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  1. 3 hours ago, skull902 said:

    Having trouble getting it to launch, unfortunately. Like I double-click the application and it just crashes my file explorer. Real unfortunate; it looked real good from the trailer.

    Try right click and run as administrator.

    Also check your anti virus isn't automatically killing it as a false positive like mine was.

  2. 8 hours ago, Sean said:

    The recent Bluray transfer is taken from the original masters. It's still standard definition but it's better than the old copies.

    Is it!? I did not know that. I thought it was DVD clips due to that message they have on the box!

  3. Some of you might enjoy this.

    I decided to re-watch the trailer and tried to find every reference and Easter Egg possible.


    There's some that I'm not 100% convinced on, like the the red baseball hat being a reference to Sonic Unleashed/Underground, but since the GH is obviously Green Hills, figure SU would also be something.

    There's a lot in the motel scene, not just the ledge balancing Sonic, but the TV is showing a movie in which both Time Miller and Jeff Fowler worked on... Then it shows a weird product placement for ketchup and Enterprise car hire.

    A few smaller things which may or may not be direct references but rather accidental ones, like the tumble dryer being a small nod to the origin of Sonic in Fleetway/SOA's sonic comic. Also the kung fu Sonic is more or less parodying both Enter the Dragon and The Karate Kid.


  4. So... Yeah my thoughts on this. Also all my examples and references can be found in my video on the trailer... I'm not capping and uploading individual images for this. So check out the video for examples of what I'm talking about.

    This trailer feels like a click-bait thumbnail for a misleading video in many ways. Now... Yes the design is light years ahead of ManHog. Yes the trailer is fun, it's exciting and will please a lot of people.

    But that isn't the movie. The movie isn't a series of small moments like this... it's a feature length movie.


    And if you look at trailer 1 and compare what was in that, which isn't in this...

    * The military scenes are almost gone. 

    * The Generals are gone.

    * Toms girlfriend is almost gone.

    * The awful dialogue from before has been cut out.


    Buuuut... Most of that is still in and still is the movie. 

    Even what was poor before is still poor now. Jim Carrey's performance is not good, it's his 'doing it for a pay-cheque' performance that we've seen before. His costume is still generic black coat man, the badniks are just generic drones which look like toys you find in a gadget shop... Which makes no sense, even the first trailer makes out that Eggman is this crazy eccentric who can't really be trusted... So go all out with it, make it so that he designs robots that look like creatures instead of generic robots.

    Some of the VFX isn't finished and looks really poor (check out the scene in Sonic's home, some of the VFX is really bad, note the tyre that Sonic stands on when he plays ping pong).


    The design looks better, maybe even great... But the movie?

  5. So for this years Halloween I wanted to make something a little different, I decided to make a live action spooky short movie. 


    Night of the Living Tails Doll starts off as a typical youtube unboxing video, but then as the sun goes down, the plush comes to live and looks for it's next victim. 


    This is the first time I've attempted to make a short film like this, normally I just film 'presenting' style hence why the lighting isn't amazing at one point.

    The short was filmed over a number of nights during October and 1 week in September for the daytime scenes.


    In terms of production values (LOL!), I more or less filmed every scene on my own, there are 1 or 2 shots where I had to ask a 2nd person to either hold a light or move the camera where it was impossible for me to do so without building some elaborate contraption to pull off the intended effect.


    So I hope you enjoy this, and hey it's a live action Sonic movie that you don't have to pay for!

  6. 4 hours ago, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    And Sega all stars tennis now  I'm fruitlessly wishing anyway.

    I can say for certain that the story mode for that game never left the pen and paper stage (Least I'm 90% sure it didn't).

    ASRT had a few interesting things that have yet to be found, but we're mainly talking about weapon/items and alternative rules for track transformations.

  7. On 8/10/2019 at 7:35 PM, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    Team crash racing I'm guessing.
    Little off topic there.

    To be on-topic, I get the feeling that Manual is trolling us. Not just with it casually dropping that huge bomb on Zavok's position with the Zeti out of nowhere, but check Metal Sonic's "DOES HE HAVE ULTERIOR MOTIVES TO RACE???" cliffhanger text in his description. Aww, cute, the manual is pretending Metal Sonic has something to do in ths game.

    Old post but...

    I'd say the manual isn't trolling.

    The game was made by Sumo Digital and they normally do put stories into their games and have a lot of story elements planned even if they don't make it to the final release.


    Case in point would be Sega Superstars Tennis which did have a story written up for it, but I don't think it was ever released.

    ASRT also had a ton of creative assets cut from the game just a few months before release (a completely alternative sticker set and other graphics for a few things). Some of these did get released but not very well documented.

    So whoever wrote the manual probably was working off a older brief which got changed mid development.

  8. 23 hours ago, Strong Guy said:

    Okay so I haven't watched the video, but I do have this image of a classic Sonic and Knuckles costume. The Knuckles REALLY intrigued me since I love pink Knuckles.


    I think this is the same Knuckles that's in the thumbnail of that video. This picture was my header for a long time here. That said aside from this image and the one in that thumbnail, I have never heard of seen anything else about this elusive pink Knuckles mascot.

    I actually managed to find some video of this costume. It's extremely brief and it great quality.

    But it seems the Knuckles costume was used at some of the old Sega roadshows and would often be used at the more big profile one.

    One show in particular was the BBC Radio One Summer Roadshow event. 

    3 of the Sega busses turned up to that one including the Sonic, Tails and Knuckles mascot, the brief clip shows them dancing on stage. 


    I really need to get around to doing the 2nd sonic mascot vid.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Operationgamer17 said:

    “Apparently the movie is somewhat good. The french press has been very mixed, but opinions from the screening were more positive. “

    Pleasant surprise, huh?

    I'm taking it with a grain of salt...

    The surprise screening was supposed to be a double feature of Terminator 1 and Terminator 2, fans turned up and they showed Dark Fate. So they got to see it for free and were all Terminator fans anyway so... yeah... I think I'd like to see it for myself or wait for a few more outlets to publish.

  10. So the movie is out this week (UK). And there are a few reviews out.

    Basically, the French media got the wrong embargo date, so a lot of reviews from french sources... and the movie was shown at a Surprise screening yesterday, so a bunch of thoughts from that...

    There be LOADS of spoilers ahead.



    Every rumour and leak was real.

    John Connor is dead, he's killed in a bar close to the start of the movie.

    Skynet is no more, the new threat is Legion.

    The movie has been edited to greatly downplay John Connors role in the franchise. 

    The movie has been edited to now call Legions machines 'Terminators' originally they were called something else.


    Apparently the movie is somewhat good. The french press has been very mixed, but opinions from the screening were more positive. 

    Linda Hamilton is getting a lot of praise for her performance.


    So the one thing which keep popping up and this has my alarm bells ringing... The movie is being compared A LOT to the Force awakens, in that it feels like a re-telling of Terminator 1 and 2 in order to set up a new storyline. 

    So I hope this is a case of a re-telling like how Predators was a re-telling/sequel of the original Predator, and not a Force Awakens style of sequel/retelling.

  11. On 9/19/2019 at 6:38 PM, Teoskaven said:

    The devs are claiming this new Terminator game has been 6 years in development but considering they just announced it out of nowhere with a release window of less than 2 months for Europe (and slightly more for America, for some reason), i'm not optimistic at all.

    They're not technically lying.

    They announced both Terminator and Rambo at the same time, you can find evidence of this still online in places as well as their facebook.

    But I can actually remember seeing it, originally the game was entitled "Terminators" and it was due to release on the PS3 and Xbox 360. 

    ... ... So yeah, confidence levels should be extremely low for this.


  12. On 9/13/2019 at 2:16 AM, DabigRG said:

    What kinda fuckin weird, deep cut shit is that?

    Though of course it'd be in CD.

    This is why everybody needs to subscribe and click the bell on my YouTube channel =p


    But to address the topic. 

    It's not just powers and skills, there's also some personality traits, like apparently Sonic is a keen reader, whilst we rarely see this in the games, in the wider official media we certainly do see it.

    What I think happens is that... As time passes by, some people at Sega who don't directly work on the games, know and have seen that certain characters have certain powers and abilities as well as traits, they still believe these are active today, so when they get quizzed on 'how should Sonic be' they say "Well there's this... this and a this..." not knowing it's been retconned or just no longer used.

    Would explain a lot of the dialogue that the statue at Tokyo Joypolis says.

  13. So... I wasn't going to post my vid here but I accidentally improved the board image and you can clearly see the enitre board!

    I too struggled to see the entire board. For some reason zooming in via a web browser or even image tools blurs the image and its hard to make out even the bottom of the board...

    However... for some reason. After I rendered the vid, the sections where I zoom in is by using the pan tool on my video editor, and after rendering I realised thid had not reduced the image quality!

    So you can now clearly make out all the zones and even the boss cards!


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