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  1. Perfect Chaos. Excluding the rival battles, I thought all the other bosses in the game were pretty terrible. Egg Dragoon and Time Eater were buggy and poorly designed. The Death Egg Robot was okay, though. Although even if I had liked the other bosses, Perfect Chaos would still be my number-one pick because of the nostalgia I had while fighting him. SA1 was the first Sonic game I ever owned and I have many fond memories of playing it, so getting to relive that boss battle was one of the selling points of the game for me.
  2. It felt like they were trying to mimic the aesthetic of the GUN robots from Sonic Adventure 2 despite Eggman always having silly animal-themed robots in the past.
  3. Sonic 06's level designs primarily consist either of narrow, winding paths suspended over bottomless pits or large, empty areas filled with enemies, locked doors and bare-bones platforming sections though.
  4. Well yeah, but there's a lot of variety as well. Various platforming elements and places where you have to slow down, watch your step and move in different directions in order to progress. The snake room and wall-walking puzzle in Lost World, the icicles in Ice Cap and the entirety of Casinopolis are just a few examples from Adventure alone. Aside from the fact that the first three games are 2D, it's also worth noting that in addition to their branching routes, they also have a plethora of extensive platforming segments and various levels that are designed in a way that makes it impossible to progress simply by running forward and not stopping. I should mention that I'm not saying the modern games are bad. Unleashed, Colors and Generations together are some of my favorite entries in the series. I'm just saying that this particular aspect of the level design is something I'm not pleased with and I hope they fix it in the future. Sonic can run, yeah, but he has numerous other skills that are glossed over nowadays in favor of keeping him in constant motion.
  5. Yeah, that's pretty much my main beef with it. The levels are designed in such a way that you can tell you're meant to just keep moving forward. The fixed camera's just a symptom of that.
  6. The linearity in the modern games mostly seems to manifest itself whenever the gameplay shifts to a 3D perspective. It seems like they put a considerable amount of effort into making the platforming of the 2.5D sections good, but when it's in 3D, all we get are predominantly straight paths where we're told to keep moving forward--drifting and sidestepping from time to time. That's my main problem with the recent games; in the 3D sections, Sonic plays like a car on a racetrack. Once he reaches jogging speed, it's impossible to smoothly maneuver him in any way other than forward. It makes it feel less like a platformer and more like a glorified racing game. Colors did it best, as the 3D portions demanded more action than constant forward motion and the game didn't allow you to spam the boost nigh-indefinitely. If I remember correctly, Sonic even had an easier time moving in all directions. I think it really says something that starting with Unleashed, we lost the ability to manually adjust the camera and look around the levels. We're not supposed to, because we're not supposed to stop boosting.
  7. I typically lose interest between games. I'll finish one, stop caring about the series, and then get really excited and involved when the next one is announced. Then again, that's how I am with most ongoing game franchises.
  8. Just chiming in to say that assuming the more "realistic" games take place on a different planet just because of aesthetic differences like the absence of checkered soil is like saying the humans that appear in Unleashed must be different from the ones shown in the other games because they look like Pixar characters. And also that even Shadow the Hedgehog has really bizarre levels despite its attempts to be gritty. As for the Chaos Emeralds, I liked them better when they weren't treated as token solutions to any given problem. Before, they were more like magical batteries than anything else, in addition to having mystical significance. Now they just do whatever the plot needs, be it teleportation, time travel, hopping dimensions or granting wishes. It all just feels really cheap now and their connection to the echidnas is rarely even mentioned anymore.
  9. Iizuka confirmed that Blaze's original backstory is canon, but I wouldn't say that "explains" anything since he didn't acknowledge the reason why she was present in '06. It just means people can stop theorizing about the possibility of that game being a prequel to the DS titles.
  10. I was perfectly content ignoring it until they decided to reference it in Generations and have Blaze apparently remember living in Crisis City. I wish Sonic Team would at least handwave her presence in that game. It could be complete bullshit for all I care.
  11. Well, since it was just a vision, she wouldn't actually be flying.
  12. I personally couldn't call it the worst game in the world because even though it is objectively terrible in multiple ways, there's far too much entertainment value in all the narm and laughably poor design for me to truly hate it.
  13. I wonder if they'll start printing the DVDs again. They're a little hard to find for cheap because they're discontinued.
  14. Sonic Adventure, simply because Generations made me curious about what a modernized version of the game would be like.
  15. That's a tough one. Overall, I think Mario has a lot more to offer as a series. The games have delved into countless different genres, from sports games to party games to RPGs, so chances are there's something in it for everyone. The gameplay is more consistently balanced, and when Nintendo tries to implement a richer and more detailed story, it doesn't fall flat as is often the case when Sonic Team tries to do the same thing. At the same time, I've been playing Sonic games for a while longer and I'm more emotionally attached to the series. Not by a whole lot, but still. I prefer its main cast of characters, for the most part; the Mario series never had many interesting recurring characters aside from Bowser and maybe Rosalina.
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