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  1. MmmmmHmmmm... That's an interesting theory... I however have another one. 1: Outside of Sega of Japan, and 1 department in Sega of America. Absolutely nobody in Sega has any idea about what is happening with ANY aspect of Sonic. I've learnt this myself recently when I found some unannounced stuff, I asked my contacts at SOE about it any they all emailed me back saying they had no idea about it and didn't even know it existed. 2: Are you familiar with a television program called "The news?" Because according to 'the news', whilst Japan didn't order a lockdown of the country due to Covid-19, it did request companies to voluntarily issue work from home orders and policies. Which Sega complied with. To add to this, the Japanese government also restricted the movement of Goods and people entering Japan from the start to the middle of this year. This presents a problem since Sega have been shifting staff to and from the United States since the end of 2018, specifically on Sonic development. To add to this, Sega of America, which is the other department that knows what's going on with Sonic was also hit with a stay at home order, which they are STILL complying with in part with a limited number of staff in a building at any one time. Even though they have nothing to do with Sonic's 30th, Sega Europe are also in a similar situation. 3: Even before Covid-19 was a thing, Sega have stated repeatedly that 2020 was supposed to be a celebration of Sega's 60th and not a focus on Sonic, Sonic was and by all accounts is getting the focus NEXT year.
  2. According to who? Just that as far as I'm aware Sega have pretty much said since January that this year is for the Sega 60th celebrations. Next year is hedgehog.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. This has and will always be the best banner. Context: I think it was somewhere around the late 2000's, Sonic was doing REALLY badly and people were afraid to admit they were Sonic fans. So a few of us made banners to disguise the Sonic stadium as a fansite for other things... So if people registered and said "Lol Sonic fans!" we could say "No not Sonic fans... Count Duckula fans!"
  5. For some reason I'm no longer a retired staff member.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      You're the Solid Snake of the forum now, pulled out of retirement.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You're a retired retired staff member!

  6. It's going to be Classic Sonic next year. There will be something modern but probably not a game related thing.
  7. So the owner of the Sonic statue in the mountains called me and shared some new information...

  8. Look at what I'm replying in response to... If all he's doing is regurgitating pre approved material then literally anyone can write the book.
  9. Despite the fact it borrows so much from Retro and some other wikis. The best book like this has to be the 20th anniversary one. The cook and Becker is amazing until it gets to the modern part and it just totally falls apart. As for this one... erm... I'm probably not going to buy right away. Just because the fact Flynn is writing it is really going to expose how much of this series he does know. And if it's just going to be a surface level knowledge which I suspect it might be. For example. We going to get sections on Bean and Bark? If so... We actually going to get good info on them and not the Archie comics lore? It's probably not going to delve into March or comics just literally be games... which instantly makes the other books more interesting. Though if they do include unseen artwork. Then it'll certainly be on my buy list.
  10. I was personally told by a former community team member that when Sega Europe first saw forces it was a very different game. The avatars for one had a more dominant role. Also there was the VR demo screen found in the code.
  11. AAUK just replied to a 9 year status update of mine!!



    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Man, I was just about to finish my first year of Uni back then. Time's goddamn flown.

    2. AAUK
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