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  1. Hugo-Award Winning Archive Of Our Own.

  2. Alright, so in the season finale of Sam and Max this week, our titular heroes are going to hell in a handbasket, almost literally. Tap into Motobug and watch them dethrone the office of evil to rescue Bosco.


  3. Me earlier: Time to have a relaxing quick trip out to Tunstall. 

    *Police surrounding Stoke Rail Station*

    *Woman collapsed in Hanley bus station*

    *Major car crash on Stoke Junction of A500 with police surrounding the vehicles*

    well never mind

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The amount of drama I saw on trains to/from Stoke last year (and one time that a couple was having the grossest sex a couple of rows in front of me) makes that first point not very surprising.

  4. Sabretooth Pura was the first skin I got. I think I got all the skins and wheels, but for some reason the paint jobs aren't generating often. I have Quartz and one other.
  5. You can buy it whenever, you just can't use it until N.Tropy is unlocked.
  6. Knowing our luck, it'd still be delayed by then.
  7. There isn't. Game like Sonic Runners treat them as sapient as the named cast, just with a translation required.
  8. It didn't do that great in the ratings apparently. Highest premiere of the weekend but the raw figures were nothing to write home about. Plus unlike the other shows it didn't appear on the CN app first, which makes the situation worse (even outside of confirmed cancellation.)
  9. I find it's like an hour of real time gameplay roughly, lobby waits included.
  10. Those people are wrong then. Like I said, I saw a bundle of him with Zam and Zem. It appeared three times during the Nitro Grand Prix. But off that note, lol Activision. Given I got everything in time in the last grand prix, I'll just do it again and tell Activision "Up yours".
  11. Tiny Arena's one of my faves. Great track for really sticking it with the kart, love to get crazy with jumps and turns.
  12. Actually, there's one thing that isn't about Shadow's behaviour that stuck out to me, and that's the fact that Sonic still seems to refuse the idea that Eggman turning evil again was an inevitability, not a freak accident. He blames Starline for it, but the guy actually failed to do that (and he was trying damn hard to do so). It was Sonic letting Metal Sonic go free and being programmed to return to Eggman that did it.
  13. Don't see why they wouldn't have bought it. Digital formats can release as early as midnight, and outside the US the shops are open in a lot of places already ( for example I'm writing this from the FP I purchase my comics from. I'll have it in a few minutes).
  14. You can, he's part of a bundle with Zam and Zem that is separate from the special bundle section. I've seen it myself (although I already got the Summer bundle).
  15. Okay, let's see if I can dig in; Song 1: Tube Panic - Knuckles Chaotix Song 2: You're my Number 1 - Sonic R Song 3: Sky Babylon Act 1: Sonic Rush Adventure Remix: Blizzard Coast (Hip-Hop remix) - Sonic Shuffle
  16. Because that's how you calculate 5% of something. That being said, more and more new players would stacks things in an existing players' favour, as it's unlikely most of those new players will pass you on point count.
  17. Espio is commonly seen as the hacker (despite canon evidence to the contrary) because Archie Sonic kept pushing him as one years in a row, even during the post--reboot era (and I think even IDW has a fragment of it).
  18. Who ordered the dairy platter.
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