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  1. Whenever I look at @Forgetful Panda's avatar, I keep defaulting to seeing it as Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbeit before being like "wait no, that's just a Slowbro". 

    1. Forgetful Panda

      Forgetful Panda

      I have no idea who those characters(?) are =P

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      This is Stocking.


      Don't look up the show title. 

    3. Forgetful Panda
  2. Teens in front of me are discussing Simpsons ages and Lego. Did I accidentally go back to the 90s or

  3. If rings were highly inflated as a money system, it would probably account for the Chaotix being broke and none of the other characters really concerning themselves with money. The characters who adventure a lot can find a ton of rings, those who don't are generally well paid, and those who don't fit either of those boxes either don't care (like Big or Omega) or are the Chaotix. Say for example 1000 rings was equal to the value of £1; it's all well and good having 200-300 rings laying around in the city, but what good is it if it's the equivalent of finding 20p on the pavement with far less convenience? Edit: It also makes the missions in Heroes hilarious if it was like "Okay, you need to prove your worth as detectives by collecting 50p".
  4. Yeah, it was mentioned right above my last reply.
  5. I too am wondering if "no money" means "rings are used as currency, there's no separate junk like Mobiums or whatever".
  6. Given that ABT was given free reign to makes designs for the rest of the Jackal Squad, I thought it was a given that they were DOA.
  7. It's explicitly stated that they're constantly broke because Vector keeps doing jobs pro-bono out of kindness. Like, that is actual canon. And I'm pretty sure SEGA lean on him being an ace detective given how much they throw him into that role in recent games. Anyway, to address some Q&A points, just two or three. 1. I could have told you Sticks was dead at this point. Her appearance in the main series always seemed like a promotional thing (ala the Sonic X sign in SA:DX or Sonic Chronicles showing up in Mario and Sonic Vancouver), now that Boom is nigh dead they have no use for her any more. Callous, sure, but not unheard of for SEGA. 2. The explanation for how Espio and Nicole got sidelined doesn't make sense with what happened, since Shard and Nicole didn't become a big thing until SU#50, after Espio and Nicole was already tossed aside. I still suspect it was scrapped due to SEGA cracking down harder around #235 and putting the kibosh on it. 3. Of course the other Zeti aren't dead. If Zazz is fine and dandy to use then it follows that they never killed any of them off. It's just that Zazz and Zavok are more recognisable.
  8. It doesn't unfortunately. Otherwise any sort of item on a rota would be classed as gambling, including stuff like magazines.
  9. Microtransactions as a whole are not the same as loot boxes, and I don't think the UK government are looking to treat them as such (unless I've missed something). For example, what Acti did with CTR was scummy, but there's no chance element involved for getting the items you want.
  10. I work in government too and I still think the ones doing the exploiting should have the sharp end of a stick shoved up where the sun don't shine in terms of loot box regulation. They've brought it on themselves.
  11. Halloween game for everyone to try; Go Fish.
  12. Things won't change regarding that, Mania pretty much proved it.
  13. *Reading the news headlines* Huh, so my boss technically left today. 

    Will be fun coming into office Monday and seeing what happens. 

    1. tailsBOOM!


      What happened?

  14. So the Cook and Becker teaser was for a reprint of the Sonic art book with 32 added pages, not a Sonic Mania art book alone. 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      That's really lame. I already bought the art book, so I'm not going to buy it again with a few bonus pages.

    2. Jango


      Neat for those who didn't grabbed back then

    3. Jango


      I'll buy the shit out of this book if they ship to Brazil. I'll support Sonic Mania the most I can.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sure, it's nice to be able to reprint the book. But it's only a few years old, and would have been better to see this new material reserved for another book in the future, even if only a small book. People who bought the original print have a choice of double dipping or missing. It's pretty uncool.

  15. I think what we have now is fine for the most part.
  16. Bowser's not, but he was in Skylanders (Nintendo versions only, of course). He teamed up with Donkey Kong to help the heroes according to the official supplementary material. As for why Gnasty as opposed to, say, Ripto, I have three theories on that; 1. This GP is more Spyro 1-centric so he got priority. Hunter pokes a hole in the theory, but doesn't completely sink it as it may be a reference to him staying in the Dragon Realms at the start of Spyro 3. 2. They're more attached to Gnasty since the Reignited Trilogy (not by Beenox but still) was allowed to add more flair to him over any other villain. 3. They really want a Bowser-like figure since Tiny isn't quite up to snuff for that. I mean they gave Dingodile some of Vector's fratboy tendencies and Joe got injected with a bunch of Espio's attitude so what's three for three in this cruel game of crossing favourites.
  17. *Sees there's a new Jelloapocalypse video*

    Oh no

    *It's on Sonic*

    Oh fuck no

    1. Strickerx5


      It’s not that bad imo. Actually, it’s painfully accurate.

    2. AlphaRuby


      Not a fan of Jelloapocalypse, I take it?

      Whoever he/she is

  18. Will has every right to look concerned in that last panel.
  19. So here's something random; I think Gnasty's alternative victory quote is a reference to some Spyro music, maybe the level complete fanfare from Spyro 2?
  20. There's a precedent for this with Bowser. Seems like Aku Aku and whatever rules Skylanders goes off share the trait of not giving a shit if you're a bad guy outside their jurisdiction.
  21. The Norms have gone full WoW and I love it. Even the bundle with them and Gnasty references WoW. Edit: Wait a minute, of course it does, Activision owns WoW.
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