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  1. What was DiC's issue with making themes for the Mario cartoons?

    With Sonic, you got two rock-pop themes (which goes hand-in-hand with the games) and one which was out there with its use of public domain music but was also the only one to sample a theme from the games and play it as an instrumental jingle, as it's known. 

    Meanwhile Mario got a rap theme, a reggae theme and...barely a theme as it was mostly a summary of the cartoon's story. Weird.

  2. Well that would be terrible...for the comic. Currently Tangle and Whisper seem to be the main outlets for some of the stuff that's not allowed for the game characters. If they made the jump into the games (that isn't a mobile game for cross-promotion), that would probably curtail any plans Ian had for them and have a knock on the comic narrative. Again.
  3. Oh hey, turns out the guy behind the redesigns of Spyro, a good number of the main cast of Spyro 2, Bianca, and some of the most popular dragon dads was the one who did the Crash redesign. That's pretty neat to be honest. I'd imagine there's other characters he'll have had a hand in as well.
  4. Pokemon U-What. Seriously this looks naff.
  5. I think they might have the 'different perspectives' in different level themes. Cortex was seen playable in that Volcano-ey area, there's a pirate bay, the future city could be linked to the space station (Tropy does look more like the weird dudes this time around), N.Gin's pretty much confirmed to be in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and Dingodile's picture shows some sort of marsh (don't think we've seen it in footage).
  6. Pokemon DLC spoiler discussion

    why does the final boss look like daisy on a day off

  7. Actually, to follow on from my LEGO and Goku status from the other day, having Monkie Kid means that LEGO have at least four Goku VAs on active projects. Neat.

  8. *LEGO gets Sean Schemmel to play Sun Wukong*

    Way to play with strengths I guess. 

    1. Kuzu


      Typecasting is real. 

  9. At this point buying the Pokemon games and DLC feels like a CYOA game, complete with narrative paths that lead to dead ends.
  10. I think I might need to sell some oranges soon, I have 1162 just lying on the ground.

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Yummy. Sell them to me.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Floor oranges give you health!

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Dear god, you're a walking maths textbook question.

  11. Hey, the television channel dad was watching had a Rik Astley song playing, and it wasn't that one.

  12. Oh boy, just tallied up what I'll be spending on LEGO on June 1st. Just north of £350, eek. Good thing I've spent next to nothing before due to circumstances. 

  13. Newest Bumblekast. He goes into depth on his thoughts on Genesis.
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