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  1. I'm very happy with the redesign. Huge improvement and the lack of peach arms doesn't bother me very much.
  2. I'm going to watch Detective Pikachu tomorrow. I have to see this monstrosity on the big screen before they change the design.
  3. Alex Hirsch better watch himself before he gets blocked by the writer, who clearly knows more about the character and source material than he does.
  4. As a Sonic fan in the theater when this plays in front of Detective Pikachu.
  5. I doubt the movie is releasing New Years Eve in Canada. Should be the same day as the States.
  6. On the other hand, while The Terminator movie has some official stills released it, has zero posters, meanwhile the Sonic movie has two official posters.
  7. What movies coming out in November have trailers? Frozen 2, I guess. Paramount is also releasing Terminator in November and we don't have a trailer for that either. Only a few stills. If not by the end of this month with Endgame, we are 100% getting one with Detective Pikachu next month.
  8. I probably won't like the movie as it isn't what I want to see out of a Sonic movie, but I think there's a good chance general audiences will like it. It does sound kind of genuinely funny and charming. I'm sure the action sequences will be decent and Schwartz & Carrey will deliver solid performances. The die-hard Sonic fan like myself wants to see a movie about Sonic and his friends, on his home planet and seeing his beautiful video game world come to life. But for the GA, what this movie is going for may just be enough. It won't be good, but I don't think it's going to be the most universally hated atrocity to ever grace cinema.
  9. There was no Sonic trailer with Shazam when I watched it last weekend. I guess it's possible it could be attached with it this weekend, though.
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