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  1. Oh boy, just tallied up what I'll be spending on LEGO on June 1st. Just north of £350, eek. Good thing I've spent next to nothing before due to circumstances. 

  2. Newest Bumblekast. He goes into depth on his thoughts on Genesis.
  3. It's hilarious to hear that Genesis (aka Sonic #226-229) was phoned in.
  4. "Ubisoft COULD be teasing the return of the Scott Pilgrim game"? I mean they could but that sort of vagueness is asking for trouble, IGN. 

    1. Thigolf


      I mean should they write "They are" and then create an even bigger outcry if it's not happening?

      I legit don't understand what's wrong with them being vague. 

  5. All this and somehow June's wallpaper revealed was missed. To be fair it is predictable.
  6. I didn't realise Scoob was supposed to come out tomorrow.

  7. The value of 3'3 has depreciated since 1996.
  8. I would have thought the fact literally everything was put on hold would make weekly releases a stretch, because that would apply to way more than just Sonic.
  9. I never used AIM even when it was still around. Too much for the hardware I had at the time to handle.
  10. On the one hand, it's so weird having GHZ1's iconic level design with a sphere just plonked at the start of it. On the other hand, the sped-up boss theme sounds so much more natural.
  11. I really do not like the smell of lightning.

    1. neezTHEhuman


      i like it, I believe it's the smell of Ozone and you can almost always get a whiff of it around electric railways.

  12. Damn, traditional Japanese/funk instrumental Unknown From M.E. be lit. 

    1. Kuzu


      And you're not gonna post a link?

    2. The Master
  13. Okay, now I see what happened. They were prevented from remixing in the Switch version of Mario and Sonic Tokyo (aside from like two songs) so SEGA were like "Fine, we'll throw as many remixes as possible in our Sonic-only mobile version".
  14. I can hear the squeaker from the neighbour's puppy's toy from next door. 

    go puppy go

  15. I have the fan on and the windows open and it's 1:30am and it's too hot I hate it.

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