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  1. As the evening approaches for some peeps, and night has fallen for others, Crash N-Sane Trilogy is within our grasp, if not already there. And today, on the final day of the 12 Days of Crash, we finish off our history review of the cast with the two longest serving heroes of all, Crash Bandicoot himself and Aku Aku!

    -Crash went through many names and species during his development, from Willy Wombat to Ozzy Otsel. 

    -In the first game, Cortex wanted to make Crash the general of his mutant army, but he was rejected outright by the Cortex Vortex. Keeping Tawna captive spurs Crash to cross the three islands and defeat Cortex's forces. 
    -Crash is tricked by Cortex into getting the crystals for him a year later in Crash 2. Coco and Brio set the record straight, he gets all the gems and puts a stop to the super Cortex Vortex. 
    -In Crash 3, Crash has to put a stop to the time twister plot after Uka Uka is set free, with assistance from Coco.
    -Crash is playable in every spinoff game you can imagine, and no matter waht spinoff it is (CTR, CNK, CTTR, Crash Bash or Crash Boom Bang), he has balanced stats (this makes him intermediate in CTR and CNK).
    -In Wrath of Cortex, Crash has to save the world again after the elementals run amok and Cortex creates a new superweapon. Eventually, he frees Crunch from mind control, and becomes a friend to him and Coco. 
    -In Crash XS, Crash is shrunk along with the rest of the world by Cortex, and he has to fight to get it back to normal. At the end, he has to flee from Megamix, which allows Coco enough time to reverse the effects. He then jettisons the bosses into space. 
    -In Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced, Crash was supposed to be brainwashed by N.Trance as part of N.Tropy's evil scheme, but they take Fake Crash by accident. He liberates all the brainwashed bandicoots, and captures N.Tropy at the end. 
    -Crash is initially deceived into seeing Spyro as the enemy in Crash/Spyro Fusion, but this is cleared up after the first boss and they team up to defeat the joint forces of Cortex and Ripto.
    -Three years after the events of WoC, in Twinsanity, he is initially lured by Cortex to a trap, but the rest of the game partners them up and pits them against his old pet parrots, Victor and Moritz. Eventually he defeats them (in the Mechabandicoot) and leaves them to their fate in the 10th Dimension. Cortex tries to kill him again, but it backfires and Crash ends up with Cortex in his head. 
    -In Crash of the Titans, Cortex attacks the bandicoots, leaving only Crash free. After rescuing Aku Aku and giving pursuit, he learns that Cortex plans to steal the mojo of the island to make a new loyal mutant army to build the Doominator. Even when Cortex is ousted for Nina, his goal to rescue Coco and stop the Doominator doesn't change, and he puts the machine out of commission. 
    -Mind Over Mutant continues from Crash of the Titans in plot and locations. A year after those events, Coco and Crunch are enraptured and eventually mutated by the new NV devices made by N.Brio and Cortex. Crash allies with old villains, frees the other two bandicoots and eventually stops Cortex on his space station. 
    -Crash was also playable in the scrapped Crash Landing and racer concepts. 
    -Crash has been voiced by Jess Harnell since Radical Entertainment started making Crash games, and he is reprising the role in the N-Sane Trilogy.


    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      -In the original concept drafts, Aku Aku was a witch doctor from the native tribe (hence being linked to Papu Papu there), although still a good guy. 

      -Aku Aku is Crash (and any other good guy)'s protector, functioning the same as a mushroom, or a ring, or a dragonfly in that he lets Crash take at least one extra hit of damage. This applies to every platform game before Crash of the Titans.
      -Aku Aku served as just a power-up in Crash 1 and 2. 
      -He becomes part of the plot in Crash 3. He is alarmed when his brother is freed from his prison, and explains to Crash and Coco why Uka Uka being free is a very bad thing. He guides them through the events of the game, and ends up fighting Uka Uka himself in the final boss battle.
      -In CTR and CNK, he is the guide and the shield power-up for the good guys. 
      -In Crash Bash, he and Uka Uka get into an argument over whether good or evil is superior, after summoning their forces, Aku Aku gets two more at his side in the form of Tiny and Dingodile.
      -They argue again in the Wrath of Cortex, this time ending with Uka Uka attacking him with the newly released Elementals, which Aku Aku explains to Crash and Coco. He otherwise serves the same role as in Crash 3. 

      -While his role isn't massive in Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced, he is responsible for saving Crash from being kidnapped which results in Fake Crash being taken instead. He just gives exposition in Crash XS and Crash/Spyro Fusion. 
      -In Twinsanity, Aku Aku talks to his brother after Uka Uka is defeated in his boss fight. He explains that the Evil Twins are a much bigger threat than he is, which convinces Uka Uka to team up with him. After they get soundly defeated by the birds, they consider giving Cortex to them to end things, but Cortex strikes up a formal partnership with Crash before they can act. 
      -Aku AKu makes cameos in the Tiki Turbo track of CTTR, and as a tip-giver and mini-game result announcer in Crash Boom Bang. 
      -In Crash of the Titans, Aku Aku is briefly captured, but freed by Crash soon after. While assisting and interacting with Crash for the rest of the game, he also provides teleportation and is instrumental to the new jacking ability Crash does to mutants. 
      -In Mind Over Mutant, while still interacting with Crash in cutscenes, his main role is the jacking and to give tips. He can also now shrink Titans down to carry as spare. 
      -Aku Aku is an NPC who appears at the start of the Thumpin' Wumpa Islands Adventure level. He also gives protection to Crash when playable, and can act as voice proxy for him. 
      -In the Radical Era, Aku Aku was voiced by Greg Eagles. He is reprising the role for the N-Sane Trilogy.

      And with that, the days are over and the wait for the new game is basically gone. Enjoy going n-sane with Crash, everyone!


    2. E-122-Psi


      * Crash is infamous for his inability (or at least unwillingness) to speak full English, though he has made occasional phrases here and there (especially in the Japanese versions). In the Radical titles he talked in the form of an incoherent babble. "Pancakes" was supposed to serve as his first true word.

      * His cameo in Skylanders Academy serves as his only official appearance in an animated cartoon. Curiously while his design is accurate, his personality is completely altered, being thoroughly lucid and speaking in full English (with a completely different Aussie accented voice).

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