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    DarkXZA reacted to StriCNYN3 in New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer   
    Yea, there's some extreme try hard level angst going on here and still just feels like a 2nd take on Generations....but I'd be lying if I said there weren't some aspects that didn't make this game just a lil bit more interesting to me. I like that it's starting to feel like there's stakes involved unlike Sonic Colors and up. I kinda liked Sonic getting his ass beat, too... it reminded me of the OVA for a bit, and it's nice to give Sonic some challenge for once in a blue moon in his games. Hopefully Forces doesn't pull off a Lost World though, and only show the one interesting cutscene involving stakes in the game until you realize the whole story is nonsense once you get the game in your hands.
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    DarkXZA got a reaction from Baconjack in Should Sonic Forces be delayed until 2018?   
    I don't want to defend the game (since its has issues) but honestly some people here have some deep hatred for it. I didn't even know the game got some bad previews, the ones i read during E3 all ranged from positive to OK. Even Sonic Stadium own previews were positive and they are long time Sonic fans who actually played the game. Now I myself did get the chance to play the game and I do think Mania is the better one of the two but it's really sad to see some Sonic fans really want this game to fail.
    Oh and a delay probably won't do much since the game is functional, unless you want them to change how the game works and feel entirely which could take years.
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    DarkXZA got a reaction from Sonictrainer in Sonic Mania: Sonic 3 Zone Speculation   
    First off, I doubt we'll get Carnival Night Zone since that theme is already used. As for my favorite picks I really REALLY want Hydrocity so bad, in fact it's my favorite out of all the classic zones. I also wouldn't mind Marble Garden Zone if only for the theme. My least wanted level is Lunch Base Zone due to how much I suffered playing through it when I was little, I don't mind it nowadays but still prefer the other zones. Also I know almost everyone wants Icecap Zone but I wish we get Hydrocity, please Mania team!!
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    DarkXZA got a reaction from SSF1991 in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    Your free to think what you want dude, my point is that it's the same team that made Generations so it's more likely they can at least make it as good as Gens. In my opinion few seconds aren't enough to judge, even Classic in Gens had some straight lines and boosters. If you don't like how Classic Sonic plays in Gens then that's another story.
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    DarkXZA got a reaction from SSF1991 in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    All it took is seconds of footage for you guys to go ape shit, if Classic's gameplay is as good as his Generations's then that not something to complain about. What that? too early to tell? ...EXACTLY
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    DarkXZA reacted to The KKM in What would make you being excited about Sonic 2016?   
    So you want Sonic to be bad on accident instead of on purpose?
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    DarkXZA got a reaction from SilJeff in under APPRECIATED Sonic games   
    The Advance series and Rush Adventure defiantly.
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    DarkXZA got a reaction from Nix in Sonic Lost World @ Gamescom   
    Guys its on youtube go to gamespot's channel:

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    DarkXZA got a reaction from JezMM in Sonic Lost World Announced   
    Six guardians? I hope that doesn't mean there are only six main zones like Colors. 
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