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  1. (Tweet)

    So it looks like there was another Sega Roadshow which nobody knew existed.


  2. So urm... It looks like there might have been another roadshow. Does... anyone know anything about this one?
  3. Wow this is quite misleading for all concerned. Here is the original interview which is over a month old. https://www.4gamer.net/games/421/G042175/20190415016/ You will notice it's actually a rather excellent interview about Team Sonic Racing... Not Sonic in general. E-Sports is brought up completely at random as part of the final throw away questions that most interviews do. I'm almost certain they asked that because TSR has been described as being a potential e-sports title, even I said so in virtually all my previews and reviews on it. Iizuka responds by saying 'no it's not going to happen' but is open to it. It's a way to say no without being rude or completely ruling out an idea.
  4. During the 20th anniversary, Sega really went all out to promote Sonic. If you were around these forums back then, you'll remember how crazy it was, every day it felt like something new was announced or leaked. They even held various events all over the world, most of these were basically conventions or parties such as Summer of Sonic and Sonic Boom, but then you had the really odd ones like the skateboarding event 'Generations of Skate.' But there was one event which was held in the UK during May of 2011 which barely got any attention even back then, and in the 8 years since the event was held... Absolutely no new information has come to light... Until last week. So in a nutshell... Run Sonic Run was a mini 5k Sonic themed marathon held in London during 2011. There was both a kids race and an adults race held, according to Sega, 500 kids took part in the first race from over 10 schools in the local area. Apparently Sega did have plans to hold more events like this throughout the UK. In the video I looked at the photos carefully and noticed that they did have multiple banners for this, so it probably wasn't just a one off thing, they did invest quite a bit into this which does suggest they really were looking into doing more. But the new information came last week. Several Run Sonic Run Goodie bags were sold at an internal Sega charity event and I was lucky enough to get one. This event actually had it's own branded merch, and in the video I do spot the merch in one of the photos. Here we have a 20th anniversary event, which had over 500 people take part in, which gave away free branded merch... and for over 8 years there's barely any information online about it. The Sega Blogs who originally hosted the story are long deleted, even the predominant wiki pages like Sonic Retro and the Sonic fandom wiki don't have any mention of it. So since 8 years have passed and some of the people who went on this are now likely in college or about to start uni... I have to ask. Did anyone here actually go to this? Or knows someone who did? Just that I can't believe it's been 8 years and all we have are 4 low quality photos and then 8 years later the first images and video or the bags which were given away, we don't even know what was inside the bags or what actually happened at this event other than the race itself.
  5. Don't disrespect Papa Zavok. He's also British now based on that screen.
  6. (Tweet)

    Zavok is British.


    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Is this the world map for the Tokyo Olympics game?

      E: for the mobile version. Nevermind

  7. So I wish people were talking more about this. Several summons are gated behind a £80 collectors edition, and another is gated behind a £300 collectors edition. Yeah summons are pre-order and collectors edition bonuses.
    1. Thigolf



    2. Teoskaven
    3. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @Teoskaven So you can cut your pizza into slices.

    4. Teoskaven



    5. Jango


      How about some good games instead? 

    6. SupahBerry


      only at your local pizza hut

  8. Sega just reveal that PSO2 is not confirmed for Europe...


    1. Thigolf




    2. gato



      EDIT: Oh nvm, it's probably the licencing hell I mentioned on another status.

    3. Polkadi~♪


      are you fucking serious

    4. gato


      Oh yeah, and I also forgot PSO2's favorite way of delivering cosmetics is via a fucking scratch. That's probably also going to rise a stink somewhere.

  9. So urm.... Anyone want to try and re-create this! I want to see just how high they can fly!
  10. (Tweet) Last night... the funniest glitch in Team Sonic Racing was discovered...


    1. SupahBerry


      Of course the 06 character plays a part in this

    2. Perkilator


      Well, I guess Zavok meant it when he said he wasn’t afraid of heights.

  11. So I switched to Blaze today... Holy crap she's like one of the best characters in the game! Put the right mods on her and she becomes a diving machine! Great handling and really good top speed. Boost is also a really good for her class too!
  12. (Video)

    Ok so.... I analysed Team Sonic Racing...


  13. So I've been.... very busy... I created an hour long analysis of the game. I decided to take a really deep look at this game because on the one hand I think it's a really great game with some amazing design choices, then on the other there's choices which leave me baffled. I cover the team based mechanics, why they work and why they work really well both in terms of execution and how they're communicated and explained to the player without the need for text based explanations. I talk a lot about the tracks, I think I've figured out why some tracks seem really dull compared to others, when I discuss Sky Road I talk a lot about how that game just seems to lack any movement or life in the stage, on the other hand there is the incredible Boo's House which is just a masterclass in making a track, it's got tons of life, has a narrative running through it and is one of the few tracks in this game which doesn't feel like a raceway. That's a big problem I think this game has compared to the others, almost every track in this game feels like a race course was built in a zone. Opposed to ASRT which had courses that felt like the racers were the intruders, or racing around an event that wasn't a race. There's quite a lot I go over, I know I sound a bit negative on the game but... The core aspect of TSR is really really good. And I don't think that the game on the whole is a victim of poor design, because there's so much in it which is designed VERY well, such as how the team play is communicated non verbally and how Boo's House has an amazing hidden story running through it. They clearly had the talent to do some very special things here, but it feels like either their scope was limited or they had a very limited budget to do what they did with ASRT. I bring up the big legacy problem that TSR currently has, that being, even if you add another 15 characters to the game, who cares? Part of the excitement for new DLC in ASRT was finding out the All Star move of a new character, in TSR everyone shares the same ultimate, it's like if you added a new character to a fighting game and they shared the same finisher... Why would you care as much?
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