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  1. The delay is the first good news we've gotten about this movie in a long time. ...In fact, I think it's the only good news we've ever gotten about this movie.
  2. Eh. One exception. =P For around 95% of the game, Sonic's friends are pretty harmless. EDIT: I forgot about the side-missions...they're in some of them...okay less than 90% now
  3. I'm not exactly pleased about the Sonic-shift either. But that's not my point. My point is that, no matter how integrated they are, no matter how good the writing is, "lel shitty friends" is still going to be a complaint in reviews. Like I said, an example of that is Generations. Very little dialogue, minimal appearances, but still ended up being an issue. Because of that, it's kind of hard to take the complaint from reviewers seriously. That said, I'm surprised people are having issues with the voice acting and writing. Though, after hearing Silver's voice I can kind of see why...damn that will take getting used to. EDIT: Reading later posts and...oh. We're getting Adventure and/or 06 voice acting errors here. Oh boy.
  4. Sonic game has a Sonic roster. Shocker! It's 2019 and reviewers are still throwing a fit over Sonic's friends. I remember reviewers, particularly IGN, hating Sonic's friends in Generations, even though they were barely there and said very little (minus the final boss fight anyway). All Sonic's friends have to do is just show up. That's it.
  5. I cannot remember the last time I rocked out this much to a Sonic game's music. It's so gooooood! About time that SEGA returned to this kind of Sonic music!
  6. I don't get it. I just don't get it. How is every single decision involved with this movie either nonsensical, awkward or bad? I legitimately cannot think of a single thing about this movie that has not made me scratch my head or facepalm. What the hell is going on?
  7. You know the standards people have for this movie are low when we're complimenting the appearance of socks.
  8. God why

  9. I see. Still, it's disgusting, wrong, and it was really damn stupid for Penders to tweet this crap.
  10. It's pedophilia. Even if it's not pedophilia, it's statutory rape. Even if it's not statutory rape, it's insanely awkward for a Sonic the Hedgehog comic geared towards kids. And even if it's not insanely awkward, not a single thing he's saying about it makes any sense whatsoever. No matter the scenerio, it was an extremely dumb decision to bring it up and he's making things worse by still talking about it.
  11. The fun of April Fools, to me, isn't pranks/getting pranked. It's the creative and goofy things that people come up with. The stuff that's so ridiculous that it's not true, but still hilarious all the same. April Fools is seeing what would happen if memes had depth to them. All this stuff is probably passed off as a completely normal thing, but still. You don't have to be tricked to get some laughs and/or have fun. For example, I remember a gag Google/YouTube did 8 years ago. The April Fools gag a special filter on YouTube videos that made it look like they were from 1911. I knew it was obviously a joke, so I wasn't fooled, but I still had a amusing time seeing certain videos with that filter turned on. As far as I'm concerned, as long as you're not being offensive, mean and/or harmful with what you're doing, then go ahead and do it however you want.
  12. So Mueller's investigation has finished.
  13. I feel that SXSW streams the Sonic panel whether it's huge or not. But it sure does make my work easier. lol If there's going to be a Sonic movie trailer revealed there, though...I'm going into an underground bunker.
  14. A little backstory on this, as I woke up to see the picture all over the place and basically spent upwards of 10-20 minutes doing search result after search result to get more information about this picture. I still don't know where it came from, but we did get an screenshot of a now-deleted post that someone made on Instagram. They confirmed that they were working at Paramount (which seemed to fit their resume, even if it wasn't directly mentioned), and that this has been seen "all over during promotional events". Out of respect for the person, it didn't feel right to say their name and post the screenshot we receieved. The last thing we wanted is for the guy to get swarmed with messages on their social media account(s). Something that I didn't include in the article I wrote is that there were also suspicions that it was posted on Reddit. We found the person's username, but no post. Unlike Instagram, I think they deleted their post there as well, but in this situation there isn't a screenshot to prove it. Since that part ended up in a dead end, I left that out of the article. It was that Instagram screenshot we received that convinced me that we got enough necessary verification to write it up. I feel that it should be worth noting that, again, this person is not the leaker. They just simply said "hey yeah, that picture going around is real. I know because I work there". Immediately after I posted the article, we got more details on where it could've come from. The picture really fits in with a description of a preview video that was shown at CCXP in December. I feel that it added more credibility to the picture. So that got added to the article post-publish. Long story short: my fingers hurt from so much typing, but I found things. Then after I posted the article, I found more things. lol I get the feeling that there will be more developments on this either tonight or tomorrow. And, one thing's for sure, I'm growing more and more convinced by the day that SXSW will give us a trailer of some kind.
  15. ...I just wanted to enjoy Sonic being on the big screen. This is why we can't have nice things. =(
  16. The Sonic movie was a mistake.

    1. Heckboy


      Sonic was a mistake.

    2. Polkadi~♪


      Movies were a mistake.

  17. Heeeeere we go again. He's not going to have an easy time though. Definitely not like 2016. He's not the anti-Hillary candidate anymore. There's not even a Hillary in the race this time. And there are more Progressive candidates running. He's not going to stand out anymore. I don't think he'll make it past the primaries again. But this time, it's just because the field of candidates is just...better.
  18. So. National emergency called over a fucking wall. What now?
  19. This, basically. I don't mind the trait at all. It's just that there was that period in the lore of Sonic (mid to late 2000s) where they made it the only thing Amy could do. It's like...Amy's more than just a Sonic fangirl. Sure, it's one of her traits, probably the most well-known trait, but that doesn't mean it should be her only trait. It just got exaggerated all to hell and...yeesh. Same with Shadow. There was that period when they would basically give him Sonic's role. He'd be the one saving the world. Thankfully, this didn't last as long. Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow's game made sense, but then Sonic 06 just gave me the feeling that this was overkill. It turned into an overused Sonic trope, similar to the whole "Eggman awakens godly monster, gets betrayed, godly monster gets defeated" trope that SEGA used a lot back then. Fortunately, SEGA hasn't gone down that road anymore. Ever since Sonic Lost World (I don't count Colors and Generations because they had next to no presence in those games) Amy and Shadow has been well done in the lore of Sonic. And, like i said, the comics have basically taken advantage of this and really executed it well. IDW Sonic is easily the best I've seen main series Shadow and Amy written in years.
  20. I won't lie, I've been very critical of IDW Sonic but I do admit that they've done a really great job with Amy and Shadow. This trend started with Sonic Lost World, and Sonic Forces set the tone well with that, but IDW Sonic has taken full advantage of this. Amy isn't there to only obsess over Sonic anymore and Shadow isn't there to hog all the glory. It has been quite an improvement!
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