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  1. Why were you banned?

  2. And you're a dumbass for using homophobic dribble to brand something.
  3. Yes you can. It's not canon, like you said. But most importantly, it's from a completely different universe and different Sonic. The real game Sonic and the Archie Sonic are completely different characters with serverly different characteristics.
  4. Just reposting from the DLC thread. Why would you want Mazuri? I'd rather see a level which hasn't already been done under the hedgehog Engine, be done for a modern DLC level. I'd much rather see something like Starlight Carnival or Kingdom Valley make it in as DLC. They look 10x better than Mazuri and would actually add interesting stage gimicks to the game. So yeah, Even though Unleashed is one of my favorite modern games, it's at the botom of what i'd like to see for DLC.
  5. So since there's a 'cutscene ideas' thread, why not make a thread dedicated to the ending or opening credits? So has anyone got any awesome ideas for ending credits? Would you want playable credits ala Sonic Colours? I for one would love it if it was able to highlight the adventures of the series with photos. Similar to what Unleashed does, by showing funny pictures featuring Sonic and Chip in each continent. Although i also wouldn't mind if the credits were playable.
  6. I've just had my braces taken off. =D It feels so weird without them on. Didn't think i'd ever say that. =)

    1. Barry the Nomad

      Barry the Nomad

      It's a good feeling! Eat lots of sticky seed filled stuff now!

    2. MobileChikane


      Just had some skittles. =P

    1. Voyant


      yeah we did...honestly onic being like a more family friendly version of Dante seems preety fitting. My Favorite rendition of Sonic though has to be Sonic Colors/Unleashed Sonic so far though. Although could use some edge.

    2. MobileChikane


      I think Sonic is characterised almost perfectly in the Storybook games.

    3. Voyant


      WAIT....completely forgot about that...BK did suck but DAMN was Sonic good in that.

    4. MobileChikane


      I'm going to be honest. I dislike his characterisation in Colours.

    5. Voyant


      I didn't mind the spiderman approach to be honest though I'm leaning more towards the Unleashed side...he was much more quiter and subtle in his speech. Kinda like the way he was in Sonic X....he only spoke when he HAD too which I felt Classic Sonic would be like in the games at least if he spoke.

    6. frokenok3


      I like the Sonic Colours aproach. It reminds of his SaTaM days. Talking to much, being overconfident and funny. I like that Sonic...put a little of BKnight in this and i think it's perfect!

    7. Carbo


      Sonic Colors did not have bad characterization. It had bad context. Unlike games such as Adventure or the Story Book series, Sonic was only ever put in a truly serious situation during three or so occasions. But when those happened he'd show his true colors (fnarr fnarr).

      Colors manages to give Sonic identity flaws, a cheesy hero who thinks he's the shit, but is an incredible show off, which is in no way more apparent than when Tails calls him out on it.

    8. HunterTSF


      Colors gave Sonic a level of narcissistic arrogance never before seen in the series. It was incredibly out of character for his pre-established game personality.

      Yeah, he was fully aware that he was more than capable of beating the shit out of Eggman's robotic goons in the previous titles, but he didn't go yapping on about it for two minutes straight. His ego managed to supersede Eggman's in Colors, and that's no good.

    9. Carbo


      Sonic always had ego. His gestures in the classic were indicative enough.

      In Adventure and Heroes he goes straight up into full pretentious mode with the most overblown performance. In 06 and Shadow he was ridiculously shallow and bland. There was no characterization.

      Colors was only out of character in the sense that it's the first no holds barred beat down against Eggman in ages, with his best friend along the ride who for once feels like an actual best friend inst...

    10. Carbo


      ... instead of a sidekick. Sonic acts no more different to Yacker than he does to Chip. But when he's with his bros and enemies, he knows he's at liberty to screw around.

  7. Why did Sega get rid of SOAP Shoes in the first place? They were freakin' badass.

    1. Tornado


      Because they were licenced.

    2. Shiluku



      ...idk my bff Jill?

    3. Tatsumaki


      Yeah, what Tornado said. I think they even got bought or something like that.

    4. MobileChikane


      But didn't they appear in Sonic X at one point? Whatever. Fair enough. I still really wish they were able to keep them, you know, since they looked awesome.

    5. Tatsumaki


      That they did. Perhaps they'll make cameo in Generations? You never know. XD

  8. Bonanza Bros. on jump parade? That's not fair. >=(

    1. Jimbo


      Hey, I didn't win :(

    2. Eternal EX

      Eternal EX

      Right? Freaking kidd won that race. KIDD of all people.

  9. I would try to challenge you guys but my darn Unleashed disc is destroyed. I blame Unleashed for being so awesome.
  10. Who's up for some All-Stars Racing on 360? I'm being serious. I wanna play. =P

    1. Jimbo


      I will, add Taiils x (if you're serious at least xD)

  11. The E3 City Escape trailer is now up on XBL. The cool thing is, it seems to be running at 60 FPS.

    1. HyperGogeta


      Holy guacamole... THE AMERICAN DREAM!!

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