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  1. I totally agree with you that the game has issues and yes you are free to judge based on what we've seen so far. However I still think it's too early to say how the game will turnout. We've only seen the first levels of each character. Staring with Modern Sonic, his level didn't have much going on really (and maybe it's not even the full level) but Green Hill from Gens isn't what I call a great level design and that's okay since the first level is there to teach us the basics. Also from what I read the controls are refined compared to past boost games. I don't have much to say regarding OC's gameplay but I think it has the potential. As for Classic Sonic he shouldn't have been included and is the weakest part of the game (we can blame Mania for that?). That's my opinion and I still believe Sonic Team can give us a game just as awesome as Gens.
  2. I don't want to defend the game (since its has issues) but honestly some people here have some deep hatred for it. I didn't even know the game got some bad previews, the ones i read during E3 all ranged from positive to OK. Even Sonic Stadium own previews were positive and they are long time Sonic fans who actually played the game. Now I myself did get the chance to play the game and I do think Mania is the better one of the two but it's really sad to see some Sonic fans really want this game to fail. Oh and a delay probably won't do much since the game is functional, unless you want them to change how the game works and feel entirely which could take years.
  3. First off, I doubt we'll get Carnival Night Zone since that theme is already used. As for my favorite picks I really REALLY want Hydrocity so bad, in fact it's my favorite out of all the classic zones. I also wouldn't mind Marble Garden Zone if only for the theme. My least wanted level is Lunch Base Zone due to how much I suffered playing through it when I was little, I don't mind it nowadays but still prefer the other zones. Also I know almost everyone wants Icecap Zone but I wish we get Hydrocity, please Mania team!!
  4. At first I was kind of pissed, I felt the game was all over the place, all kind of characters showing up, more Green Hill Zone, chemical Plant zone? and how short stages seemed. However, after taking all that in I thought they might still be able pull it off. Character showing up at the end of the trailer make sense because how can Eggman's army be threatening. As for the story it should at least be more interesting then Colors, Generations, Lost Word. Modern Sonic seems awsome but I don't have a much of an opinion on Classic and OC yet. Overall I'm fairly optimistic about the game.
  5. At first, after watching the trailer, I thought the game was all over the place and was honestly disappointed, but after taking all that in I think it at least make sense. Sonic forces vs Eggman forces, and I have to say I'm happy to see Shadow going against Sonic since, in my opinion, his the only threatening one of the punch.
  6. The thing is, even Mania isn't getting as much attention as say Unleashed or Colors used to get, we barely got any new Mania info this E3. I still can't believe Forces was announced almost a year ago and we just now seeing a complete walkthrough of the first Modern Sonic level.
  7. I don't know why Sega is holding back on the info, they used to reveal a lot more in E3. If I remember correctly we got a lot of Unleashed, Colors, Generations and Lost World during their respective years.
  8. I feel a little disappointed since Chemical Plant count as a water level which means Hydrocity probably won't make it?
  9. Your free to think what you want dude, my point is that it's the same team that made Generations so it's more likely they can at least make it as good as Gens. In my opinion few seconds aren't enough to judge, even Classic in Gens had some straight lines and boosters. If you don't like how Classic Sonic plays in Gens then that's another story.
  10. All it took is seconds of footage for you guys to go ape shit, if Classic's gameplay is as good as his Generations's then that not something to complain about. What that? too early to tell? ...EXACTLY
  11. Hello, pardon my ignorance, I'm kind of new here, but didn't Sega already confirmed a new character for the third play style.
  12. But still it was the best selling Wii U game last week in Japan and with only 2000 I imagine the Wii U isn't doing well there either. This is depressing.
  13. I have to agree with Super Soniko I don't think Sega will ever deliver in term of story and characters development. There isn't much to look forward to anymore.
  14. I agree, Sonic's stages are are so fun to play through although I can't say the same about the rest of the game. Even with glitches and camera problems I can honestly say Sonic is fun in this game, I also like the sense of freedom this game gives you unlike most other 3D sonic games,
  15. Its hard to tell if Rivals is canon especially since it was never released in Japan (as far as I know) and Sonic IS a Japanese franchise.
  16. The Advance series and Rush Adventure defiantly.
  17. Its true that in SA1 you can stick to the character until the end but both games weren't that long to beat and the true measure of a Sonic game is the replay value (to me at least). Both games have 10 Sonic/Shadow stages which are almost the only fun parts of both games and I agree that it up to the players which game they prefer but it just doesn't seem right to put SA2 in a list of worst Sonic games while SA1 is in the list of best games as some people do since both games aren't that different in terms good and boring gameplay.
  18. I understand the hate for SA2 but to say that you hate SA2 but don't mind SA1 is a bit strange. The only good part of SA2 is Sonic/Shadow gameplay (as most people say) but Sonic's gameplay in SA1 is also the only good part about that game. Amy and Big are slow and boring, Gamma's stages are way too short and not that much better than Tails/Eggman stages, Knux/Rouge stages in SA2 while take too long due to the radar only showing one emerald at a time the levels design felt better more like made for this kind of gamplay because characters doesn't share stages like SA1. Tails stages piss me of the most (well not more than Big) all of them are just small parts of Sonic stages, so your playing the stages again but without the homing attack and the spin dash however you can fly to make the stages even shorter, the only stage worth playing as Tails is Speed Highway this is how they should have made all if Tails Stages. My point is Sonic's gameplay (and Shadow obviously) is the only fun part of both SA1 and 2 all the other characters are boring so when you say that SA2 is bad don't make SA1 look better because it really isn't or at least in my opinion it isn't.
  19. Guys its on youtube go to gamespot's channel:
  20. I'm sure Sonic would be more successful if he was with Nintendo, but I don't think he would be that interesting though.
  21. Six guardians? I hope that doesn't mean there are only six main zones like Colors.
  22. Isn't that the reason Sonic has almost unlimited hits?
  23. I agree but it just feels like Sonic Team make stuff as they go without thinking, they stated more than once that Shadow needs at least an emerald in order to use Chaos Control but in gameplay he does it anyway without one.
  24. Sonic Team is probably as confused as we are when it comes to what Shadow can and can't do, so there is no point arguing.
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