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  1. happy birthday!

  2. This song reminds of Sonic 3 - Ice Cap Zone
  3. Super Hang-On Music - Winning Run (Arranged Version)
  4. Happy Birthday!

  7. Yesterday, I completed the 'Syphon Filter Trilogy' (SF3) in Hard-Mode for the PS1. It will be great to see this game in the movie-version ^^ Now I'm playing 'Driver 1' for the PS1
  8. Last evening, I completed 'Syphon Filter 2' on Hard-Mode. Now I play 'Syphon Filter 3' on Hard-Mode.
  9. Thank's mate! I finished 'Syphon Filter 1' on Hard-Mode. Now I try 'Syphon Filter 2' on Hard-Mode. ^^
  10. My favourite 'Danger-Theme' of Syphon Filter 1!
  11. The official 'Extended Version' of Sonic CD!
  12. Now I got the Magazine and it's awesome! Many thanks goes to -Mark-
  13. Happy Birthday my good old 'blue' friend, Sonic! I still can't believe Sonic is actually 20. The years go by so fast, just unbelievable... I'll never forget the childhood, where I played Sonic 1 on my Sega Mega Drive in the year 1991 and the years after Sonic 1... Unforgotten and great memories