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  1. I don't post much, but this is important to those wishing to avoid getting spoiled on Sonic Forces or Mario Odyssey. There's two important chrome extensions that massively help avoid spoilers, they are called Unspoiler and Video Blocker. I'm not entirely sure if they are available for other browsers though.

    1. SonicWind


      You're a lifesaver. Thank you.

    2. Silverfang


      No prob friend, I would still be careful anyways. It works 99 percent of the time, but I experienced a flaw where it loaded a little too slow and I could still see posts/video titles/thumbnails etc.


  2. Sonic Mania *sniff, sniff*...it's...IT'S BEAUTIFUL MAN!!!! *Sobs*

  3. Merry Christmas ssmb!

  4. EDIT: Forget it, my computer with all my instruments in it is in repair so I'm stuck with a much less powerful one. I'll just create an original tune(if this crappy laptop can even handle it.)
  5. *Searches zavok on google images and forgets to turn on safe search*....well I'm NEVER doing that again

  6. Forget it, I'm backing out(for the third time in a row) my laptop with all my precious virtual instruments is in repair, and my current laptop sucks.
  7. The terrible fate site's music...is epic as hell.

    1. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      Well, the music has changed from yesterday.

    2. Silverfang


      I know that's what I'm talking about, it's current music.

  8. So Viz, should I just drop my WIP of sunset hill zone and focus on the other remixes then?
  9. Absolutely cannot wait till this is done! The soundtrack (unsurprisingly)seems to be pure bliss.: http://tinyurl.com/cghfy9n

  10. Whoa what happened here?

    1. Frogging101


      No clue, people are being vague about it lol.

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      basically people are mad cause stuff

    3. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Absolutely nothing happened.

      No really, utterly nothing happened yet some people think it did.

    4. Solkia


      What Hogfather and Chili said lmao.

    5. Silverfang


      So in other words it's not important and we should move on with our lives XP.

    6. Frogging101
  11. I gotta say that these are some amazing remixes. I really love how you handled nonaggression.
  12. When you think you have an original idea for a sonic game that no one else thought of, but then go to the various sonic gameplay topics only to be proved wrong......a lot.

    1. Enderwoman


      Your ideas need a little bit more BOOOSHHHT.

  13. Falk, the composer behind sonic bts, has just put up a new video about interactive music making. You can also hear a new track for a"certain boss battle"for sonic after the sequel.:

  14. >Finally logs off facebook to watch some One Piece >Right when I (try to) log off two girls message me at the same time.....What to do?!?!?!?

    1. family guy
    2. Chibinuva


      Are they hot?

    3. Frogging101
    4. #AR


      pimpin time

    5. Frogging101


      Is this really a question? :P

    6. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      Get some of dat ass yo.

    7. Ferno


      girls will come and go

      pirates are forever


  15. http://tinyurl.com/92s7q49 : A new Rockman Holic "X buster" animated promo, this looks freakin amazing!!
    1. Enderwoman


      this is badash

    2. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      Post this in the Megaman topic NOWS

  16. Hey there, sorry to say but I actually nabbed "It doesn't matter" first and am currently working on it as we speak.
  17. Hmm...that's odd, well I changed the link to sound cloud so it should work now.

  19. Nintendo so far...meh

  20. > Is sad because he lost a power cord and cannot make music without said power cord. :(

  21. Happy 20th kirby! I'v always loved Kirby games but never really owned one until return to dreamland. That's when I fell in love with the series, it's probably my favorite nintendo series now. Epic yarn was another awesome game that I need to get a hold of, the art style is beautiful in that game
  22. Whoa the voice actor for Dracule "Hawkeyes" Mihawk died about a week ago. R.I.P. Aono Takeshi

    1. Yoko/葉子


      He was also Piccolo Daimao.

    2. Yoko/葉子
    3. King Frosty

      King Frosty




    4. Silverfang


      Such a shame, he was a pretty good voice actor. His family is probably taking this hard.

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