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  1. I think it's a smidge more complex than that.
  2. Haven't watched much of it so far, but I've got to the point of finding out Tangle doesn't have family.
  3. Whoever made a final round from the tail grab game needs a slap on the wrist.

  4. Sonic the Comic made him like a part of an evil alien fish warrior race, even Archie's story for Chaos was less insane.
  5. That whole idea with Shadow's time on the Ark is kinda squandered by the official canon making it that he knew Maria for all of...a week, thereabouts? It's very short at least. That is a little bit of a self-own there, not gonna lie. Means that the games themselves can't really play with the idea. What I was going to say earlier is that the broad strokes of Shadow's backstory is pretty simple already, since most of the complex stuff is supplementary info. The main beats are that Shadow was made by Gerald to help a sick girl, GUN didn't like Gerald's stuff so attacked the Ark, the girl saved Shadow by sending him to Earth, he's woken up years later. No need to re-invent the wheel just to try a completely different cliche or anything.
  6. Man, fuck Capitalism.

  7. I don't think Sonic was designed to be an outright rebel, just a cool teen with a rebellious streak. I mean, one of the first appearances SEGA gave the okay to was Sonic acting as a cop, and that's like the direct opposite of a rebel. I suspect the stronger rebel parts stem from cultural attitudes. ...There we go, there's a hat thrown into the unpopular opinion ring while we're on the subject.
  8. oh jesus christ sonics are falling everywhere

  9. Time to gain eleven levels in one night.

  10. My Rex Dangervest bean will beat all the Sonic beans up.
  11. It's weird that the actually properly villainous post-reboot Archie female villains weren't brought up (Thunderbolt, Abyss and Carrotia). Still, as of now we've only got three new villain units (The Skunk Brothers, Starline and Mimic), so as long as they've got something lined up in the near future it shouldn't be that egregious. Although no idea how Clutch will affect things.
  12. Okay, I can update with more on all the new events now. Knight Fever - I think I've got the hang of this now, so it is pretty fun. Basically, for the spinning logs you have to get on them on the opposite side they're spinning to (so if it's spinning clockwise get on the left side of the log and vice versa), and the same is generally true for the pendulum log. I tell the pendulum axe slide to fuck off by sliding down that sucker on my belly so I can go under them. Wall Guys - Still as fun as ever, although I have found that my tactic of carving my own route can either mean a win or loss. For example, one match everyone followed the leader really well while I hadn't noticed them get the upper hand so I was eliminated. The next time I played it I was the first one to finish by a good 30 seconds. Hoopsie Legends - I'm not good at Hoopsie Daisy so that immediately puts me at a disadvantage. What I've found is that a good number obsess over the golden rings, and often get stuck trying to get it while making sure they don't put others in a position to steal it (so they could be there 2 - 3 minutes trying to get one ring). Finding a place with a good spawn of regular rings can bypass this. Egg Siege - While on the surface nearly identical to Egg Scramble, I actually have a different tactic thanks to the way the goal is laid out. In Egg Scramble, I like to try and guard golden eggs that fall into the team nest. In Egg Siege, it's easier to get into an opponent's nest and just completely eviscerate it because getting eggs in the nest is harder than getting them out. Great outlet for any skulduggery compulsions.
  13. Managed to get two of the four new events so far. Knight Fever - Will definitely have to practice this one because that spinning spiked log keeps kicking my ass. I'm never good at the races straight away so I'm sure I can iron this out with time. Wall Guys - Might be my favourite event so far. Weirdly enough, what it reminds me of the most (and seems to be the best way to visualise it to win) is classic Tomb Raider.
  14. I don't think the music is all that great in this one, remix or otherwise. The only ones I really remember are Studiopolis Zone Act 1 (probably because it's played so often by the official accounts) and Press Garden Zone Act 1. I mean I have way more things to say but that's the first thing that comes to mind.
  15. I think she is just really short. Charmy may be small, but he's not smaller than a six year old of a different animal would be in the Sonic universe.
  16. okay who decided slime climb with 39 players was a good idea

  17. Is it me or is the double jump in Crash 4 kinda stiff.

    1. Penny


      a little i guess, but it's miles better than the one in crash 3. now that double jump was stiff

  18. Activision would be interested in it as a promotional opportunity...but seeing as they have nothing to promote on Switch for Crash right now, that would be pointless. Anyway, joke above aside, I'm not that fussed over this (I'd take it over another FE rep that's for sure), it'll just into the pile of characters I never use.
  19. I mean that's horrific enough for a Halloween tie-in lmao.
  20. *Manages to see a spoiler for the game* That's it, Imma get the soap.
  21. Maybe they're celebrating Hallow'een by putting in Dante? I dunno, I don't put stakes in the smash reveals tbh, it's just more fun to throw darts at the board.
  22. If Knuckles could just have a faux-British accent from now on if Dave B Mitchell will stay in the role in the long term, that would be great.

    1. Tracker_TD


      just cut out the faux bit and get David Mitchell to voice him instead 

  23. So what we're saying is that it's really Fake Fake Crash?
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