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  1. I prefer the original, even if it was just regular Monopoly.
  2. Mentioning past games doesn't mean it isn't a soft reboot.
  3. And it's officially revealed. Ahh, lookit Joe! Also lmao September 30 instead of August 30.
  4. Honestly, I think Reignited has given Gnasty a lease of life over Ripto. The intro isn't that much, but that added with the entire presentation of Spyro 1 has made it stick out more recently. I mean I still would see it as a "all or none" scenario but still.
  5. On the other hand, -if- the quote is legitimate, it at least confirms Vector's characterisation in Free Riders was probably due to just really not liking the position he'd been put in.
  6. Woo, I've got the JackSepticEye Lego minifigure!


    NB: Not an actual JackSepticEye minifigure

  7. It was always set to end 25/8. The extra days are to give a bit more chance to get everything out the pitstop that's GP exclusive.
  8. The theme song for when you're coin grinding online in CTR:NF and Electron Avenue appears in the track list. 


  9. I used to play 7-lap Oxide Station for hours or even days at a time when I was a kid. This is small talk for me.
  10. Hugo-Award Winning Archive Of Our Own.

  11. Alright, so in the season finale of Sam and Max this week, our titular heroes are going to hell in a handbasket, almost literally. Tap into Motobug and watch them dethrone the office of evil to rescue Bosco.


  12. Me earlier: Time to have a relaxing quick trip out to Tunstall. 

    *Police surrounding Stoke Rail Station*

    *Woman collapsed in Hanley bus station*

    *Major car crash on Stoke Junction of A500 with police surrounding the vehicles*

    well never mind

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The amount of drama I saw on trains to/from Stoke last year (and one time that a couple was having the grossest sex a couple of rows in front of me) makes that first point not very surprising.

  13. Sabretooth Pura was the first skin I got. I think I got all the skins and wheels, but for some reason the paint jobs aren't generating often. I have Quartz and one other.
  14. You can buy it whenever, you just can't use it until N.Tropy is unlocked.
  15. Knowing our luck, it'd still be delayed by then.
  16. There isn't. Game like Sonic Runners treat them as sapient as the named cast, just with a translation required.
  17. It didn't do that great in the ratings apparently. Highest premiere of the weekend but the raw figures were nothing to write home about. Plus unlike the other shows it didn't appear on the CN app first, which makes the situation worse (even outside of confirmed cancellation.)
  18. I find it's like an hour of real time gameplay roughly, lobby waits included.
  19. Those people are wrong then. Like I said, I saw a bundle of him with Zam and Zem. It appeared three times during the Nitro Grand Prix. But off that note, lol Activision. Given I got everything in time in the last grand prix, I'll just do it again and tell Activision "Up yours".
  20. Tiny Arena's one of my faves. Great track for really sticking it with the kart, love to get crazy with jumps and turns.
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