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  1. (Twitter link)

    Whilst preparing a new Badnik Mechanic episode... I was building a Knuckles figure out of small Lego like blocks and... it went wrong...

    I warn you... there is no going back when you click the link...




    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Oh god Nanoblocks, they're so fiddly and prone to falling apart.

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      These ones are surprisingly durable.

      I've been expecting the whole lot to fall apart but I'm surprised at how well they're holding up.

    3. The Master

      The Master

      Its like Mike Wazowski meets Knuckles.

  2. (tweet link).

    I just got asked out on a date by Sonic the Hedgehog



    1. The Master

      The Master

      Did you say yes?

    2. WhoYouDontThinkIAm


      I'd say yes, I've heard Sonic has some massive clout in the world of online message boards.

  3. As I said in the vid... Don't deny that even now as an adult you wouldn't think you were Sonic in the GHZ going through those tube slides.
  4. If you've followed my YouTube channel recently, hell even if you've seen some of my articles on TSS over my time writing for the site. You'll probably see that Brazil has an INSANE Sonic fandom. Well they've now opened a Sonic Adventure Playground for both kids and adults. So it's themed mainly around the Green Hill Zone and has a ton of classic imagery, but there's also a few modern Sonic items around, such as Generations GHZ assets and even Sonic Rush artwork (I mistook it for Sonic X whoops). But the thing I'm quite impressed with is that they have CLEARLY tried to do a good job theming this, there's item boxes everywhere for you to sit and stand on, there's spike traps. They've even tried to incorporate those blue rock obstacles. And yes this is actually open right now, all the staff are wearing covid face masks and shields... So yeah factor that in. Little more info about it on the official website/page for the shopping mall it's at including the "open for all ages" line
  5. Not to mention... You can show emotion in a character without them crying or blubbering ala Archie comics. Take this from Fleetways Sonic. Yeah we can take that panel out of context and meme it all we like.... But if you had that comic back in the day, turned the page and are presented with that, you cannot say that you cannot see in Sonic's face that he's feeling terror, anxiety, and sadness as he slowly realises that his friend who was fought along side him for over 170 issues has been killed.
  6. What about that Badnik Mechanic guy? My mum thinks he's cool.
  7. The first line in the first leak was... "I'm a playtester for Sega of America". QA/Playtesting isn't done at SOA. That right there is the end of it.
  8. Everybody knows the Sonic 06 topic was the Sonic Adventure 3 discussion topic.

    1. SaturnWolf


      The real SA3 topic was the friends we made along the way

  9. Generations DLC never made it into the PSN. No idea why but that's why you can't find that one. Only way to get it us with a code. As for the adventure DLC problem. I... think... you need to get the DLC from the respective store that the base game is. So if it's a US copy. You need to get the DLC from the US store.... I THINK that's how it works. Once it's downloaded and installed any account on that PS3 can access it. As to why it's not showing up. If you're trying to search via anything other than the console itself you won't find it. PS3 and Vita games were pulled from the webstores a few weeks ago, only way to access and download games for those systems is via the console itself.
  10. Just made a little edit. But so it's not lost here it is again. "If you are trying to guess what we saw from this. I'm around 90% confident that you will be utterly wrong. We did not see any new Sonic Game."
  11. You literally quoted a post that... Kinda makes it clear I won't divulge that info lol.
  12. All I can reveal is. You are not paranoid. There are hidden cameras in the walls. You are being watched.... And it is me who is doing the watching! ===== But for reals. I'm not the only person in the community who knew about it, another VERY well known individual also knows about it, I know this because we had a chat over 'what do we do with this information?' Basically, we got access to a bunch of information and it was one of those moments which was "This is... a goldmine for fansites... Really bad for Sega if we just post this... We really shouldn't have access to this!" and when we got in touch with Sega about it to confirm if it was supposed to be where we found it and well... lol... the contacts we had all seemed quite shocked that we found it... lol even the people we spoke to at Sega didn't even know about the planned announcements... It was that secretive! So I need to be cryptic here... Don't wanna give away where this info is (though I think it's been pulled now). This information wasn't on a Sega server, or something ran by Sega. It wasn't at all a case of 'Sega messed up' e.g. put their entire plans onto their press vault ala Sonic Unleashed' and had no verification on who could access it. It was more along the lines of a partner.Net scenario. E.g. I said I was this person, please can I have access to approved released material... Only instead of being given those credentials... I was given the credentials of a systems admin and could see EVERYTHING lol. So... yeah we had to mail Sega about it to see if it were approved content or if this company had screwed up our credentials. Let this be a lesson to any would be bloggers or youtubers looking for a quick fame hit. if I... or the other person had news'd that info... Whilst we wouldn't have been in any bother... It would have likely destroyed any faith/relationships built with Sega... Sometimes you have to let a megaton go. P.S. If you are trying to guess what we saw from this. I'm around 90% confident that you will be utterly wrong. We did not see any new Sonic Game.
  13. He also dropped a hint about it on this forum a few weeks ago in case when it was announced nobody believed he knew about it.
  14. Imagine saying this for Tetris. Or most puzzle games... Or every SMUP ever made... Or driving game... Or Crash Bandicoot. .. .. Uncharted... ... You know I could just list off multiple games which have 1 playable character or only offer 1 stage which has a significant change in gameplay compared to the rest of it...
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