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  1. So... anyone else get the feeling that Sucker Punch might be making a new Sly game? Verified Gaf insider, Verendus, said Sly 5 was in development two years ago, the same year Sedond Son was released. A year ago he confirmed it was still in development. Sucker Punch posted a job listing for a designer for third person meelee combat. (Not that they've had any non third person games.) Sanzaru have said they are not currently making a game for Sony. I mean, I have my doubts that Sucker Punch would come back to Sly after all this time but I have no idea who else would do it if it's not Sanzaru.
  2. Awesome! I am so happy that they aren't just forgetting Athena after Dual Destinies. On a slightly off topic but very much related note, the game Aviary Attorney is being released this Monday. It's basically like Ace Attorney but with birds in France and you have a time limit and must choose which places you feel are most important to visit. You can also lose the cases and the story will still progress but darker than before. Here's the site for more info. http://www.aviaryattorney.com/ I figured that you guys might want to know about this due to it's many similarities. Will help scratch that AA itch until the new game and anime get here.
  3. People at the panel have said that this covers the first two games. http://forums.court-records.net/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=31663&p=1341198#p1341198 Not sure how to feel about that. Makes me feel like Rise from the Ashes is going to be ignored. I really, really, really. really want to know the episode count. The last thing we want is for this to end up being a rushed mess that completely skips over important character moments and even entire investigations like... like... *Shudder* On another note, here is a sample of some music that the composer, Kaoru Wada, has done for another show.
  4. Well, I just saw the movie several hours ago. As a preface my first Star Wars movie was RotS which I saw when I was eight. I enjoyed it and that same I watched Episodes I and II which I did not enjoy. Then, that same year I saw IV, V, VI and, oh my god, these films. They captured me and and I recently watched them for the first time since then and they still do. I am in a trance while watching them. They just captivate and grab like no other film has ever done. Until now. Note I'm not just buying into hype. I went into the film with a level head and reasonable expectations and I know it is not a flawless film and I recognize it's faults. I will be seeing the film again (a first for me) to better solidify my thoughts so take this as my first impression fresh off from seeing the movie. Flaws aside, it's pretty damn great. It is a Star Wars movie. And that would have been enough after the prequels but, no, it's also a GREAT Star Wars movie and a great movie in general. First of all, the film is gorgeous. Colorful and very real. Everything looks worn and used. Just lovely. Also I can't express how happy I am they used film. Something about film is just special. It was awesome to see it on the big screen. The direction is solid. The film doesn't try to ape the original's style. Instead it opts to be it's own thing and only incorporate certain aspects (The wipes are back) and I love that. I don't want a carbon copy I want something new yet familiar (Which really is this film in a nutshell). It's modern, sure, but there's no denying that it FEELS like Star Wars. It engrosses you in this world and invites you in with open arms. The action is fantastic. The dogfights are fun and kinetic, once again being new yet still feeling like Star Wars should. The lightsaber combat is amazing. To preface my favorite duel is the one between Luke and Vader at the end of RotJ, specifically the panning shot of Luke and Vader quickly moving across the room while swiping at each other. All of the saber combat is pretty much like that and it is so good! It's gritty and grounded and never comes across as choreographed. The acting is fantastic. There is not a single bad performance in the entire film. From the new cast to the old cast to the extras, it all ranges from good to amazing. With Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac. Adam Driver and Harrison Ford being the standouts. The chemistry between the new cast is electrifying and they give a fun dynamic that's different than what we got in the OT. You very quickly fall in love with these characters and before you know it, you're committed to being along with them for the ride. Speaking of the characters, they're all fantastic. Rey in particular is just lovely, coming across as both strong and vulnerable. I will say I do not agree that she is a Mary Sue. Same can be said for Finn who is really relateable and just a joy to watch. Poe is fantastic, charming and all around badass. BB-8 is as charming and loveable as you hoped he would be if not moreso. Also, I ADORE Maz Kanata. Without spoiling anything, she is just both intriguing and cool to me. The old cast is used well as well. They're still themselves but they've grown somewhat over the last thirty years and they don't feel shoehorned in for the sake of nostalgia (Because they aren't). I refuse to say a thing about Luke because I do not want to spoil anything. Captain Phasma and General Hux are cool looking though used very little throughout. I won;t speak about Snoke either. Just see him for yourself. Last but not least is Kylo Ren who I absolutely LOVED in this movie. I will not say much except that he is NOT Vader 2.0 whatsoever. They tackle his character in an unexpected yet brilliant direction. The only bad thing I can say about the characters is that I left the theater wanting more of them. All of them but especially a certain few. Now, the story. Yes, it is reminiscent of A New Hope. I personally don't think it was overt enough to detract from the film as there is still a lot about it that is new. It felt fitting for a bridge between generations but your mileage may vary. Also, yes, it is simple but that's Star Wars. The plot doesn't need to be complex. Just like in the OT, it's a simple plot that is executed with love and care and it populated with three dimensional characters that are and absolute pleasure to watch. Really in a way, it reminded me of Fury Road in a way. They try to not rely on exposition and often use body and facial language to convey emotions rather than words (No "you're breaking my heart, Ani"). The film is also packed with humor. I would definitely say this was the funniest Star Wars film and most of the humor was very character driven and the few jokes that weren't still worked. Despite that, it still takes itself seriously and it's extremely obvious that Abrams and Kasdan knew the weight of what they were working on. There are a few points where the force is talked about and it is just like how you would expect it to be talked about. It's very much in line with the OT and nothing like the PT. Lastly is the music. It's good. It all worked well and helped get across every intended emotion just fine. There are a few pieces here and there that are standouts but for the most part it just serves to heighten the atmosphere and emotions of the film and it does it well. Regarding the film's flaws, they're pretty minor. For me anyway. I would have liked some scenes to have lasted a little longer and Maz and Snoke kind of standout a bit at first due to being the only fully CGI characters but that's really it. I'm sure I'll find a few more when I see the movie again (and inevitable again after that) but I really didn't have much that bothered me. And, no, I don't consider the threads left hanging to be flaws. In fact I consider it a plus. I love that while it answers some questions, it deliberately leaves some untouched and even present a few more. It's obvious that certain characters and plot points are being introduced so they can be more fully utilized in the sequels and that's fine. It's a trilogy. Like the OT it should feel like one grand story split into three parts. Episode V did very much the same thing. Probably moreso. So overall, it's a great yet flawed movie like the OT before it. But that's fine. It does so much right and is just a lot of fun and handles the world and lore with so much respect and care. It's definitely up there with the original trilogy. For me anyway though it seems most agree from what I've seen. As far as ranking, I'll probably have a better idea after I see it a few more times but for now I feel fairly confident with this ranking. V-IV-VII-VI-III-I--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------II Really, go see it. It's the movie we've been wanting since RotJ and it's an amazing return for the franchise. Just make sure to keep your hype and expectations low before you see it as you should with any movie. Keep them realistic. Otherwise, sit back and let the film take you back to a galaxy far, far away because it is more than happy, and able, to do so. P.S. I also wanted to note that the packed theatre I was in loved. People booed the previews, cheered at the Lucasfilm logo, laughed at all the jokes, cheered at Han and Chewie and applauded when it ended (First time I've ever seen that happen). Also everyone was silent throughout but in a good way. It was like everyone wastrying to take the film in as much as possible and were also being respectful for everyone else who were waiting for it for so long (I found myself subconsciously trying to eat as quietly as possible while keeping my eyes fixed to the screen). The buzz right after the film ended was great. People were so happy and energetic. This was my first time seeing a Star Wars movie in a theatre and it was probably the best theatre experience I have ever had. The excitement was contagious.
  5. So, yeah, €1.5 mil achieved. Orchestral soundtrack CONFIRMED! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playtonic/yooka-laylee-a-3d-platformer-rare-vival/posts/1224831 And not even a day... https://mobile.twitter.com/altermentality/status/597887081122148352 Right off the bat I fell in love with this design. This guy needs a game. I don't care if it's a sales simulator, I want it and I want it now.
  6. It's an interesting idea. I also have no idea how hard it would. Didn't stop someone from already doing it to Jungle World though. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1grqdNM01-s Edit: And there's a new interview with Steve Mayles on how he designed the characters. Also camouflage abilities are confirmed. http://www.playtonicgames.com/the-man-behind-yooka-and-laylee/
  7. David Wise is answering questions on Twitter today! https://mobile.twitter.com/David_Wise Just make sure your tweet has the hashtag "AskDWise". I'm really happy for these guys. I grew up with Donkey Kong Country and DK64!
  8. do not fear the rain my children for it only means im near

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      Like i give a shit if you're near or far. I just care about my bird seed!

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      Sixth-Rate Soma

      Why don't you ever call?? :'(

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      Sixth-Rate Soma

      I'm only happy when it raaaains! I only like to sing the sad sad sooongs~!

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      SLENDY!!! :D

    7. Kareemadeem
  9. If any of you have played Police Quest than you know it was an awesome story driven realistic police game made by Sierra in the 90's. It got five sequels and it fondly remembered. Well the creator, Jim Walls, is now aiming to make another realistic story driven police game series but with 3D graphics and from a first person perspective. He is funding it on Kickstarter and he aims to make $500,000 in a month. In two days 669 backers have given money for a total of $36,228. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/precinctgame/precinct On a page is a video about the development and some gameplay. Here's the info on the Kickstarter page. I love Police Quest so I really want this to get funded.
  10. Well turns out that the video is just a demo for SDCC and is not in the final game. That's what the people at Court Record are saying anyway. Apparently the writer for the dialogue in the video said it's just for the demo. So false alarm. That rating is real though, obviously. I really wonder what happens to get the game that rating.
  11. Woah! woah! woah! RATED M!? "Dark Days in Law" indeed then. "Violence Blood Suggestive Themes Language" That video is really interesting. I love how the investigation gameplay looks. The 3D seems like a neat addition. But my gawd that note, I mean I'm guessing it's not as bad as the note suggests(Well, actually I'm betting on it) but I wasn't expecting that.
  12. I so want a game if Quantic Dreams' tech demo. Those characters were so loveable and hilarious.

  13. Faith will be be stronger but it will "not be a shooter". http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-06-12-open-world-mirrors-edge-isnt-a-shooter-but-its-very-different-compared-to-the-original-ea-says
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