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    Dont forget to.... Leave a kiss for your... Casanova! hahar!
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    Just off the Scrap Brain Zone by the river.

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If you are reading this from the link in the BuzzBombers topic. Hello.

*Enters with a cup of tea* Oh... why... good day to you. I must apologise for the lack of hospitality upon visiting this page, I was not expecting visitors. Well now that you are here I must take the time to introduce myself, I would offer my name... alas I have had so many it's a rather futile task to list them all. According to that thing on the left I am an actor... HAZZAR! But don't underestimate my ability with a quill my friends, for I have an arsonal of words and linguistical cunning that I shall rattle away like a tommy gun toting fox during hunting season! Well thats enough showing of that! I like Cats.... and Dogs... provided the dogs are either funny looking or have a rather marvelous character about them. I have a rather strange weakness for redheads.... I don't know why... I don't believe I should go on, as you'll soon learn about me from what I do and type. P.S... Does anyone else think that Inferno from gladiators is hot? Alas, it's just a pitty that the UK Gladiators all have a look which says "I'm on a government sexual offenders register. P.P.S Yeah I own a bloody PS3... because it's the 'correct choice.'

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