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  1. I've had low expectations for this movie from the day it was announced. I don't think the movie will do that badly at the box office. I even think it'll rake in a lot of money, regardless of what the critic reception is. But I've seen the massive development hell this movie has had. I've seen the tidbits that were shared in interviews and from the team on social media, the details of which felt off. I've seen them explain their vision for the movie, and it felt off. I've seen plot details trickle out, and it felt off. I've seen the trailer blow up in smoke, and the trailer also felt off. Forgive me, but after feeling like everything associated wih this movie has been off for so long, then having the trailer come out and confirm my concerns about where this has been going, It's hard for me to believe this "we're listening, we care, we're open to feedback" thing they've been doing for a few months now.
  2. I just want to apologize for my past actions on here. I've been a defensive jerk in past posts and I'm sorry.

    1. Dejimon11


      It's good that you're owning up to your past mistakes. Just remember we're only human and we live and learn from them. 

    2. Lord-Dreamerz


      I don't remember you being a defensive jerk. Hahaa

    3. dbzfan7


      It takes a stronger person to admit their faults, and want to do better. Good for you. Or are we supposed to keep the Shut up Donnie meme alive XP

  3. Except it wouldn't because the entire point of the popular vote electing presidents is that every vote would actually have a say in a damn election and every state would actually fucking matter. It's not about a state being fucking big or small, it's about giving the person that got more votes from Americans the presidency and not having 3-4 states decide everything. I'm fucking tired of this outdated system of electoral votes. Land mass doesn't vote. People do.
  4. The delay is the first good news we've gotten about this movie in a long time. ...In fact, I think it's the only good news we've ever gotten about this movie.
  5. Eh. One exception. =P For around 95% of the game, Sonic's friends are pretty harmless. EDIT: I forgot about the side-missions...they're in some of them...okay less than 90% now
  6. I'm not exactly pleased about the Sonic-shift either. But that's not my point. My point is that, no matter how integrated they are, no matter how good the writing is, "lel shitty friends" is still going to be a complaint in reviews. Like I said, an example of that is Generations. Very little dialogue, minimal appearances, but still ended up being an issue. Because of that, it's kind of hard to take the complaint from reviewers seriously. That said, I'm surprised people are having issues with the voice acting and writing. Though, after hearing Silver's voice I can kind of see why...damn that will take getting used to. EDIT: Reading later posts and...oh. We're getting Adventure and/or 06 voice acting errors here. Oh boy.
  7. Sonic game has a Sonic roster. Shocker! It's 2019 and reviewers are still throwing a fit over Sonic's friends. I remember reviewers, particularly IGN, hating Sonic's friends in Generations, even though they were barely there and said very little (minus the final boss fight anyway). All Sonic's friends have to do is just show up. That's it.
  8. I cannot remember the last time I rocked out this much to a Sonic game's music. It's so gooooood! About time that SEGA returned to this kind of Sonic music!
  9. I don't get it. I just don't get it. How is every single decision involved with this movie either nonsensical, awkward or bad? I legitimately cannot think of a single thing about this movie that has not made me scratch my head or facepalm. What the hell is going on?
  10. You know the standards people have for this movie are low when we're complimenting the appearance of socks.
  11. God why

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