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  1. the "P" stands for "PrisonBitch"

  2. Hunnid P walking into the Prison, the warden all: "THIS IS WARDEN BLASTBUTT AND WE'RE HERE AT PUMPKIN HILL STATE PRISON!"

    1. Senator NinjaShark
    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      don't drop the emerald shards, hunnid

  3. considering Lucina has actually a decent reason being a clone, while further considering that we got Robin as a fully unique character in addition while further considering that The Captain made his glorious, glorious, oh so glorious Return I cant really say I am too bummed about Lucina being a clone to be honest. would she have potential for her own Moves? Probably, I havent played Awakening yet, but considering she is like trying to Copy Marth in every way I would say she has more of a reason to be a clone than Ganondorf had. also Stop crying about Disc space and character slots already, dear lord. We are at 38 Characters, wich is, mind you, just one short of Brawls roster, and still got a bunch of Veterans left to be announced and who knows how many Newcomers, the roster is gonna be decently sized.
  4. Happy 16th Anniversary F-Zero X

  5. I'm more suprised Ubisoft didnt ask if Sakurai didnt want Aiden Pearce and his Iconic Cap instead of Rayman

  6. so long Prog, was fun...

    1. Red Cap
    2. Sixth-Rate Soma
    3. Xenos


      Hate he's retiring already, but I hope he at least stays involved with the community in some way.

    4. JayRaR


      Nothing lasts forever :[


  8. Capcom is going to cancel Smash Bros, the Mega Man Comic, and your Mother

    1. Milo



      not smash bros

      they don't have that much power, do they?

      the fiends!

    2. goku262002


      Plot twist: Capcom was owned by Dr. Wily this whole time, canceling Megaman games was his way of stopping the Blue Bomber for good.

    3. FriendBot


      Wily can't stop Might No. 9.......can he?

  9. come to brasil

    1. FromASloth


      are you sure about that

    1. Marcello


      This is actually one their true articles.

    2. Crow the BOOLET
    3. SuperLink


      Sakurai must be protected at all costs

    4. #AR


      "Nice try. I’ll have Brawl cases strewn out everywhere for you to trip on.

      When you finally have good footing, I will have already fled to the office and give the order to delay the game 2 more months to add Dark Pit as a character."

    5. Celestia


      I believe every word of this article.

  10. Jumpsuit Mac being a Alt is sweet and all, but that Alt Color next to it just reminds me of someone...
  11. used to be a Pro-Bender ya know, coulda gone Pro if I hadnt joined the United Forces

  12. those are some weird new Hats....

  13. Capcom Franchises?

    1. MegasonicZX


      DMC, god hand, okami, megaman and viewtiful joe are priceless.

    2. Gregzilla





  14. REMEMBEERRR MEEEEEEE *spits fire*

  15. Welcome to the Sonic Sucks Message Board

    1. Wil348


      No, it's Sonic's Shit Message Board.

  16. Dude, you can do Combos with the Mech. Mech. Combos. thats the only real Justification you need, after that Bossfight they showed they can put her into whatever machinery they want for all I care.
  17. someone at Game Freak took the Rock Jokes in regards to Charizard the wrong way me thinks...
  18. what if this Sonic game.......had Lyric(s)?!

    1. ImPantsAtThis
    2. KHCast


      Lol, Lyric's in a Sonic game. What is this 2009?

  19. Day Numbero Bonus: Triple Trouble: Ninja's "Beat Kami at posting about Video Games for 30 days" Reason to play Video Games Ever! so why do I play Video games..... ......because they're fun and I just so happen to feel like enjoying Fun things. but if you want the fancy answer, let me take a couple steps back then I mentioned last time, this was one of my first expiriences as far as Video Games go, and I am also pretty sure it was the First Video game I ever got to see and later play myself. I was fascinated by it, the Little characters Jumping around, the Music, the enviroments, the little enemies you encountered, it felt kinda Magical. Since then, Video games have given me alot, they let me meet Awesome Characters, they let me meet Awesomely Despicable Characters, they made me laugh, they made me Cry, they made Me wanna strangle someone out of Rage, they made Me wanna celebrate my newest Victory, they allowed me to fight Giant Monsters, Half Demons, Giant Turtles, Evil Scientists, Politicians. They let me go Guns Blazing through Hordes of enemies, or let me Sneka past the same enemies without them ever knowing I was there, They let me go throw Turtles into a Fiery Pit in one game and then let me Race aganst them in the next Game, they let me expirience the Beauty that is Okami, the Awesomeness that is Devil May Cry, or the Timeless Classic that is Mario. Video Games played a huge part of my life, wether it was to quickly waste time or expirencing something grand in the end, to me, Video Games are Art and even if they werent I would still play them anyway. and thats why I play Video Games, now eat shit Bitches, Sonic is the worst ever ~Peace~
  20. Day Numbero Finale Part 1: Featuring Ninja from the Ninja May Cry Series: Ninja's "Less 'a-Winner-is-you-tastic' than Serp and Swifts pick" Favourite Ending ever! last time, I picked Ghost Trick and Okami, two great games with great endings, so lets talk about Metal Gear again, shall we? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsfdVeqhGBs I always preferred Otacons ending from MGS1 over the Meryl one, simply because I just love the entire relationship between Otacon and Snake, with this ending really niceley showing the Bromance that would eventually be their partnership, spanning not only the next few games but also Generations as seen by Big Boss and Huey Emmerich as of Peace Walker. just Naomis Speech about Life, Snakes and Otacons resolutions for the future, its really nice seeing these two, who went through hell and back during the course of the game, finally finding peace for now, its really loveley and always brings a smile to my face. shame that trip to Jupiter never happened...maybe in MGS6....maybe....
  21. Day Numbero 29: Ninja's Epic Yarn: Ninja's "makes Serp and Swifts choices look about as Developed as a Cardboard Box" Favourite Overall Cast ever! when it comes to this topic, I have alot of Choices: Kid Icarus Uprising, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear, various Mario RPG NPC's, Earthbound and Mother 3, Ace Attorney, the list goes on, so consider those pre-emptive Honorable mentions. so instead, I'm gonna talk about a Game I got into more recently.... "Do you even Dungeon Crawl?" Shin Megami Tensei is a series I occasionally dipped into, but never ended up fully getting invested in, but I played some more of Persona 4, and I like it alot. what makes this game really great to me in terms of cast, are the Social Links, little often optionally side events, wich greatly elaborate on your Partys entire character, and even give them some Character development in the process (and reward you by allowing you to make better Personas or give your Party members some new abilities) however, many of those Social Links are also for often rather random NPC's, wich dont even tie into the overall Plot all that much, yet still, you end up learning more about whatever NPC the social Link is about, and you care for them. Its what really shows what a cool bunch of characters this game has in for you even if some of them wont ever make a Plot relevant appearance, its still always cool to have.
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