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  1. *video*

    In case you missed it, I've done a follow up to the Sonic Statue in the Mountains video...

    There's been some developments, and sadly it looks like it may not last beyond 5 years based on someones professional opinion.


    1. KHCast


      Has anyone contacted the local authorities yet regarding this? It definitely seems like something that would be worth it to the people there to preserve 

    2. Strickerx5


      It's a shame that the fanbase in the region is reportedly much smaller than communities in most other places around the world. If it was somewhere else it'd be much easier to communicate things and get someone out to get it.

      As it stands now, the best chance this thing has is for one of the rare Japanese (or someone in the region) users to come across this video and also be in in the circumstances to pick it up. Something that, imo, will sadly probably not happen. Going off your last video, it was a feat in itself to get updated pictures of the thing even with the location. To get somewhere there with both the tools and vehicle to properly transport it out is... unlikely.

      Honestly, as depressing as it may sound, I'd count us lucky to have even found someone kind and outgoing enough to get some final pictures and video of it.

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