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  1. happy birthday :)

    1. Silverfang


      Why thank you friend. It's really appreciated.

  2. Sonic Mania *sniff, sniff*...it's...IT'S BEAUTIFUL MAN!!!! *Sobs*

  3. Merry Christmas ssmb!

  4. [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 & Knuckles

    EDIT: Forget it, my computer with all my instruments in it is in repair so I'm stuck with a much less powerful one. I'll just create an original tune(if this crappy laptop can even handle it.)
  5. YES!!!! Sonic is back baby, I can't frickin wait. My hype levels are off the charts!

  6. *Searches zavok on google images and forgets to turn on safe search*....well I'm NEVER doing that again

  7. [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 & Knuckles

    Forget it, I'm backing out(for the third time in a row) my laptop with all my precious virtual instruments is in repair, and my current laptop sucks.
  8. The terrible fate site's music...is epic as hell.

    1. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      Well, the music has changed from yesterday.

    2. Silverfang


      I know that's what I'm talking about, it's current music.

  9. [COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012

    So Viz, should I just drop my WIP of sunset hill zone and focus on the other remixes then?
  10. Nintendo Power Magazine to Cease Publication

    That cover's amazing...I had so many good memories with Nintendo Power, so long old friend.