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  1. Thinking of changing my alias from "N8te The Nerd" to something else, because I feel the name has run it's course. Idk what though.

  2. It's honestly super weird to me that the new Sonic game doesn't even have a name yet. Like why not? Sonic games always have simple names that hardly say anything about the content within.

    1. Ferno


      watch it be leaked via a domain name registration right before it's announced

      heck at this point whatever the final name may be is probably already taken and registered by a fan who had a lucky guess based on the content of the teaser because sega waited so long

    2. Celestia


      I feel like Mania is the reason we haven't gotten any new info on '17, let alone it's title. They want all focus to be on the game that's coming out sooner, and it's kinda obvious that '17's announcement was the bare minimum, just there for the sake of Modern Sonic fans.

    3. Soni


      Maybe it's to prove that this is a different SEGA/Sonic Team we're dealing with now, compared to the past.

    4. Celestia


      I just had a sad / hilarious thought



      What if the name was going to be Sonic Odyssey

    5. Soni


      Odyssey would be a strange name considering the tone the teaser trailer was showing but eh, you'll never know.

    6. Zaysho


      @Celestia That reminds me of an interview that SUMO did where they were about to reveal Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed... and then Mario Kart 7 was announced and had similar concepts.

  3. Y'know it's really hard to make friends when you don't currently go to school. Any advice?

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Go to the mall or a coffee shop?

    2. CF3635


      Sorry, I had to do this lol

  4. Why do people use "it was a joke" as an excuse for harmful statements? Do people not realize that jokes aren't automatically humorous?

    1. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      Sometimes they are just ignorant of that. Other times it's because they want to make a questionable or harmful statement and then have a means to attempt to get out of trouble/avoid the consequences of their words.

    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      it's just a prank bro

    3. Celestia


      I'll have you know the hip new excuse for edgy people online is "it's just my opinion"

    4. Cyalume


      Depends on the statement. A great deal of humor tends to be purposefully offensive or even somewhat dark in nature, so it becomes necessary not to be offended by such things in some cases.

    5. Captain Fun

      Captain Fun

      @SenEDtor Missile Schrodinger's Asshole. 

    6. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      And then there are actually some people who, sadly, just don't know any better.

      But then you have the people who just don't care or say it because they know it'll make you even more mad. D¦

    7. N8te


      Yeah I guess it's not good to think less of people who don't know any better.

      It's just hard to tell the difference between legitimate ignorance and being a jerk.

  5. I think the level-to-level progression or hub-maps (like in Colors or Rush) are fine, but there's always been something really special about the hub worlds in Adventure, and I'd like for them to return to that. Adventure's hub worlds are nice and big and pretty dang open, but they still feel alive and meaningful. They're really relaxing, but not too relaxing. Plus the hub worlds are the only place in the game where the player has FULL CONTROL of the characters and isn't tied down by level design or gimmicks. When I say full control I don't mean like how Unleashed limited Sonic's actions, I mean the areas themselves are not limiting to Sonic's abilities, because there's nothing the player needs to do immediately. Players are free to roam and explore all they want, even if there isn't a whole lot to see, and can progress when they want to. I always really liked this approach. Though I do have some complaints with the Adventure hub worlds. For one, the NPCs scattered around are for the most part pretty bland. They don't serve any real purpose and it would be nice if they did. Though they do like to give hints to characters about where to go next, which is nice. (Note: I haven't actually played Unleashed so I don't know much about how NPCs world there.) I don't really know if I want alternate missions like in Unleashed or anything, I guess I'd just like to see some more flair to the writing. Also personally I've always preferred the 90s-anime looking NPCs in Adventure to the Pixar-esque NPCs which always felt really out of place to me. The second complaint I have with Adventure is that it takes a little too long to get between in some cases. Traveling to and finding the next stage is fun the first time you do it, but it would be nice if you could quickly access a stage you've already been to without having to leave the story mode. For instance, going from Red Mountain to Twinkle Park takes quite a bit of time since you have to go from one hub world to another. So I'm not really sure if I'd want to see multiple hub worlds. I think there are two ways this issue could be solved. Either implement some form of fast-travel to locations we've already been to, or design the hub worlds cohesively so they fit together as one. Perhaps if hub world(s) return they could be more circular or have multiple ways to get from point A to B. Also I thought it would be nice if the hub worlds had more collectables. In Adventure you had emblems, upgrades, chao and chao gardens, and some rings that could be found, but it wasn't much. It'd be nice if we had more things to find and collect. These could be things that to 100% completion like emblems or something or they could be items like shields or rings that players could take to the next level. Oh and considering chao gardens, it would be nice if we had more "secret" locations in the hub worlds. I assume collectables would be put into many of these secret locations. Long story short, hub worlds bby pl0x. And do something fun with them, but don't make them too wacky.
  6. Wait, what is Sonic Mania's official release date? I just kinda assumed it was coming in March.

    1. EllieBot


      "Spring" is all we know.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      We haven't got a release date. They all keep dodging giving any info. Not all a bad thing really, just wish we had a date.

    3. N8te


      Ah I see. My guess it it won't be in March since they would've said it by now. For some reason my brain was thinking it was a launch title for the Switch, but guess not.

  7. Nobody's talking in here anymore, but I'd like to personally weigh in. I know there are a lot of differing opinions on the handheld games but... Dimps has never been good at making Sonic games. This is because Dimps has over the years played different roles in the production of the Sonic games. In the early years, soon after Dimps was established as a company, Sonic Team and Dimps co-developed the games, but it seems like once Dimps proved they could handle making games, Sega let them lead their own development. With Sonic Advance's third entry Sonic Team no longer played an active role and instead just overlooked the production of the game. You can see this in the production credits of Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 vs. Sonic Advance 3. Most people like Sonic Advance 1&2, while most people dislike Sonic Advance 3. People consider Advance 3 to be the negative turning point in Dimps' Sonic-related development history. Now I think the easy conclusion is that Dimps really doesn't know what they're doing when left alone with Sonic. Now I won't say they're a bad developer overall (They worked on Kirby & the Amazing Mirror as well as the Dragonball Z: Budakai games.), but they just don't know how to make good Sonic games. Why? Well, I don't have the answer to that question honestly. "But what about the Sonic Rush games, N8te?? The production(SR) credits(SRA) say Sonic Team didn't play an active role in the development of those games either but people like those!" Well with the Sonic Rush games Dimps created their own style of game. The gameplay was no longer heavily based around any Sonic games that came beforehand and they honestly did an good job creating a core gameplay style that was fast, frantic, and fun to play. The PROBLEM?--Well basically all of the issues that were around in Advance 3 wreak their ugly head yet again. (Bad level design, bad enemy, item, and object placement, pointless switches which break the game's pacing, flat-out awful bosses, unfair deaths, etc.) I think the reason people are more forgiving of these games is because the gameplay was something new and interesting as well as because the game was so fast that most of the issues would be sped by quickly and thus players would be more forgiving of them. The core gameplay felt good and the issues weren't quite as bad this time around. Basically, because Dimps created their own style of game and game production was better because of it. Dimps was starting to catch a break. But then Dimps stopped making their own original games (instead making alternate versions of mainline games if you weren't aware), and things got real bad! Sonic Colors DS, Sonic Generations 3DS, and Sonic Lost World 3DS all were received very poorly. I don't think I can speak strongly on these games because, aside from Colors DS, I haven't played them, but I'll try. With these games Sonic Team played a much heavier supervision role and... well things get a little messy if you want to look at the production credits. (Retro doesn't have the Colors ones, but here's the SG and SLW ones.) There are tons of different hands meddling into these games' development, but all of the actual production is still on Dimps' end. It's Sonic Advance 3's worst nightmare. Here Dimps could not handle making original games out of what Sonic Team wanted. In conclusion, Dimps doesn't know how to make good Sonic games. They can make their own core gameplay and do so decently, but when they are tasked with making a game with a gameplay style not of their choosing, they do very poorly. tl;dr version: Dimps and Sonic Team held hands and made Sonic Advance 1/2, but then Daddy Sonic Team trusted them to not throw a wild house party while they were gone. This was Sonic Team's mistake. Later Sonic Team got home and grounded them to an eternity of important chores, none of which they could handle. Sorry for any bad typos it is late and I've been writing this for a few hours.
  8. Remind me what the OFFICIAL main line Sonic games are? I'm gonna comment on what I THINK but feel free to correct me.

    1. N8te


      -Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3, &K
      -Sonic Adventure, Adventure 2
      -Sonic Advance 2
      -Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog
      -Sonic Rush, (Sonic Rush Adventure???)
      -Sonic The Hedgehog (2006)
      -Secret Rings
      -Sonic Unleashed
      -Black Knight
      -Sonic Colors
      -Sonic Generations
      -Project Sonic 2017??

    2. JezMM


      Main console platformer titles are generally considered:

      Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 2006, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 4: Ep 1, Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations, Sonic 4: Ep 2, Sonic Lost World, Sonic Mania, Sonic 2017

      Despite being platformers, Sonic 3D, Knuckles Chaotix, Shadow the Hedgehog, Secret Rings, Black Knight and (of course) Sonic Boom RoL are generally considered spin-off/side games (even though I personally consider Shadow to be a main game due to it having normal Sonic gameplay but with a small twist, and being pivitol to the ongoing story thread at the time).

      Main master system and handheld platformer titles are generally considered:

      Sonic, Sonic 2, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Blast (for some reason), Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations, Sonic Lost World

      Despite being platformers, Tails Adventure, Sonic Labyrinth, Tails Sky Patrol, Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic Boom SC and Sonic Boom F&I are generally considered spin-off/side games (I don't feel Pocket Adventure should be coz it's kind of like "Sonic Advance 0" really, but SEGA barely ever acknowledges it).

      Just working off the top of my head here, don't think I missed any.  While spin-offs like All-Stars Racing obviously are not part of the main series, there are of course non-platformer spin-offs that DECIDEDLY add to the lore of the franchise if you consider them canon, such as Sonic Battle and Sonic Riders, and were considered big releases at the time they came out.

    3. N8te


      Ah okay. I guess I'd personally consider games that factor into the overall plot (as minuscule as it is nowadays) to be main games. So I'd drop most of the handheld games and would consider ShTH.

      But why is Sonic 4 a main game if it's basically been completely ignored since it happened? It's not like it contributes anything to any of the franchise as a whole. Is it solely because it isn't technically a spin-off?

    4. Soldier: 76

      Soldier: 76

      Actually, Sonic 4 and Mania are spin-offs, too.

    5. VEDJ-F


      Every Gamegear game is a spinoff, they're ignored for the sake of continuity. 

    6. JezMM


      Sonic 4 and Mania really aren't spin-offs, they were/are fully marketed as proper big titles, are straight-up platformers that follow the conventions of the series with no unique gimmicky gameplay, and are both directly placed as sequels to irrefutably main series games.

      Literally the only grounds to not consider them "main games" is that they were download only, which seems kind of dismissive towards modern media distribution, as if a game has to get physical release to be a "proper game".

    7. N8te


      @JezMM But Sonic 4 never went anywhere to actually matter in the grand scheme of things. It did not influence the series in really any way, aside from influencing Sonic Team to start using classic-esque visuals again.

      And how is Mania a sequel to anything? Does Mania have a story? Does it follow the Genesis games? I assumed it was just a collection of levels put together as a celebratory game with no real plot or reasoning behind it.

    8. JezMM


      I don't think the influence Sonic 4 had really matters, I mean it created lore as to how Metal Sonic was restored after Sonic CD whether people like it or not, and it's still a main platforming title.  As of now, Lost World has had no influence on the main series either, but that could change.  Sonic 4 was also the face of the series for a while, Splash Hill being used in the Macy's Day parade and the Sonic 4 theme being used for the Super Sonic transformation in Generations.

      2006 didn't really have any influence on the series either, and it's storyline is no longer even canon, but that's not considered a spin-off.

      And... yeah it has been confirmed that Mania will have a story told through S3&K-esque pantomime cut-scenes, and there is a "reason" Sonic is revisiting all the old levels.

    9. N8te


      Oh yeah I honestly forgot that stuff happened in Sonic 4. I guess that is important if we're considering Metal Sonic to be a single robot who reappears. But I always assumed that were different Metal Sonics being built.

      But that's good to know about Mania.

  9. LTNS, punkos. What are some interesting games to Stream?

    1. Josh
    2. Nepenthe


      One Finger Death Punch

    3. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Bastion is one of my favorite games of all time


      (and that's the isometric action-RPG, not the Overwatch character)

    4. AxelPrime


      For Racing games, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has the best port on Steam w/ exclusive characters.

      For Fighting games, Skullgirls is fun w/ its single player modes, multiplayer, & a beautiful artstyle with its hand drawn sprites and backround.

      For a narrative driven game, Papers Please has a great story w/ multiple endings.

      For FPS's, Bioshock 1&2 are great for their stellar gamplay and story.

  10. "Please plug in the AC adapter to ensure the system doesn't lose power." Sure Nintendo. I'd do that if you gave me another one....

  11. What is the "Additional Data" that Sun and Moon puts on your SD card? I'm transferring systems and I don't want to lose anything.

    1. JezMM


      In most games it's stuff to do with online interactions tied to your particular system, or possibly patch data if the game has recieved an update yet.

    2. N8te


      Not sure since there hasn't been an update and I haven't done anything online. Maybe it's streetpass data?

      It's only 2 blocks so whatever it is probably doesn't matter.

    3. Tails spin

      Tails spin

       It could be something you did that could involve online play if you ever do it. 

  12. Played some Sonic Adventure DX (on PC) and actually had a lot of fun with it. I don't think the levels are as poorly designed as I thought they were. Could use a bit of tweaking but most of the issues lie in glitches and not actual content. At least for Sonic. xD

    1. JmTsHaW


      About the glitches, DX's collision is fucked:

      Dunno why, but there's a ton of clips that you can't do in the original game.

    2. N8te


      @JmTsHaW My guess is that there are multiple types of collision in the game's levels. There seems to be the stages' main collisoin and other collision objects placed around as fixes or tweaks to the main collision. This is honestly pretty normal for a lot of games. What I'm assuming is that when porting the game they flat out broke, forgot, or purposefully removed many of these collisions. Why or how? Well I guess, because the DX port was so hastily made, that it just sort of happened.

  13. Really wish I had a Dreamcast to get that authentic Sonic Adventure experience.

    1. Cyalume


      I have a Dreamcast with both SA1 and SA2. The VMU is neat, but the PC versions of both games are good enough for me personally, I think. Just gotta download the mod that removes the shiny shading from Sonic in SADX.

    2. skull902


      It's pretty great. If you decide to get a Dreamcast and you've got a screen with a VGA port like a computer monitor or an older HDTV, it'd be a good idea to get a VGA box or cable.

    3. N8te


      @skull902 I have a monitor like that and I use it all the time actually. xD What are the benefits of it?

    4. skull902


      @N8te Crystal-clear, emulator-like visuals. Here's a pretty good example.

    5. N8te


      @skull902 OKAY WHAT. The Dreamcast died because it was too ahead of its time. ;_;

    6. skull902


      You'd be surprised at just how many consoles can pump out that clean of an image. The GameCube, original Xbox, PS1, SNES, the list goes on. My Life in Gaming is a good channel for that type of information.

  14. Wow Adventure DX really did strip away all the personality in favor of cleanness. :(

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Well at least there is fan-hacks for the PC version that fix the textures and some other small problems I believe.

    2. N8te


      But do they replace the models for the old ones?

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      Some hacks might... I know I saw people trying along while back.

  15. Where exactly do Tikal and Chaos go at the end of Sonic Adventure? Like if Chaos goes back to the past with his sanity restored, then shouldn't he be at the emerald shrine with Knuckles afterword?

    1. N8te


      Not that we ever see the shrine again or anything....

    2. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Back in the Master Emerald.

    3. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      I was under the impression they passed on into the afterlife.

      I mean, Tikal was pretty much a spirit by this point and I'm not sure Chaos is that much different prior to being released.

    4. KHCast
    5. Ferno
    6. EllieBot


      They both return to the prison inside master emerald which is where they were when this all started