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  1. (Read all the tweets)

    Asda (UK Wal-Mart) just really pissed me off...


    1. tailsBOOM!


      Damn that sucks

  2. So for those who said earlier that TSR had been discounted this week which shows... something...

    Turns out this is a deliberate temporary price cut promotion for Sonic's 28th birthday.

    1. Thigolf


      I'm aware.

      It's just that a game usually doesn't drop in price to 75% that quickly, even in a franchise sale. Most of the time, it's more like "Here's our latest entry, have a nice little 10% off to maybe make you bite", not "Our game's been out for only a month and the already budget game dropped down a quarter in price"

  3. (Tweet)

    Look at this new Sonic Book!


    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      I saw this on Amazon and thought it actually looked pretty nifty.

      ...and then you had to go and make me properly examine the pages.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Blimey this is awful. It's unofficial and not claiming to be anything more, but I think SEGA should shut this down. It's shoddy.

    3. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @Blue Blood

      It gets worse! I've added more tweets... The book is using stolen fan and official art.

      Every page is ripped off from various fan site articles and wikipedia pages.

      Not spotted anything from Retro yet but the sonic fandom wiki has definitely been plagiarised. 

    4. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      The caption thing could just be because it’s a preview and they’ll be added later.

  4. (Tweet)

    So it looks like there was another Sega Roadshow which nobody knew existed.


  5. (Tweet)

    Zavok is British.


    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Is this the world map for the Tokyo Olympics game?

      E: for the mobile version. Nevermind

    1. Thigolf



    2. Teoskaven
    3. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @Teoskaven So you can cut your pizza into slices.

    4. Teoskaven



    5. Jango


      How about some good games instead? 

    6. SupahBerry


      only at your local pizza hut

  6. Sega just reveal that PSO2 is not confirmed for Europe...


    1. Thigolf




    2. gato



      EDIT: Oh nvm, it's probably the licencing hell I mentioned on another status.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      are you fucking serious

    4. gato


      Oh yeah, and I also forgot PSO2's favorite way of delivering cosmetics is via a fucking scratch. That's probably also going to rise a stink somewhere.

  7. (Tweet) Last night... the funniest glitch in Team Sonic Racing was discovered...


    1. SupahBerry


      Of course the 06 character plays a part in this

    2. Perkilator


      Well, I guess Zavok meant it when he said he wasn’t afraid of heights.

  8. (Video)

    Ok so.... I analysed Team Sonic Racing...


  9. Owf... Dem Terminator Dark Fate plot leaks...

  10. (Video)

    So Spain has a giant Sonic flower display happening right now.



  11. So this happened to me when playing TSR last night....


  12. (Tweet)

    So... I noticed something cool about the track "Boo's House" in TSR....



  13. I just bumped a 10 year old topic and I don't even feel bad!

    1. tailsBOOM!


      Which one?

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @tailsBOOM! GHOSTBUSTERS! The game.

  14. The 2009 Ghostbusters game is being remastered! YES!

  15. Streaming Team Sonic Racing.

    Going through the side missions. Come along and watch... or laugh.


  16. "IT'S HIM AUSTIN!"

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @Indigo Rush I'm making something 4 yo.

  17. Hmmmmmm Well I've noticed it...

    1. Operationgamer17


      Noticed what?

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Look closely on SSMB...

    3. Joy


      Ah yes, I see what you mean!

      Oh my GOD! The nature of the thing has changed slightly, rendering it yet more amazing!

    4. Ellipsis-Ultima
    5. PublicEnemy1


      I don't get it...

    6. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      @PublicEnemy1 Look at my leaving topic...

      now look at Who's Online...

    7. PublicEnemy1


      I'm blind.

  18. Yup... It's true...

    I'm leaving TSS.

    1. RedFox99


      What happened? 

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Uhhh Nothing... See the topic.

    3. Milo


      Good luck out there on YouTube!

    4. TheOcelot
    5. KHCast


      Really? Wow didn’t expect that at all. But I wish you good luck with your YouTube career!

    6. PaddyFancy


      I got confused because you're not called Mayor D or Hogfather etc.

    7. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Wow. This is a bit of a shock but it really feels like the turn of an era in a way. But hey I'm sure you'll do fine out there. I am a bit lost for words at the moment though, especially since you've been one of TSS' regulars and big names. All I can say is I wish you the best in your endeavors.

  19. (Tweet)

    The Legendary Mods in TSR have the same stats as the normal mods...


    1. Conando


      Yeah they’re just cosmetic. If you like a gold car, use them.

    2. Adamabba


      it makes sense for balancing. they shouldnt be objectively better

    3. Strickerx5


      As someone who doesn’t even like gold, I’m kind of relieved by this.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yeah, I don't see why this is an issue. I don't know if it was ever explicitly stated that they were the best or just the rarest. Either way, I'm glad I don't have to deck out my car in gaudy good to get the best stats.

  20. (Video)

    Hey SSMB... China has a 50ft tall Sonic Statue...


    1. tailsBOOM!


      That one I've known about.  I forgot the official reasoning, though

    2. Eurisko


      BLOODY HELL!! 50FT??? never heard of this before. It's brilliant. I would love to see this in every city around the world😂

      It's amazing that it hasn't been covered more over the years. Well done on the vid dude , great stuff as always.

  21. (Tweet) 

    Help me out with my science experiment?


  22. (Tweet) 

    Anyone able to help me out with this statue query?


  23. (Tweet)

    Alex Kidd is Thanos


  24. Oh here we go....

    1. PaddyFancy


      I saw that coming when that caught my eye a few minutes ago.

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