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  1. Sorry but this data doesn't prove anything. Let's just take the comparison to Sonic Forces as a start. Forces went on PS+... The month of the global lockdown. Which we have actual hard data that proves digital entertainment media saw a huge boom. Netflix and videogames especially saw a massive increase in demand and activity. That right there is a huge influencing factor over who downloaded and played the game to completion. As many others have mentioned Generations has been on PS Now. I have about 5 trial codes for that I've yet to redeem. I bet tens of thousands have also had a free trial and have likely just tried generations due to it being free.
  2. The Meta Era is literally the worst name possible to describe what came after Adventure to present day. You're literally associating an entire gameplay style on the basis of 1 or 2 lines of dialogue in each game by calling it that. Literally it does nothing to define the gameplay or design decisions that unify the series of games. If anything something more along the lines of automated or spectacle would be a better fitting since 2006 most modern 3D games have sacrificed player freedom and exploration for experiences that give the player 'moments' at the consequence of freedom, control and choice.
  3. If this is even half as good as their terminator game this will definately be worth a pickup. Their terminator game is shockingly good for what it is. It's one of the few games I bought on PS4 then again on PS5. I was really impressed with what they did with that game.
  4. I got mine early because it was to review for my YouTube channel. But I was really under the impression that the game was due out in about 2 weeks. Sega Shop are getting it 2 weeks ahead of general release, but the games must be ready since both Sega Shop and SFG have copies that they're giving out.
  5. Huh? It's due for release in about 2 weeks! Edit: Ok this can't be right? I was under the assumption it was due this month? Hence why our copies are out and so many are going out for prizes and promotion?
  6. I don't remember there being a topic on this but... Behold! The first Sonic game of the 30th Anniversary! So the Sonic Card Game is due for release in a few weeks time and I was given an early copy of it by the UK Sega Shop. I can't help but feel a lot of people passed this off when it was announced just because some of the cooler kids were seen dismissing it. Well... I've got it, I've played it and... It's honestly not that bad, in fact it's quite fun. So how does it work, well essentially it's a game of chance, you have to collect as many rings as possible whilst avoiding enemies drawn from the deck (I explain and show this A LOT better in the video). So you can play this solo, but obviously having an opponent adds a competitive element and therefore the possibility of taking more chances and risks in order to build a lead. And this ends up making the game strangely fun, mainly due to the fact if the scores are close you'll end up taking more risks in order to beat your opponent. The game itself is also really well made, the cards are very durable and aside from the fact it's stock art images, I can't find anything amazingly wrong with it other than some of the instructions are a bit unclear. It's currently up on the Sega shop and they have a bit of an exclusive right now, you get the game 2 weeks before general release. But there's also a worldwide listing for their sister site. Anyone picked this up? Or planning to pick up a bit of a different Sonic game?
  7. Love ur channel! Proud subscriber! :)

  8. Well I think it's safe to say people will be interested. I'm kinda interested myself in fact. Did you have a price in mind? Edit: Actually. Where are you based? USA? Europe?
  9. I'm seeing lots of reports that this is bloody awful to actually play and the Switch version is borderline unplayable due to to all the bugs and glitches. Is this accurate?
  10. (Link) Would you like to see a live action Sonic and Attack on Titan cross over?

    Of course you would!



  11. "Here is my secret to baking good bread!"
  12. Around 40 days ago I started a pretty big project in which I posted a picture of a small scene using some of my Sonic Merch. A few of these have proven to be very popular so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites here. So this was today's image and it's a bit of a fantasy cross over in which I wonder how Sonic would fair against a T-800. This one was one of the more complicated pics I've taken, if you're wondering, everything you see there is in shot, nothing was added in post, aside from editing out a few support wires what you see there is what the camera saw. This one was a really hard shot to get, again, everything you see is in the shot, the lights are being caused by a small firework, unfortunately I'm not that skilled enough to take a good night time firework shot and this was the best out of the few I was able to take. Again, everything here is in the shot, the rain effect was caused by a watering can which fell between the plush/figure and the camera to make it look like they're standing in heavy rain. I'm uploading a new one every day to my Twitter or Instagram, so pick your preferred platform if you're interested.
  13. Watch my channel. No clickbait there. Even though my last video looks like blooming clickbait. Lol but it's 100% true! But the clickbait is quite bad with a lot of channels right now. Though it's not limited to Sonic fandom, another series I watch a lot of videos on (GTAV) has a huge problem with clickbait. Part of the problem is YouTube itself, it constantly promotes videos that people fall for instead of content that is rewatchable. Also a major problem is time vs reward. I spent 2 weeks working on this video. Barely hits 5.5k in views, Whereas this one I spent a few days on... and had I gone for the $10 tuber route and just done it as a piece to camera it would have taken me about 2 hours. It does more than double the views and money of the video I actually wanted people to watch. If you want people to watch good content that isn't bait. You've got to share it around. The moment a video starts to be watched outside of YouTube, it'll get promoted more and you'll also be shown a lot less videos that are obvious bait.
  14. So the video is mine, it's also where I try to make somewhat of a living, so if you could go to it, either play it in a new tab or just 'like' it, that would be a huge help... But to prevent this from being a drive by spam post... The details. Way back at the 25th anniversary party, in one of the random interviews held close to the end a passing line was dropped that Sega were looking to expand Sonic into the theme park space (Around 1:40 in the above vid) Since then, there's been a few other clues and hints as to what's going on (again see the video for all the information), but nothing mega concrete, just a desire from Sega of Japan to expand into Casinos and resort type ventures (something that gives customers an 'experience). Well... Following the publication of the 2020-2021 interim report for CA Sega Joypolis, the company who owns, runs and operates all the current Sega Joypolis in Tokyo, in the report they mention that the next theme park they intend to open will be in Thailand in 2022, following this parks opening they'll be expanding into the United Kingdom! The report mentions that they've partnered with someone in the UK to find a suitable location for the park. Once the UK park is up and running, plans to expand into Europe, Australia and the United States will begin. This process is apparently already underway and expected to be concluded within half a year! Don't get it? Sega are bringing the Joypolis Theme Parks to the west! The source of this is the interim report for the company who runs the Joypolis theme parks in Asia!
  15. (link) Sega are to open theme parks in the UK, North America and Australia.



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