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  1. I'm seriously predicting that Sonic Adventure 3 releases sometime in the 2020s.

    I'm also a weirdo.

  2. Dear diary. I wrote a lot for TSSZ recently. This is why.


    Happy New Year! Love, Donnie.

    1. TheOcelot


      Happy New Year.


    1. Adamabba


      there's gonna be another one of them year of sonics in 2021 apparently

    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      That pic gave me the realization that I've been a Sonic fan for a decade now what

  4. Just read this, but it really is. It started in the games with Lost World, then Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric did it, the Sonic Boom cartoon followed, and now the IDW comics are doing it too. If this is supposed to be showing that Sonic isn't perfect and makes mistakes, this isn't how you do it. It just makes the rest of the cast look like jerks.
  5. Probably nothing significant, but I wasn't expecting Sonic to be mentioned at all for The Game Awards, let alone the movie, so....well then. lol
  6. I just wanted Sonic to act like Sonic. I wanted to see those beautiful, colorful places in Sonic's world on the big screen. I wanted to see better writing. That's it. It doesn't take much to make a Sonic movie, well, Sonic. Sonic's world has tons of characters, lore, personality and places to build off of. Hell, imagine if the movie's plot had been the exact opposite of what it currently is. Instead of Sonic ending up in Tom's world, what if Tom ended up in Sonic's world? That has more much potential than the plot they have now. Because you can still keep that Sonic vibe, yet still make it just right for general audiences who may not be familiar with it. And even then, as Sonic's original movie design proved, going down an un-Sonic route can cause even general audiences to disapprove of the movie. There is absolutely nothing about this Sonic movie that feels like Sonic. Nothing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Your movie is named and based after Sonic the Hedgehog, then I expect Sonic the fucking Hedgehog.
  7. I feel like this trailer still doesn't resolve the biggest issue that the movie has right now. You could replace Sonic with any other character, and it wouldn't change a thing. This isn't a Sonic movie. It's a generic average Hollywood movie with special guest Sonic the Hedgehog. And that is so much wasted potential. It really didn't have to be like that.
  8. Okay so first I'll mention the good things I saw from that trailer: 1. Sonic's new design looks a MILLION times better. THANK YOU. The eyes still look a little weird, but it's not that big of a deal. 2. Green Hill looks absolutely stunning. 3. The choice for music in this trailer? Also a MILLION times better. 4. Jim Carrey. Need I say more? Now the bad: 1. The acting is still not all that great to me. Jim Carrey's still the only one that stands out in my opinion. 2. The humor's still hit and miss to me. It feels all over the place. And I know the humor we got in the first trailer didn't go away either. 3. I still hate this plot. I'm sorry, but I just cannot get into this generic and un-Sonic plot whatsoever. 4. Green Hill looked so good...but this kind of breathtaking scenery is only going to be in like 5 minutes of the movie. So it's not saying much. 5. The writing as a whole feels inconsistent. Sometimes, Sonic acts like Sonic. And then other times he's, well, not. Eggman/Robotnik was clearly written with Jim Carrey in mind, and it works. Overall, It feels like Jim Carrey's the only beacon of light in this movie, but I also feel like this is the kind of trailer the movie needed. Badly. It still has a lot of problems. But I've gone from not even wanting to watch it to giving it a chance when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray or something. And that's saying a lot.
  9. At least with Sonic Boom, I still got Sonic vibes. At least it was established early on by SEGA that this was a separate canon/branch of the franchise, so it wasn't going to be exactly like main series Sonic. And, at least with Sonic Forces, it felt like a Sonic game to me. Obviously it's up for debate whether it's a good game or not, but still, it feels like a game that would make sense in the Sonic canon/universe. This movie? I still don't know what it's supposed to be. Honestly, if you took out Sonic himself and replaced him with any other character, the movie wouldn't really feel all that different. There's nothing about this movie that gives me a Sonic vibe. At all. It comes off to me as a generic family-friendly comedy film and nothing more. Why? The Sonic universe has so much life, personality and charm. How do you ignore all that and create...this? I just don't understand it. I think that's what is the most frustrating about this. The movie didn't have to be like this. It just needed a little love and passion behind it. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure everyone put a lot of time, hard work and effort into making this. But there's a difference between making a Sonic movie because you love Sonic, and making a Sonic movie because you can. And it feels like they wanted to make a Sonic movie...just because they could.
  10. Forgive me, but when I see a movie called "Sonic The Hedgehog" that is supposedly based on Sonic and influenced by Sonic, I expect, you know, Sonic. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, odds are that I should be expecting a duck. Instead it's a cow in duck's clothing and that's a problem.
  11. The movie has plenty of problems in my opinion, and it's not just because of Sonic's design, but at least Sonic's movie design isn't a part of those problems anymore.
  12. I don't think anyone's expecting this to get past the Senate. But Trump's corrupt shit will dominate the news cycle for potentially months as the inquiry progresses, further hurting his already low approval rating. We'll get more insight on his actions from the Russia collusion scandal as well as the Ukraine collusion attempt. it puts Dems on the offensive and keeps Trump from having control of the narrative like usual. As for Senate Republicans, a public spotlight of immense pressure will be put on them. If they do shockingly vote to impeach him, hell yeah! If they don't, then the public will not let them live that shame down and Democrats have even more ammunition that they can use against them in the coming election. And, considering that holding Trump accountable is part of the reason why Dems got the House back in the first place, the Dem base will be very energized by this.
  13. I have bought Sonic Mania. Again. This time, I got the physical version on the Switch. That makes it 3 times I have bought this game since it came out. Not counting the 2 times I digitally bought the Plus DLC.

    ...This is fine.

    1. TheOcelot



      I bought the PS4 digit version of Mania (with the Sonic console statue etc), the PSN version and Steam version. I then bought the Switch physical version of Sonic Mania Plus, the PS4 UK and Jp physical editions. Also the Mania Plus dlc for Steam...

    2. TCB


      I have the PS4 Collectors edition and the Switxh digital. At the time for the latter I barely had any other games and it was on sale so.. whatever. I think I'm good. Maybe down the line ill get the physical for the display 

  14. I've had low expectations for this movie from the day it was announced. I don't think the movie will do that badly at the box office. I even think it'll rake in a lot of money, regardless of what the critic reception is. But I've seen the massive development hell this movie has had. I've seen the tidbits that were shared in interviews and from the team on social media, the details of which felt off. I've seen them explain their vision for the movie, and it felt off. I've seen plot details trickle out, and it felt off. I've seen the trailer blow up in smoke, and the trailer also felt off. Forgive me, but after feeling like everything associated wih this movie has been off for so long, then having the trailer come out and confirm my concerns about where this has been going, It's hard for me to believe this "we're listening, we care, we're open to feedback" thing they've been doing for a few months now.
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