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  1. The studio that did the visual effects for the Sonic movie has closed down.

    People claiming to be employees are reporting they had to work 17 hour shifts on 2 'infamous' projects.


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      So company goes under because they wasted themselves fixing a big mistake the higher ups shouldn't have made in the first place. Way to go, hedgehog. 


      Well, at least we're one step closer to be rid of Disney remakes.

    2. Strickerx5


      This is disgusting for so many reasons. No matter what you think about the movies they were involved with, the fact is that these are people who just lost their jobs after doing nothing wrong. If anything, the things people take issue with (Sonic's initial design, the lions being too realistic) were all decisions made near the top of the production staff, not these guys.

      The idea that there are people out there who might've been forced to work on some idiot's "vision" of this franchise, followed by having to spend long hours redoing that work because everyone and their mother finally told him that shit wasn't going to cut it, and then get fired on top of it all (more than likely some executive can save a buck or two) is sickening. I really hope these guys land on their feet.

      Cause real talk, there are some incredibly talented people there. People like to point and laugh things like the Sonic movie but that's far from their more notable outings. The article alone names things like GotG, Life of Pi, The Jungle Book, and gd Detective Pikachu.

      What a mess.

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