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  1. here's two for the album that i'm still kind of working on. at this point i'm just trying to make them sound professional enough. http://soundcloud.com/sonicsneakers/special-stage-idea http://soundcloud.com/sonicsneakers/as-edited
  2. started on this one 2 hours ago, just about done aside from volume tweeks, and guitar recording. http://soundcloud.com/sonicsneakers/s3-spec-stage-before-guitar
  3. http://soundcloud.com/sonicsneakers/sonic-cd-cc-pre The new link and update for my Collision Chaos remix. Are sonic-inspired original songs also accepted?
  4. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/423886 TrickyWolfy's and my first collab. Is this album material too?
  5. http://www.newground...o/listen/476694 Would this be acceptable? And perhaps these? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/437188 http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/476195 and please don't forget to credit me as "sonicsneakers" and NOT FireGXLOL :] thank you.
  6. sonicsneakers is the name i go under when publishing remixes of stuff from Sonic games. FireGXLOL is a youtube account i used for non remix related material, and while it may seem silly, several artists go under different names depending on the projects. Calling me Jesse would be fine as well.
  7. "FireGXLOL" here, finally. But we can stop calling me that as i have an artist name i go by "sonicsneakers" hence why my soundcloud has that name. http://soundcloud.co...on-chaos-good-f Something i'm working on in my spare time. Needs transitions, background effects, and all the bells and whistles. I'll post when i've made an update.
  8. If only they had an upgrade that increases the length of the homing attack. The default length is pathetic. Wtf? It's almost as short as Sonic Adventure 1. I've compared a boostless homing attack in unleashed to a regular homing attack in generations and you go WAY farther in unleashed. In generations it just doesn't launch you far enough to reach some of the platforms. HOPEFULLY theres a skill to increase homing attack distance. EDIT on behalf of avoiding a double post: Also, why does the homing attack cause you to lose all momentum? It's a serious speed killer! It wasn't like that in any other sonic game so, why this one? Weird! I'm not hating, i just think that the homing attack in this game is just a little screwy. I rather enjoyed the double jump in colors.
  9. As a music creator, i've posted a few of my works to this site before. I'm currently working with a very talented animator on a birthday animation for Sonic, and in between labor hours i had a little conversation with Jun Senoue. There were a lot of cases where he didn't really understand me, and where i didn't really understand him, but it's a pretty entertaining read for those who are bored.
  10. Okay =P This is totally awesome. I made it as a tribute to another user, but the song needs to be heard! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XtkhMR8pT8 Tell me what you guys think!
  11. A song by ZXDX (A Sonic cover band, me being one of the memebers!) recently made has been posted on Crush40's facebook page (most likely by a fan, as i do have 1000 subscribers on YouTube, and the other member of ZXDX has 4000). If you would like to hear the song, it's been uploaded to YouTube several times, is on NewGrounds and SoundCloud. It's awesome Crush40 is willing to listen to the work of the fans. It fills us with hope, and motivates us to get better and further our education of music. I hope everyone has gotten a smile out of this. Song
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTbpn33a73E Enjoy.
  13. Hey guys, OP here. I want to say thank you for not lashing out at me like most people do on these canon story forms, and for those who have, to hell with you! Honestly this is the best sonic board i've ever been to. I understand Sonic's world is chaotic, and if they're gonna go with the route that "all that sonic has been through, is just there in his world." Okay, cool. Now what i'd really like to see is WHERE it all is. Show me a map of Earth/Mobius. For real! Show me Station Square, Empire City, Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Soleanna, and many others ALL on one planet. I would love to see it, even if it's fan made, it would surely be a feat. For those of you mentioning Sonic 4 and Riders, i only didn't include them because I only included the games from Sonic Generations. I like to think that because of Generations' levels, we now have an official SEGA timeline.
  14. OK, i'm sorry. I'm dumb, and I've seen 10000s of other canon vs non canon threads here, and to be honest, they just confuse me. I don't care what PLANET the sonicverse takes place on. It doesn't matter if its Mobius, Earth, or Planet Freedom. I don't care if it's the year 1990, 2000, 3000 or XXXX, that is none of my concern. I am also not questioning the correct timeline of each game. Let's play it safe and just say it goes Sonic 1, 2, 3, Adventure, SA2B, Heroes, Next Gen, Unleashed, Colors, Generations. LET'S JUST PRETEND HERE PEOPLE. My question is: How does Sonic go from exploring forests and ancient ruins to exploring empire city and chun nan? Sure, the world is a very big place and i'm willing to by that, but how does it all thread together? The genesis titles was about nothing more than a blue hedgehog saving the forest animals from an evil scientist. Was Sonic an ordinary hedgehog first that was mutated by science experiments? Was he created like Shadow was, and does that mean all of the furry characters were created? Were they born that way? There weren't any mention of humans in the first games, but other anthropomorphic creatures (Tails, Knuckles) seemed just as common as Sonic. Perhaps in the Sonic verse, humans, hedgehogs, echidnas and the like all evolved side by side rather than "humans came first." So by that logic perhaps there are just as many hedgehogs as there are humans, or echidnas, or foxes, or crocodiles, etc. Again, that's just playing it safe. Let's just say, Sonic was always the way he is, Eggman was always the way he was, and the world just happens to exist with humans, and anthromorphic creatures. But now.. How do we get from green hills, marble gardens, and mushroom forests to Soleanna, Empire City, and even Station Square? Maybe we can play it safe and just say, those places were always there. After all, humans are just as common as hedgehogs, cats, echidnas, and rabbits, right? So there were bound to be some cities here and there. Sonic seems to have always lived in the forest, just to clear all that up. Also, intelligence seems to know no species as Tails is able to engineer things like Eggman can, so potentially, there could be anthropomorphic cities too. Maybe it's the same as society today on Earth. Some of us people live in cities, some in villages, some even in the wilderness (africa etc). So it's entirely believable that humans could live in cities and Sonic decides to live it up in the forests. After all it's not like Sonic hasn't seen cities prior to SA1. What about the casinos he visited? Were they for humans, animals, or both? Or did Eggman just build them all. This "bridge" between worlds of forests and ruins vs cities and human culture is actually bridged quite well in SA1. In SA1, sure, Sonic visits Station Square, which is mostly populated by humans, but let's remember, Amy lives there, and Big lives quite near by, so perhaps anthropomorphic creatures actually do live there right along side humans. It could explain why no one in Station Square is surprised by Sonic's looks. Let's remember, even in SA1, Sonic was still exploring beaches, forests, ice mountains, and ruins just as he was in his original genesis titles, so the illusion isn't quite off there. It does get quite blurry in SA2, where we are once again seen in a human city, with vehicles, and houses. Sonic still races through forests, and deserts as he did in his original titles, but where are the animal people? Sonic and crew really start to stick out. In Heroes is where everything really gets confusing. You start off on the beach, sure as ever. The landscape reminds you of Green Hill, so it's not hard to believe that Sonic most likely lives near by. Not to mention, it's full of ruins and strange phenomenon that is often seen in Sonic's world. But then we're hit with Grand Metropolis. Okay, whoa hold the presses. So what? Now they have cities with lightspeed roads of energy, and super futuristic power plants? When did that happen? We clearly saw cities that represented the 90s in the adventure games. So what, all the sudden we're far into the future? Or, were we already in the future and cities like Station Square were just behind in technology? Or, is Grand Metropolis a super intelligent city of brainiac humans/animals? Kayy.... The next few games are kinda okay. Soleanna is pretty modern, and sort of reminds me of Europe with its monarchy. That's okay. It's still kind of hard believing in a modern 2000s time though, that we have teleporters. Then again, Grand Metropolis had ENERGY ROADS, so i guess the technology isn't impossible. But then I'm confused again. Unleashed brings us Chun Nan, Holaska, and Spagonia. Okay, it's one thing to hold on to ones culture and history, but, uhhh energy ROADS in Grand Metropolis? Did we forget about that? What about the hovering cars seen in Station Square? Is that technology not yet available in Holaska? Where did all the technology go? Suddenly Eggman is the only source of the worlds real technology (his robots and his own city.) Okay... Also, where is all the forests Sonic was running around in? Where did all these human cities come from? Where were the first games? Where is station square? Where is City Escape? Where is anything? When is anything? This confuses me so much. I would just like to know where everything is, and why the world is so different all the time? I know SEGA isn't huge on continuity, and that's fine, but what is Generations going to say about this? That brings me to the MAIN thing. What is Generations going to say? Obviously we start with the Genesis games, that's fine and dandy. Sonic and his past self go forward in time with each level, working their way up to the present day. I can understand if Sonics feats got bigger and bigger with each journey, and that's fine. Like for example, the first Sonic game was about saving the forest, then when Sonic Adventure came around it was about saving a whole city, then by Unleashed it was about saving the whole world. Clearly Sonic's adventures grow in size with each game, which is a cool concept but.. In Generations, are they going to go to Station Square, admire all the human society, then go to Grand Metropolis, and be all, WOW, Look at the beautiful technology, surely this is the way of the future! But then, by the time they go "forward" in time to Unleashed, aren't they going to notice a sudden DROP in the world's technology? Also, wheres all the furry people go? Where'd all the humans come from? What? How is Generations going to explain that? My brain is exploding!
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