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  1. Big Red Button are working on a 'landmark unannounced project' http://brbent.com/careers/

    Sonic Boom 2 confirmed!

    1. LindseyWalker


      That's pretty funny! Any other news?

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Nope. Just that the Sonic Movie likely hasn't started production yet.

    3. LindseyWalker


      Didn't you predict all this some time ago? Pretty good research work Hogfather!

    4. Dejimon11


      Words those are just words

    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @Dejimon11 Not really just words, more reasonable deducting. Basically, the Sonic movie should have been at a number of events and even been listed as an 'unannounced project' at other events, but it's not, there is nothing, also add to this no cast list or general production news, odds are it's nowhere near ready to go in production.

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