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  1. Actually, real quick nit pick, it sucks that Charmy doesn't get an outfit.
  2. Isabella and Liz look weird to me. Megumi looks weird but in a cute way. Ami looks like a bro I want to hang out with.
  3. Sonic Team didn't think Vector was enough bara content.
  4. I can't believe Baby T became playable 21 years after his debut. Finally my besties trio is complete.
  5. It's probably because it would be way more expensive than sorting out music rights for Sonic 1/2. Like, it at the very minimum involves Brad Buxer and may involve the Jackson estate.
  6. People are bringing up Mania like that wasn't planned in advance.
  7. Not at all. Espio and Charmy went looking around for info, Espio made the report. Cream went to rot in a ditch I guess.
  8. Might be because of the colouring job. SU#97 wasn't far enough along for actual comic colouring to take place, so this would be Bryce Thomas doing his own thing with that.
  9. So completely out of the blue, Bryce Thomas gives us a little look at some SU#97 art.
  10. I always felt that CTR kickstarted the franchises' trend of taking an over-proportionate amount of influence from Crash 3, in character usage as well as in the gameplay stuff, which left the cast of Crash 1 and Crash 2 out in the cold for the most part (Joe and Papu survived the best of them, but still not brilliantly). A fresh start at least allows them to even things out.
  11. Penta might end up being cheat code unlocked like the original so that might be why he's not being featured alongside everyone else. The Spyro trilogy kept most of the codes from their originals. So challenge versions of the tracks get different visual flairs? Hey, there's the Crash Bash reference. Also the stained glass pictures of all the Crash 3 bosses seem to have been replaced by all Cortex pictures. Good.
  12. We've known the roster for at least six months, I think people have had plenty of time to give thoughts.
  13. Penta and Polar are roomies. And Penta is a dick like his very first Manga self. Excellent.
  14. They got my favourite bumble boy too and it makes me think of all the Vecpio angst possibilities because I'm a twisted bastard. Certainly one of the most memorable IDW issues since...uh, to be honest, since ever.
  15. It's like two straight hours of "He's suspicious and I don't trust him!" "He's nice tho" "But he suspicious and I don't trust him!" until Vector's just like STFU.
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