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  1. happy birthday once more my friend

  2. happy birthday why haven't you been here in more than a year

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY thatsifyouevercomeback;3;

  4. Happy birthday dude!

    1. Wentos


      Whatever happened to "Happy Vaginal Exit Day?"

    2. Chaos Warp
  5. Happy 18th birthday!

  6. Happy birthday!! :3

  7. I can't believe how bad this whole thing has gotten. It seems so unreal to think it's happening, you can only wonder how much further it's going to go. I feel so helpless for the poor people caught in the mess. D: I know at least 3 people caught up right in the middle of the London riots and my friend in Bristol is trying to get some sleep but i'm texting him updates. This is just insane! Such a needless mess. I doubt many of those rioters know what they're actually wrecking the place for.
  8. In all seriousness, i'm not sure what to think about it really except wonder how many more providers will start blocking sites or how big the blocking thing is going to get. How far can they really go? What is to stop people sharing files through e-mail and things if they happen to block the file-sharing sites? Does this mean restrictions will eventually be put on personal e-mails too? I don't really think there's a way they can stop the pirating thing completely. What about streaming music? I can listen to tracks on Spotify and not have to pay a penny. Uh, I think I lack a firm enough grasp of this business to think about it properly and give an intelligent-sounding answer. XD But those are just my thoughts. :3
  9. Wow Serperior how do you do that? Also I tried to resize drunk Tails but he wants to be huge. >.< I'll try and fix. Not winning today, haha.
  10. Oooh you would be right. D: Sit tight i'll try and figure it out. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Hi all, sorry for biiig quietness again. I took a little break from life it seems. |P I am starting to make peace about heaven being a halfpipe and things being ok now so doodling urges are returning a bit. Sorry that IRL made me neglect you all though. Like, what happened to the forum when I was away anyway? I wasn't gone for that ling was I? xP I wrote out big replies to everyone but then pressed the image button and everything on the page died so typing it all again. T____T Sorry for lots of replies .so sticking it under a spoiler because it's biiig and TL;DR. Multiquote is broke? D: Onoes! @Ashley: I'm glad you thought so and that I didn't ruin her! x3 I managed to get out of drawing all of my classmates in the end. I'll get started on your other characters soon! @SockDrawer: XD I don't know about that, LMAO. I've never done a collab with anyone before, mainly because i'm too shy to ask. >.<'' I shall take you up on your kind proposal sometime when I get my butt organised and make some time! This icon thing was supposed to help that but eeehh...XD. Oh well they say a step back after a step forward isn't a disaster, it's cha-cha (or something like that). I need to stop dancing and start drawing though methinks. >.>'' Heheh. @Flyboy: Of course i'm familiar with those two! I don't actually read the comics but only because I can't afford to collect them. *violins* Haha I absolutely would though and have read up on the general plotlines. I've never tried these two before but will have fun doing so! @Roarey: Dude, my crap isn't worth your money and talents. x) I am grateful for the variety of characters and an excuse to practise ones I can't draw very well (Sonic characters are SOHARD ლ(ಥДಥლ) whyyyy). As an admirer of yours the fact you would even want one of these things is WOAH and it would be my huuuge pleasure to make one for you if you wanted. ^_______^ @Wooly: None taken man! I used to feel the same way but just decided one day that it was refreshing to see my character in different styles. It's not everyone's thing though so no worries. @Cola: Of course I can do that for your buddy. Looks like a fun one, no matter what it might be, haha xP. Of course I don't mind x'3 N'awww I take it as a very big compliment that you would want to keep it up! :'D Aw don't be sorry, my friend is no longer tired and sick and that can only be a good thing. @ new requests: I shall get to work on them asap. If I miss anyone out don't hesitate to give me a kick. I'm a scatterbrain and need it sometimes. Enough jibber jabber, here's new ones. Sorry for the waiting D: I hope they're ok! http://www.fileden.c...94307/punk1.png I hope I got her right! I love this character! :'3 Let me know if it needs tweaks. http://www.fileden.c...07/wheatley.png Wheatleeey. Not much else to say except I cannot draw geometric shaped things >.<. http://www.fileden.c...07/pipelmao.png I hope his expression is ok, I gave him lidded eyes before but he ended up with a scary bedroom face so I just got rid of them and he ended up all 'yeeeh I got a pipe'. XD I have never giggled so much during a doodle. Sonic with a pipe is win. http://www.fileden.c.../needlemark.png I love this guy too. x3 He's a cool shape, hope he looks ok. http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/5/3/1894307/rawrdom.png I didn't know how similar you wanted this to be to the ref so I gave it a similar pose and stuff. Hope it's alright! The forum is confusing me at the moment so i'm going to go and snoop around the rest of the boards and see what i've missed. I'll try and fix this post soon. Sorry for awkward links and things D: Also it has taken me an hour to figure out that it wasn't letting me post because I use smilies too much. Herp a derp. EDIT: I think I fixed the link issue now |3. Also it seems I got embedding to work so you randomly get drunk Tails because I was relatively proud of his face compared to my previous attempt. He's still not cheerful but it's a start. I do not endorse underage drinking. ;P Forgot to mention also, thank you all for your supernatural patience. :3
  12. Hey hey, long time no see! It's good to see you back. I just got a month ago. I have some sad news for ya... my cat Bailey passed away due to cancer in June 2009. :( He was a very awesome cat. He was only 10. I miss him a lot. I have two half-siamese cats now.

  13. Yes please by all means I'd like to work on some more humans since I don't get chance to try them very often. My friends at school have challenged me to draw everyone in the year. |P It worries me as i'm not terribly good and I don't wanna offend anyone if i accidentally make them ugly, haha. Haaa i'm glad you like him xD I'm gonna do some more of him though because I wasn't terribly impressed with how that one came out. :\ He has a stupid fatface. xP That's so very kind of you to say ;^; Awww thank you so very much! It means a lot to me to hear that these silly things make someone smile. Are you sure you don't want one? XD I'd be very happy to as long as you don't mind a little wait? Haa I take commissions occasionally but my time management is really horrible. >.< I just really need the practise too. The fact you should say that though is a huge compliment to me so thanks a million. Might I add that i've been a long-time admirer or your work too. Awesome stuff! I'm doing them at least until the end of August so please go ahead if you want one as long as you don't mind the fact i've gone a little slow...bad week i'm afraid. Summer hols soon so I need something constructive to do! Thank you so very much though. <3 Heheh well I have to apologise for the silence this week. Like I said, it's not been an amazing one. My friend passed away in the week and i've had no motivation for anything. |( Ugh, fallen so behind with everything. Picking myself up now though and managed to squeeze out a couple over the weekend. http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/5/3/1894307//awesomechaolol.png Haa loved this one. http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/5/3/1894307//idi.png I hope he looks ok I lost my mind over his hair D: LOL. I love big hair, just find it tricky. xP http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/5/3/1894307//gear2.png I did a new one of Gear because I disliked the first one. *shrug* Thank you all so so much for all the compliments. Every single one really truly means the universe to me. T___T Seriously. I demand epic group hugging. Thank you all so far for helping me practise. I'll try and speed back up again though things might still be a tad slow for a little while. It doesn't matter though there's no real deadline as long as you can all forgive me for the wait. ^^;
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