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  1. *Part of the reason it's being put down is because they want SEGA IPs over just the Sonic IP* Okay that rhetoric can officially go for a long drive off a short pier now.
  2. Technically speaking it's also kinda hypocritical in the wake of Sonic Mania since additional character remnants were datamined from the base game way before Plus was a thing.
  3. It would have me too. The classic appearances have been restricted to either Forces (which was story-related, as weak as someone may find it) or mobile games. Not this type of game.
  4. Someone prise Hazmat Dingodile from Troy please.
  5. Nobody told me Dingodile and Espio regularly met up for game nights. Let me just write that into my book of reptile boi headcanons.
  6. Heh, one of the windows in Cortex Castle references Cocortex.
  7. Already showing off N.Trance and Big Norm. Small Norm also sighted.
  8. You're acting like you're not gonna cave in and watch it anyway.
  9. Taking out my record level of depression on doing whatever with my newly rekindled interest in Lego. I missed so much since my last non-Dimension sets in...2001.
  10. I wanted to make a point about how every fandom ends up at a similar point of conflict and derision despite Sonic continually being cited as a significant example but jesus fucking christ what happened here.
  11. ...Well I guess this is just going to sit here I can answer. I do have a sneaking suspicion that there are more characters in the roster this time, mainly because of how the footage handled its flags. As to who I think the additions would be; -Rouge is almost a shoo-in, being the most prominent non-playable mainstays of the series. -Espio I think has a good chance, if only because Mario and Sonic Rio was all too keen to group him with Vector (I'm serious; the character profile page had nine per line for a ten person roster, and Sonic's side made Vector the tenth slot and the first slot of the one-event roster went to Espio, Despite DK also being made tenth slot, Diddy Kong didn't get the same luxury). -Everyone else I couldn't guess, but I'd say Cream, Jet and Eggman Nega have less chance despite their seniority. I'd say Zavok too...but TSR kinda threw that idea out.
  12. Brutalmoose (not Normalboots, but pally with some of them, PBG especially) is apparently keeping very far away from the whole thing. I don't blame him. Also by checking on this I found out he's interested in IDW Sonic??
  13. Adorable musketeer Pura! CTTR skins (ninja Cortex, tutu N.Gin, princess Coco)! Fashion disaster Dingodile! NAAAAAAAAAASH
  14. Hahaha, no. I don't even care about shipping either character and I know this will not stop it.
  15. We don't even know if there's DLC period. In fact the last word was negative on that.
  16. If there is a difference, to me it's so negligible as to not be worth the look.
  17. I'm sad. Goes surprisingly hard on the strings.
  18. Yes. I don't have anything to add to that, I think it makes my feelings on SMA pretty clear.
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