

      1. They fixed Rilla Roo’s model


    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I actually prefer the original model, new one looks weird with a smooth face and small mouth. 

    3. TCB


      Yeea i kinda got used to the originsl Rilla Roo model now, but the redesigned one still lools really good and faithful to the CB incarnation

      Besides, Beenox went a step beyond and made both of them unlockable so respect for that

  7. We did. I was surprised it hadn't been posted.
  8. May I interest you in some jazz in this trying time?
  9. Well, it's going to really fuck the pacing of the ending over methinks. What was supposed to be drawn out over the next few months to work to that climax is now going to be like "whoops, she's dead, he's dead, Sonic's dead, oh hey wait we reversed it woo". I mean this is like the one time I'm not blaming the comic for that but it's still a bit of a cherry on top of this whole experience.
  10. Man, between dad being a nursing assistant so being eligible for those early open hour schemes and me being in one of the most secure jobs going, our family is goddamn lucky in this pandemic situation specifically.

  11. One of my  villagers just gave me toilet paper.

  12. Friend code is 5655-8286-2209 for AC purposes.

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