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  1. supersonikku


    New stuff! Personally I fucking love it, and can only imagine it will work even better on the album, which from what we've heard so far has a very solid flow to it. Also, slow on this, but it's brilliant hearing Russ and 2D speak again for the first time in YEARS in the Saturnz Barz video.
  2. supersonikku


    It amazes me that there isn't a bigger Sonic and Gorillaz fabase crosscover on his forum to be honest given the average age! So far phase 4 is looking fucking good in my opinion. On first listen wasn't a massive fan of Saturnz Barz but it's grown on me for sure and the video is undoubtedly brilliant. The other three are all great. Although the phase 4 art is a bit...inconstant instant in style, I appreciate the Hewlett is doing his thing and good on him. All on in all, Gorillaz phase 4 is happening and so far it's looking good.
  3. supersonikku


    What are your thoughts on phase 4 so far? I know technically it's only just sorta kinda begun but Jamie has been posting snippets of art on his Instagram for months. Really I'm quite surprised by 'The Book of Noodle' as I really expected that after plastic beach's very very abrupt end, they'd shy away from narrative a bit and go back to mostly just selling the band as a band again, more akin to phase 1 and most of phase 2 before all the el manana stuff kicked off. Not complaining mind. I'll probably give Rise of the Ogre a re-read to brush up before everything kicks off again! Stoked for another tour, went to one of the Plastic Beach tour gigs back in 2010 (my god...) and it was a blast.
  4. happy birthday!

    1. supersonikku


      Thank you Mikyeong!


  5. supersonikku


    Extremely excited - "Do Ya Thing" was a fun song with a pretty cool video (the 3D stuff will never be as good as the 2D animations) but it was no way to send the band off. I do have my reservations...the media buzz that generated their initial fame as being an animated band has all but vanished. 'The fall' was a little bit disappointing and Damon has had a resurgence of popularity meaning this is likely to be seen in the mass media as "Damon Albarns latest Project" as opposed to the latest Gorillaz release, despite the name and Hewletts involvement. Saying all that, I saw the Plastic Beach tour live in 2011, I have the Kid Robot figures on my shelf, I re-read Rise of the Orge just recently - I am ready for more. If anyone is reading this thread and not entirely familiar with Gorillaz lore - I dare you to at least read their TVtropes page and not be intrigued!
  6. A bit behind but watching on Channel 4+1. The Pacman board game they showed? I was playing that about 2 months ago cause my buddy had it and said it was amazing. He'd lost a load of the pellets so we had to use Hungry Hippo balls. They were too small and it didn't work properly. It wasn't amazing. Awesome program so far though, love Charlie Brooker (thoroughly recommend his books).
  7. Happy Birthday :D

    1. supersonikku


      Thanks Lamor! Appreciate it!

  8. Looking at the birthday list and feeling old! Today means s'been excactly 21 years since I started playing Sonic games.

  9. Downloaded this onto a Toshiba AT300 android tablet and it's completely unplayable as it runs too fast! Over the space of an actual second, almost 2 'In game' seconds pass. Sonic hares about like a fucking nutter, springs up in the air then falls again like a dead-weight as you can imagine. My reflexes are good but not THIS good. Gave the first special stage a go and was turfed out again in moments after zooming at a 'goal'. This is the problem with android devices I suppose, the game can't be optimised to run perfectly on them all. Gutted as the game looks amazing.
  10. Is this a sort of ongoing story done in one particular style or a collaboration of multiple comic strips gathered together as one comic? Back in the day ( not THAT long ago) I had a fairly popular sonic comic series which now mostly resides on deviantart (http://supersonikku.deviantart.com), but still accessible by my old domain www.soniccomic.co.uk. Yes the art's a bit shit but the comedy found it's fans. I've been itching to do some new stuff recently so it would be cool to tie in with this.
  11. I'm really enjoying the game again, which isn't surprising see'ing as it's one of my all time favourites in HD...but what the fuck is going on with the sound? I know there were always a few syncing issues here and there, but there's some crazy shit going on in this port. I just had to turn the Aquatic Mine music right down as from the beginning as the noise that should be the dripping of water is insanely loud, frequent and drowns out the music.The sound that Tails' and Robotniks lock-on laser makes must have been changed too right? It's so high pitched, my ear drums feel like they're about to vibrate into oblivion. Either that's always been the case and the fact I have new sound system since the dreamcast days highlights this, or somethings gone wrong. Still love this game, but when things have changed for the HD release, it sucks they are for the worse rather than the better after so many years.
  12. Take Sonic 2 and leave everything exactly how it is, except for 3 key changes: -The amount of time that needs to lapse before "Time Over" is 1 year in real time. -The game autosaves every second, there are no separate save files or ways to delete your save. Game auto-loads to most recent autosave when switched on -The big deep pit in Mystic Cave Zone Act 2 no longer has spikes at the bottom of it. Just ground. Job done! Oh and if you're in the pit when you turn your game on there's no music and a decent chance Sonic or Tails are weeping in despair. Also Sonic may have killed and eaten Tails.
  13. Hell yes, this was good crack last time round, put me in for the xbox version please. Xbox tag is 'Supersonikku' ....though who am I gonna be now Billy Hatcher's had the boot!
  14. I actually had fun with both, but even though I acknowledge that Episode 2 was technically the better game for having better controls, physics and the like, I honestly enjoyed episode I more. I can't even explain it, sorry. Recently there was a topic about how big a part the music plays in making a level memorable. Splash Hill music may be shit, but fucking hell do I remember how it goes and so I remember my time spent in splash hill and my memories are actually good. Fuck knows what the music is like for Silvania Castle or whatever its called. I'm sure it plays better but it's just so forgettable. I know what you're thinking if you hate episode 1, "WHY IS MEMORABLE GOOD IF THE MEMORIES ARE A BIT SHIT"...well quite, like I said, I can't even really explain it. Bottom line is that I'm far more likely to go back and replay levels from I rather than II. Sky Chase remake was a buzz though.
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