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  1. Wasn't available on release date at my local FP. Maybe they'll be reserved for FCBD.
  2. So the second part has been given a proper release date. Looks like the time didn't align for anything closer to launch after all. Also that is definitely an expression Shadow only reserves for his Sonic rivalry.
  3. The thinking with Rilla Roo was that they really wanted Dingodile playable, but no existing character could match his potential playstyle.
  4. The Wisp info has been updated on Sonic Channel too, complete with a render of Jade Ghost (aka Jade Wisp).
  5. So they really did just set Inferno Island on fire.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  7. Grant Kirkhope confirms Emmet for Smash> Not the video game choice I'd go for since that was an adaptation of a film, but hey. Seriously though the comment is so cryptic it could mean anything, not just Smash Banjo. Maybe he just saw the film today for all we know.
  8. That's the first time Dingodile's been stood for a losing animation. In both CTR and CNK he was sitting down. I think I saw the very end of the head shaking loop though, so that got kept.
  9. And somehow it's the real version that has the DK Rap reference.
  10. To be fair I could see him just being that dumb to be convinced to work for Cortex later easily. Same for Moe, kinda same for Ripper except with insanity. Joe would be evil regardless of what was going on, and even when under control he seems to be doing his own thing.
  11. Crash 2? If you're being generous there's five good guys. Ripper Roo, the Komodo Bros and Tiny may not have been working for Cortex (not then anyway), but they weren't good either.
  12. Yeah, the focus was always one(/two) bandicoots against an army of evil, hence why the good cast was so dry they had to resort to the animal vehicles, and why Crash Bash had the asspull about balance that made Tiny and Dingodile "good". It didn't really get any more balanced even when it went out of ND's hands. You got Crunch, and...uh, I think that's it outside of one-time racing game characters.
  13. No. An announcement is more fitting at a SEGA event because SEGA is developing it, not to mention it goes hand in hand with the official Olympic Game games, which have no content from Nintendo.
  14. Just noticed that Bowser isn't getting into the spirit, he's only got spike bands on as usual. Does that mean he's technically classed as in the buff now the other animals are dressing up?
  15. I said this more casually in a status update, but they really need to consider expanding the roster in this one. The last time the series added to the full-blown roster was in Vancouver Olympics. It was also the only time, and this will be the fourth Mario and Sonic game since then.
  16. Actually, speaking of animals, I have a quote string to reply to. Kangaroos can have pretty similar faces. Really the bigger issue is that the ears, while also not impossible to get on a kangaroo, are spaced further apart than a kangaroo would have. And the eyes are nigh unavoidable because putting them in the position a kangaroo would have them would be...uh, horrifying for character design. What? They used to look very similar to Komodo dragons (especially Joe. Moe's face is a bit more squashed). If anything, the remakes have mixed Joe in with more snake-like anatomy, but this was 18 years after CTR established snake talk for him. They've certainly never looked anywhere close to Dingodile's design, and he's a perfect frame of reference. There's a reason the Tazmanian tiger can also be known as the Tazmanian wolf. And while we're on the subject, a common nickname for Potoroos is the rat-kangaroo. Really, the bandicoots are the notable standouts, but I think that's related to the development hell Crash's conception had to go through (remember the exact same design was going to be a wombat for the longest time. While still not a perfect design match, it's closer than a bandicoot).
  17. I always thought Sewer Speedway was under Joe's control considering it was originally purely based on Crash 2. Now it looks like Pinstripe's trying to take it over with his mobsters with his own ties to sewer-like levels. Thank goodness Joe still has the reptile supremacy thing I guess and let the giant crocodile rent the place out.
  18. He's a Potoroo. It's a real animal, close relative of the Kangaroo family.
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