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  1. 2 hours ago, PickleBrows said:

    What I really hate about this stuff is they screw over physical buyers as well. And it's not like they don't want folk to buy physically since there's that bonus keychain too, it's tat but it's a purchase incentive. So you basically have to buy digitally AND physically to get everything from this.

    Extremely disappointed to see them go down this path. Sonic had kept its nose clean of industry BS this past decade aside from the temporary Super Sonic DLC blip.

    Yep. As a Steam user and physical buyer for so many years, SEGA basically gave me the middle finger. No idea if the stupid Epic deal is even a timed thing like they have been for other games, but the lack of options is seriously making me not even want to get the game.

    Seeing SEGA do shitty, anti-conumer business practices like this is an absolute shame.

  2. 8 hours ago, Blue Blood said:

    The "dark age" didn't just take risks and surprise us though. It took really stupid risks and was wondering down the wrong path.

    Rushed and unpolished games, poor writing, and poor level designs didn't help matters either. Those, in my opinion, did the biggest damage to the games.

    When I think of an ambitious Sonic game that kept with the feel of Sonic, I think of Unleashed. I think of Adventure 2. Hell, even 3D Blast was kind of ambitious in its own way.

  3. 12 hours ago, Kuzu said:

    This is giving way more credit to the opinions of people on the internet than what's warranted. Sonic fans complain about everything under the sun, so I doubt this decision was made with them in mind.


    9 hours ago, Janshal said:

    Pretty sure sega doesn't give a damn about the voice acting criticism. It's more than that

    Maybe so, but I think fans do underestimate just how much SEGA keep them in mind.

  4. I think there's a very simple reason why Mike Pollock has lasted so long as Dr. Eggman.

    Roger had "Sonic's too deep" criticisms. Cindy "sounds too like Minnie Mouse". There's some that felt Shadow's voice was off. And Tails' voice. I don't recall anyone minding Knuckles' voice, but I also don't think anyone outright loved it either. And even though these criticisms aren't as widespread as I feel they were a decade ago, they haven't completely gone away. And because of that, there's been a little pressure to find voice actors that could do the roles better.

    But Just about everyone in the Sonic fanbase loves Mike and how he voices Eggman. i've rarely seen, if at all, a single criticism about Pollock's Eggman. If it ain't broke, and a lot of Sonic fans don't think Eggman's broke, then don't fix it.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Rabbitearsblog said:

    SEGA might as well just tell everyone "Hey!  We are restarting the franchise!  So, that's why we got rid of all the previous voice actors and writers!"  At least, that would clear things up.

    Like...they don't even need to go into full detail yet. Just let us know what the VA cast is going to be like from here on out, and if this is part of a major shake-up of the brand or not.

    Just...say something.

  6. I feel like it's odd that so much has been happening over the past week, and the only thing we've heard from SEGA about all of this is...well...this.

    Writers seem to be gone, voice actor cast departures, Sonic Prime reveal...all seemingly happening at the same time. But, nothing from SEGA.

    I really feel like it's time for SEGA to clear things up because now everyone's just wondering what the hell is going on.

  7. The cartoon as a whole, easily. It was so amusing to watch. Sadly, even if Rise of Lyric did better, I feel that Cartoon Network's incompetence would've doomed the show anyway. I think SEGA would've put more effort into saving it though, maybe enabling the cartoon to go for a season longer than it actually did. Cartoon Network clearly didn't care for the show, good Boom games or not. But there's no doubt in my mind that the Boom branch would still be around today if Rise of Lyric was actually a good game. That game is 100% to blame for the decline of the Sonic Boom branch.

  8. I think this film was risky for one reason and one reason alone. They did a live-action/CG hybrid Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

    There is nothing about that sentence that rubs me the right way at all. Whenever they've taken this brand into a realistic and/or live-actiony route, it had never ended well. They took a big risk by going that route for the movie anyway. And for once, it paid off, I think this is actually the very first time in the history of this franchise that Sonic was put into a realistic non-cartoony environment, and they managed to do it right.

    The movie has proven, beyond my wildest expectations, that the Sonic brand is perfectly capable of being ambitious and taking risks on this scale. You'll be just fine, as long as remember is to give it some love and care. That's what gives Sonic the heart and soul that has kept this franchise going for nearly 30 years. Never forget that, and you'll see the little blue hedgehog shine. And you can't help but be proud of him. Just like I am right now.

  9. 1 hour ago, CaptainRobo said:

    Sonic doing the floss dance.:

      Reveal hidden contents




    Shit like this is exactly what I was concerned about with this movie, but knew would get in anyway. That forced generic writing that poorly tries to appeal to certain demographics.

    Ugh this movie's writing.

  10. On 12/21/2019 at 12:23 AM, Zaysho said:

    This blaming Sonic for decisions all the other characters would have made anyway (especially when the Chaotix sat around and decided not to do anything and put it on Sonic in the first place) is getting tiring.

    Just read this, but it really is. It started in the games with Lost World, then Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric did it, the Sonic Boom cartoon followed, and now the IDW comics are doing it too. If this is supposed to be showing that Sonic isn't perfect and makes mistakes, this isn't how you do it. It just makes the rest of the cast look like jerks.

  11. I feel like this trailer still doesn't resolve the biggest issue that the movie has right now. You could replace Sonic with any other character, and it wouldn't change a thing. This isn't a Sonic movie. It's a generic average Hollywood movie with special guest Sonic the Hedgehog. And that is so much wasted potential. It really didn't have to be like that.

  12. Okay so first I'll mention the good things I saw from that trailer:

    1. Sonic's new design looks a MILLION times better. THANK YOU. The eyes still look a little weird, but it's not that big of a deal.

    2. Green Hill looks absolutely stunning.

    3. The choice for music in this trailer? Also a MILLION times better.

    4. Jim Carrey. Need I say more?

    Now the bad:

    1. The acting is still not all that great to me. Jim Carrey's still the only one that stands out in my opinion.

    2. The humor's still hit and miss to me. It feels all over the place. And I know the humor we got in the first trailer didn't go away either.

    3. I still hate this plot. I'm sorry, but I just cannot get into this generic and un-Sonic plot whatsoever.

    4. Green Hill looked so good...but this kind of breathtaking scenery is only going to be in like 5 minutes of the movie. So it's not saying much.

    5. The writing as a whole feels inconsistent. Sometimes, Sonic acts like Sonic. And then other times he's, well, not. Eggman/Robotnik was clearly written with Jim Carrey in mind, and it works.

    Overall, It feels like Jim Carrey's the only beacon of light in this movie, but I also feel like this is the kind of trailer the movie needed. Badly. It still has a lot of problems. But I've gone from not even wanting to watch it to giving it a chance when it comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray or something. And that's saying a lot.

  13. 17 hours ago, Polkadi~☆ said:

    Before there's even some response that elicits that I do not like the movie on some simplistic factors, I accepted Sonic Boom wholeheartedly, and thought that Sonic Forces would turn out well.

    At least with Sonic Boom, I still got Sonic vibes. At least it was established early on by SEGA that this was a separate canon/branch of the franchise, so it wasn't going to be exactly like main series Sonic. And, at least with Sonic Forces, it felt like a Sonic game to me. Obviously it's up for debate whether it's a good game or not, but still, it feels like a game that would make sense in the Sonic canon/universe.

    This movie? I still don't know what it's supposed to be. Honestly, if you took out Sonic himself and replaced him with any other character, the movie wouldn't really feel all that different. There's nothing about this movie that gives me a Sonic vibe. At all. It comes off to me as a generic family-friendly comedy film and nothing more. Why? The Sonic universe has so much life, personality and charm. How do you ignore all that and create...this? I just don't understand it.

    I think that's what is the most frustrating about this. The movie didn't have to be like this. It just needed a little love and passion behind it. Don't get me wrong. I'm sure everyone put a lot of time, hard work and effort into making this. But there's a difference between making a Sonic movie because you love Sonic, and making a Sonic movie because you can. And it feels like they wanted to make a Sonic movie...just because they could.

  14. 5 hours ago, Ellipsis-Ultima said:

    Good luck trying to get that past the Republican Senate...

    I don't think anyone's expecting this to get past the Senate. But Trump's corrupt shit will dominate the news cycle for potentially months as the inquiry progresses, further hurting his already low approval rating. We'll get more insight on his actions from the Russia collusion scandal as well as the Ukraine collusion attempt. it puts Dems on the offensive and keeps Trump from having control of the narrative like usual. As for Senate Republicans, a public spotlight of immense pressure will be put on them. If they do shockingly vote to impeach him, hell yeah! If they don't, then the public will not let them live that shame down and Democrats have even more ammunition that they can use against them in the coming election. And, considering that holding Trump accountable is part of the reason why Dems got the House back in the first place, the Dem base will be very energized by this.

  15. I've had low expectations for this movie from the day it was announced. I don't think the movie will do that badly at the box office. I even think it'll rake in a lot of money, regardless of what the critic reception is.

    But I've seen the massive development hell this movie has had. I've seen the tidbits that were shared in interviews and from the team on social media, the details of which felt off. I've seen them explain their vision for the movie, and it felt off. I've seen plot details trickle out, and it felt off. I've seen the trailer blow up in smoke, and the trailer also felt off.

    Forgive me, but after feeling like everything associated wih this movie has been off for so long, then having the trailer come out and confirm my concerns about where this has been going, It's hard for me to believe this "we're listening, we care, we're open to feedback" thing they've been doing for a few months now.

  16. On 6/2/2019 at 5:47 PM, Legosi (Tani Coyote) said:

    He cited the argument that Nevada would simply be ignored in national elections because it is small, whereas right now it benefits from being a swing state.

    Except it wouldn't because the entire point of the popular vote electing presidents is that every vote would actually have a say in a damn election and every state would actually fucking matter.

    It's not about a state being fucking big or small, it's about giving the person that got more votes from Americans the presidency and not having 3-4 states decide everything. I'm fucking tired of this outdated system of electoral votes. Land mass doesn't vote. People do.


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