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  1. Are you speaking of this? I think it's the Sonic 2 CG video though.
  2. This is the translation I got although it may not be too accurate depending on whether you trust the Bing Translator or not:
  3. Whoo, birthday!

    1. sonfan1984


      Happy Birthday! ^-^

  4. I'm still speechless. I've gone through too many pairs of pants, damn it

  5. I'm speechless.

  6. 30 minutes and I've already squealed. W00T! I'M OBSESSED WITH SONIC SO MUCH THAT I SQUEAL AT A DAMN TRAILER!

  7. Just an hour to go. Holy crap, it's almost time. Can I squeal like a girl yet?

    1. Stasis


      I'd squeal now, just incase it sucks lol

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Do you reckon if we all squealed at the right time, and loud enough we'd rupture the Earth?

    3. Stasis


      This hour is going to go so slow

    4. SSF1991


      I'd count on that.

  8. Sleeping when the next Sonic may be announced in the morning? I can't see that happening.


  10. So our secret has been uncovered.
  11. Well, that's one that recognizes me.
  12. Hey guys, I'm SonicSegaFan1991. You can just call me SSF1991 or SSF if you wish. It's just the full screen name I would've chosen but it was taken. Ah well. I've been a member on the forums for a few weeks but just got around to posting and updating my profile around here. I've been a Sonic fan since I was only 5 and have played video games for just as long. I hope to get along with you guys!
  13. Finally got my profile up.

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