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  1. So I made a new video on a really controversial subject in gaming... 

    Please give it a watch... Then you can tell me why my opinion is wrong.



    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Hmm… I gave it a watch and it was for sure a interesting listen. However my opinion is still fairly neutral on the matter for various reasons.

      And there is one possible area you didn’t fully cover. Certain games gain fame/attention of it’s existence from the public sometimes just purely because of it’s harsh difficulty tagline… As you said it’s not as if a easy mode is a god mode, and I agree… but if a game gives players a easier mode that allows more casuals a better chance of entering and beating the game… is the game still capable at that point of getting culturally famous as a “Brutally Hard” game anymore? I personally don’t remember any games that got famous for their hard mode when they also had a easy mode available. There is lots of different gimmicks out there to help sell a game, and it can be possible that sometimes by trying to make something more appealing to a wider audience as a result it becomes more generic and forgettable to some degree. Just a thought anyways.

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