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  2. Playable Amy: She's the last "good guy" character from the classic games not present, and I think Amy needs more good, non-damsel representation. As for how she'd play, I imagine that she's basically Sonic 3 Sonic gameplay, just with the hammer replacing the insta-shield. She'd be able to use the elemental shields in some way too. That brings me to my next point... Elemental shield abilities for all characters: I always thought it was sucky how only Sonic gets to use shield abilities. Sure, maybe the abilities would distract from a characters flight abilities, but they don't have to. Another button could be used to activate shield abilities so that the jump button can be used for standard character abilities. --- Oh btw, the rate at which we get a "Mania 2" would be dictated less by Sega and more by Christian Whitehead's team. If they want to work on another classic-styled game then Sega would probably greenlight it, but if they don't I doubt Sega would want to risk using another developer. I'm sure if Mania is successful Sega will probably ask Christian Whitehead and friends if to make another game, but it's not like they're under an extended contract as far as I'm aware.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't lose all your rings in Sonic Forces when you get hit do you? The reason Sonic dropped re-collectable rings in the first place was so players had a chance of getting back some of the rings they lost, but if players don't lose all their rings there's no reason Sonic needs to drop rings. All they're doing is simplifying the gameplay mechanics. It's got nothing to do with lore. Rings have never had anything to do with lore now that I think about it.
  4. Are we not going to talk about this banner though? Either that twitter page knows something we don't know or the bottom-right image is in reference to the Sonic movie. I can't do a translation since it's an image.
  5. I think the level-to-level progression or hub-maps (like in Colors or Rush) are fine, but there's always been something really special about the hub worlds in Adventure, and I'd like for them to return to that. Adventure's hub worlds are nice and big and pretty dang open, but they still feel alive and meaningful. They're really relaxing, but not too relaxing. Plus the hub worlds are the only place in the game where the player has FULL CONTROL of the characters and isn't tied down by level design or gimmicks. When I say full control I don't mean like how Unleashed limited Sonic's actions, I mean the areas themselves are not limiting to Sonic's abilities, because there's nothing the player needs to do immediately. Players are free to roam and explore all they want, even if there isn't a whole lot to see, and can progress when they want to. I always really liked this approach. Though I do have some complaints with the Adventure hub worlds. For one, the NPCs scattered around are for the most part pretty bland. They don't serve any real purpose and it would be nice if they did. Though they do like to give hints to characters about where to go next, which is nice. (Note: I haven't actually played Unleashed so I don't know much about how NPCs world there.) I don't really know if I want alternate missions like in Unleashed or anything, I guess I'd just like to see some more flair to the writing. Also personally I've always preferred the 90s-anime looking NPCs in Adventure to the Pixar-esque NPCs which always felt really out of place to me. The second complaint I have with Adventure is that it takes a little too long to get between in some cases. Traveling to and finding the next stage is fun the first time you do it, but it would be nice if you could quickly access a stage you've already been to without having to leave the story mode. For instance, going from Red Mountain to Twinkle Park takes quite a bit of time since you have to go from one hub world to another. So I'm not really sure if I'd want to see multiple hub worlds. I think there are two ways this issue could be solved. Either implement some form of fast-travel to locations we've already been to, or design the hub worlds cohesively so they fit together as one. Perhaps if hub world(s) return they could be more circular or have multiple ways to get from point A to B. Also I thought it would be nice if the hub worlds had more collectables. In Adventure you had emblems, upgrades, chao and chao gardens, and some rings that could be found, but it wasn't much. It'd be nice if we had more things to find and collect. These could be things that to 100% completion like emblems or something or they could be items like shields or rings that players could take to the next level. Oh and considering chao gardens, it would be nice if we had more "secret" locations in the hub worlds. I assume collectables would be put into many of these secret locations. Long story short, hub worlds bby pl0x. And do something fun with them, but don't make them too wacky.
  6. Nobody's talking in here anymore, but I'd like to personally weigh in. I know there are a lot of differing opinions on the handheld games but... Dimps has never been good at making Sonic games. This is because Dimps has over the years played different roles in the production of the Sonic games. In the early years, soon after Dimps was established as a company, Sonic Team and Dimps co-developed the games, but it seems like once Dimps proved they could handle making games, Sega let them lead their own development. With Sonic Advance's third entry Sonic Team no longer played an active role and instead just overlooked the production of the game. You can see this in the production credits of Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 vs. Sonic Advance 3. Most people like Sonic Advance 1&2, while most people dislike Sonic Advance 3. People consider Advance 3 to be the negative turning point in Dimps' Sonic-related development history. Now I think the easy conclusion is that Dimps really doesn't know what they're doing when left alone with Sonic. Now I won't say they're a bad developer overall (They worked on Kirby & the Amazing Mirror as well as the Dragonball Z: Budakai games.), but they just don't know how to make good Sonic games. Why? Well, I don't have the answer to that question honestly. "But what about the Sonic Rush games, N8te?? The production(SR) credits(SRA) say Sonic Team didn't play an active role in the development of those games either but people like those!" Well with the Sonic Rush games Dimps created their own style of game. The gameplay was no longer heavily based around any Sonic games that came beforehand and they honestly did an good job creating a core gameplay style that was fast, frantic, and fun to play. The PROBLEM?--Well basically all of the issues that were around in Advance 3 wreak their ugly head yet again. (Bad level design, bad enemy, item, and object placement, pointless switches which break the game's pacing, flat-out awful bosses, unfair deaths, etc.) I think the reason people are more forgiving of these games is because the gameplay was something new and interesting as well as because the game was so fast that most of the issues would be sped by quickly and thus players would be more forgiving of them. The core gameplay felt good and the issues weren't quite as bad this time around. Basically, because Dimps created their own style of game and game production was better because of it. Dimps was starting to catch a break. But then Dimps stopped making their own original games (instead making alternate versions of mainline games if you weren't aware), and things got real bad! Sonic Colors DS, Sonic Generations 3DS, and Sonic Lost World 3DS all were received very poorly. I don't think I can speak strongly on these games because, aside from Colors DS, I haven't played them, but I'll try. With these games Sonic Team played a much heavier supervision role and... well things get a little messy if you want to look at the production credits. (Retro doesn't have the Colors ones, but here's the SG and SLW ones.) There are tons of different hands meddling into these games' development, but all of the actual production is still on Dimps' end. It's Sonic Advance 3's worst nightmare. Here Dimps could not handle making original games out of what Sonic Team wanted. In conclusion, Dimps doesn't know how to make good Sonic games. They can make their own core gameplay and do so decently, but when they are tasked with making a game with a gameplay style not of their choosing, they do very poorly. tl;dr version: Dimps and Sonic Team held hands and made Sonic Advance 1/2, but then Daddy Sonic Team trusted them to not throw a wild house party while they were gone. This was Sonic Team's mistake. Later Sonic Team got home and grounded them to an eternity of important chores, none of which they could handle. Sorry for any bad typos it is late and I've been writing this for a few hours.
  7. This is true for both, but they are still building on top of the last game, even if they are alternate versions or essentially DLC. Personally I am a little disappointed to see classic Sonic again but I'm waiting for actual gameplay before I make any specific opinions. I can see where you're coming from but I don't think he's here to avoid making something bad. Though I do think classic Sonic's inclusion is to some extent because they need that "slower" gameplay style in comparison to the boost gameplay--it's tradition at this point--, but I don't think that's THE reason why he's here either. I assume classic Sonic in Mania and Project Sonic 17 are meant to give off the different feelings. Sonic Mania is acting as both a remix of the Genesis games and "Sonic 5" in almost everything but name, while classic Sonic in 17 is a "new" classic Sonic. New aesthetics, new type of world, new context, etc. It's not meant to be "Genesis Sonic" to a T. It's hard to explain what I mean, but essentially a classic Sonic game by Christian Whitehead and friends isn't going to end up being the same thing as classic Sonic gameplay in a (maybe) big budget Sonic Team game. (Even when they're both under supervision from Sonic Team.) They're separate games and I don't think we need to treat them like they have any sort of connection honestly. I'm honestly not sure if anything I'm saying here makes sense, but I hope it does.
  8. I think you guys need to understand something about game development in order to understand why we are getting Boost and Classic Sonic again. New titles in a series are almost always built on top of the last. When a game works--by "works" I mean when a game is successful from a marketing standpoint--developers take what they have and reuse it for the following game. Of course they make changes and add something new and fresh to make the game worthwhile, but sequels aren't built from scratch. It's absolutely ridiculous (and usually stupid) to build new content from scratch just for a new game, the exceptions being ports or new iterations where reusing assets just isn't possible. And obviously there are many new assets as well in new iterations. Mario 3 built on Mario 2 (JP) which built on the original Super Mario Bros. Then World was built as a port of Mario 3 but further changed to make it more original. Of course after that came 64 which was essentially entirely new, but because it had to be. Sonic & Knuckles was built from Sonic 3, from Sonic 2, from Sonic 1. This truth becomes especially true with AAA and/or 3D games because they're extremely hard to make. Now I bet a lot if not all of this is obvious to most of you, but here's my point: I understand there are people who don't really care for the boost gameplay or are just tired of seeing classic Sonic but truth be told I just don't understand what you were expecting. Both of these gameplay styles were almost universally praised back in the Generations days and neither style was near-perfect to any extent, so of course Sonic Team is going to take what they have and try to improve it. Some examples of faults are how Boost Sonic ABSOLUTELY SUCKED at platforming in 3D (which seems to be the main reason why 2D sections exist) and how Classic Sonic's feel was vastly different than the Genesis games. Sonic Team knew this then and I absolutely bet that they are making this game the way it is to try to improve on both gameplay styles because they want to and because it is what they have to work off of. Now I'm not even saying that they're going to improve the faults I'm speaking of, but I know for a fact they'll be improving something for both styles. tl;dr Sonic Team is taking what was well received and making it better (and maybe doing something new with it) just like every other game developer because that's the smart and sensible thing to do.
  9. Uhm excuse me, but I believe we've already gotten that.
  10. Oh and before I forget, the Adventure games' cutscenes were actually for the purpose of furthering the plot, having some fun bits, and also giving us character development. Unleashed is the same way and 06 tries. Sure you could argue the cutscenes weren't well done, but the feeling and ambition behind them was there loud and clear, and if this style of cutscene was done well that'd be great. The cutscenes have actual meaning to them and aren't just "haha Sonic and friends are cringy too-cool-for-school pieces of cardboard" like in Colors and so on.
  11. All we want is explorative gameplay where the player has good control, a spindash, and good rolling physics. Basically the same thing as what everyone else wants. To be more specific though, Adventure fans (myself included) don't hate the Boost and more recent gameplay, we just feel like most of the mechanics implemented are really just to help Sonic cover up the apparent control issues of the recent games. Boosting is fine, but it'd be nice if you had better rotational control. Drifting is there to let Sonic change his direction quickly, especially mid-boost. Quickstepping is there to let Sonic quickly shift his "horizontal" position in relation to the current forward direction, which I guess is okay. Sliding feels unnecessary because in the Adventure and Genesis games Sonic could use his roll to go faster downhill and slip under objects. The thing we want the most is a game where the player presses the stick in a direction and Sonic quickly, but not instantly, veers off to head in that direction. He doesn't change directions instantly, nor does he feel like a car. His ability to change direction is natural, but still depends on his speed. That's the BIGGEST mark of an "Adventure" game. At least, this is what I want, being an Adventure fan. Can't really speak for everyone though haha. There's also lots of other tweaks that could be made but those aren't super important.
  12. Realistically speaking, the easiest games to port to PC would be Unleashed and Colors. Unleashed is first because it was mainly developed for 360 and Microsoft's consoles are always very similar in hardware to PCs. Colors would be second easiest because they figured out how to port Lost World and I imagine porting a Wii game is similar to porting a Wii U game, since the consoles are so similar. Though I could honestly be wrong on this claim since it's really just an assumption. As I stated before in a status, I wouldn't really mind either way, but I have no intentions of going out of my way to get either. Unless they're cheap haha.
  13. Honestly I think the model changes aren't necessarily to make the characters look better, but to truncate them and make them fit better on a mobile screen. Anyways, I do think as well that Modern Sonic could look better. He's still a bit too "soft" looking for my taste, as opposed to his sharpness seen in the Adventure games. Another minute detail that bugs me (a lot actually) is that you can visibly see between the spikes on the back of his head, even for Classic Sonic's current model. :/
  14. H-h-happy birthday


    it isn't like I forgot or anything hahahaaaaa

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