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  1. Yes I know you do... Because you've left comments on this video repeatedly for the last 3 weeks questioning literally everything... Half of which are explained in the video which you constantly ignore and then ask me questions about Tails character development that literally nobody other than Takashi Iizuka could answer. So you really wanna do this here? Or do you actually want to have a proper debate on the video and arguments contents? Assuming you have actually watched it instead of freaked out over the title? Edit: Holy crap I misread the date of the last post! 2019! I thought the last post was 2020 and this was a few month bump! Not over a year! Did you really just join here to say you disagree with me!? Holy Pogo Sticks!
  2. Injustice Ultimate Edition is free on PS4 Xbox 1 and Steam. Appears to be worldwide.
  3. Well... mine is alright I guess =p https://www.youtube.com/user/Hogfather
  4. He was also in Sega Heroes and was one of the higher tier characters at the time of his release. So it's not like they don't use him.
  5. Some highlights. * Sonic's jumping victory animation is intact and triggered by the player. * 50 rings doesn't trigger special stage ring, but special stages are there and totally different. * No enemies in the Star Light Zone. * Weird sped up music in GHZ 3. * Demolition orb is in GHZ. * Spike Trap of Death in Spring Yard Zone. Looks like a horror to try and avoid. Video also includes beta content from Streets of Rage and a few other games too.
  6. There are people on this board who were not even born when this board was created but are old enough to legally make an account to reply to this thread. I hate everything about this revelation.
  7. Some Sonic Nanoblock figures just got announced. (They look like mini Lego kits).


    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Oh shit, this is terrible for the LEGO Ideas thing that was going on.

  8. How about the parts I quoted in which you completely lied at worst and totally mislead at best regarding the star system?
  9. It's kinda obvious isn't it? You can't say that Adventure - Heroes was bad. You'd also be really hard pressed to convince people that even Unleashed to Lost World was bad. Like, Unleashed wasn't the most amazing thing ever, but it showed they were going in the right direction, Generations was fantastic for the time, Lost World is just a bit meh.
  10. Pac Man Championship edition 2 is free on PSN! https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0700-CUSA04944_00-PACMANCE20000000 (UK Link, unsure if it's on other store fronts, but just make an EU/UK PSN account and it should work on your main!)
  11. That's true, it does re-use assets, but can you name a game which isn't from a first party Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft studio (even then I think you'd be pushing it), that comes close to being the modern equivalent of that? I think you'd even struggle to find a comparable game in terms of scope and scale from the year Adventure was released, let alone a modern game equivalent.
  12. So I risk putting myself on the spot here by asking this but... What's considered an acceptable campaign length for a game these days? 6-8 hours? Can you please name some games which in recent years which have 4 playable characters which are actually unique in terms of gameplay and not just 'class' differences? Which all have a campaign that is the same or very close in length to the primary + 2 other characters that have equally unique gameplay and a slightly smaller campagin? The closest I can think of is Yakuza and that isn't separate campaigns. That's an example of the scale here, how many games go for that sense of scale at just something as basic as playable characters which have unique gameplay and campaigns?
  13. Except it won't. This is something I really need to talk about more and something that those who want it need to realise. Let's just hypothetically say that tomorrow Sega Announces a full on ground up Sonic Adventure Remake. It is not going to be a 1 for 1 Sonic Adventure remake. Sonic Adventure was made to sell a console, just look at that game in terms of scale for the time. There's what... 6 different characters, each with near unique gameplay style. each with their own music themes and cues, each with their own unique cut-scenes each with their own voice actor, some have really unique level designs despite being based in the same location. A full on 1 for 1 remake will be lucky enough to even be half of what the original is. The closest thing in recent times we've had to an adventure game is Forces, technically 4 characters with unique gameplay (sorta) each with their own stages, music cues etc. But look at that game in terms of scale it doesn't even compare, most stages are over in barely 1 and a half minutes. Some are barely 60 seconds in length. The last game we had which came even remotely close to emulate the scale of SA1... was Sonic 06, and the only reason for that is due to the "Amigo" portions of certain stages. Does anyone, truly believe that Sega would risk a 1 for 1 remake in terms of scale for Sonic Adventure? 6 fully playable characters, each with their own storyline, unique gameplay? I'd wager you'd be lucky to get half that. I'd almost be willing to put money down that if Sega did decide to remake the game, they'd only focus on Sonic... Or... They would totally re-design the game ala a Resident Evil or FF7R route. So you have a Sonic storyline, which cuts to single levels in which you play as Tails and Knuckles... I don't even think you'd get Big or Gamma as much as I'd love a Gamma stage. Sega don't make games anymore to sell a console, nobody outside of Nintendo, some Sony first party studios and a few Microsoft studios. I just cannot ever see Sega taking that risk to making a game in todays standards with the same scale.
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