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    Some highlights.

    * Sonic's jumping victory animation is intact and triggered by the player.

    * 50 rings doesn't trigger special stage ring, but special stages are there and totally different.

    * No enemies in the Star Light Zone.

    * Weird sped up music in GHZ 3. 

    * Demolition orb is in GHZ.

    * Spike Trap of Death in Spring Yard Zone. Looks like a horror to try and avoid.


    Video also includes beta content from Streets of Rage and a few other games too.

  2. On 5/7/2020 at 5:30 PM, Zaysho said:

    People who don't know what AIM was are too young to be on this message board. -shakes cane-

    There are people on this board who were not even born when this board was created but are old enough to legally make an account to reply to this thread.


    I hate everything about this revelation.

  3. 13 hours ago, Tarnish said:

    Do enlighten me, what part of what I said was made up? Are there mechanics of the game I somehow missed or misunderstood?

    How about the parts I quoted in which you completely lied at worst and totally mislead at best regarding the star system? 

  4. 2 hours ago, Tarnish said:

    So if you want a game that feels 25 years too late to the beat em up party, Streets of Rage 4 is for you.

    25 years ago I was at home playing the original trilogy on my Mega Drive.

    Not even 25 hours ago I was playing SOR 4 on my PS4, literally every single thing you've said is not only wrong it's borderline anti fanboy clownish. At worst it's comically misleading, and at best it's just completely wrong. That's how bad your statements are, they're fundamentally incorrect on every level.



    Thoughts on SOR 4, it's a really really good game, but... I prefer the 2nd one. Now this doesn't mean the game is bad, in fact it's REALLY good. The problem for me is my preference I prefer the art direction of the original trilogy to this one, I prefer the soundtrack of 2, I wish that the pickup button wasn't the weapon throw button. 

    I think that the game might be the superior SOR, if you play in co-op and your partner is really on the same wavelength as you, some of the combat possibilities I've seen are truly amazing, but even solo you can pull off some amazing combos and feel unstoppable. 

    For most people who played the original trilogy, either back on the original hardware or via modern collection releases, I think it's really going to come down to a preference as opposed to 'this is clearly inferior to this one'.


    But just to end by addressing one more nonsense claim....


    you can collect another [Star] during stage, if you can find it

    Isn't misleading people fun?

    This is literally only true for... Stage 1! Because they teach you how to use it and what it's for mid-way through that level! I've got to stage 6 so far yet I've made a point not to use these and you can easily find 3-4 stars on some stages. 

    The reason why they don't give you loads of them is because they make you invincible for a few seconds deal huge damage to multiple enemies in range... And the biggest thing that makes these so powerful unlike your special moves, they do not cost health when activated!

    Ever heard of this thing called game design? Yeah this is one of those things that's got you so rattled.

  5. 4 hours ago, batson said:

    Which years? Can I be bold and guess that you're either refering to the Adventure era or the Colors-Generations era?

    It's kinda obvious isn't it?

    You can't say that Adventure - Heroes was bad. 

    You'd also be really hard pressed to convince people that even Unleashed to Lost World was bad. Like, Unleashed wasn't the most amazing thing ever, but it showed they were going in the right direction, Generations was fantastic for the time, Lost World is just a bit meh.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Wraith said:

    Sonic Adventure's various campaigns reuse more assets from one another that it's actually not as ambitious an undertaking as it seems. It's an impressive technical showcase but it was also a game that made a lot of compromises to be finished inside of a year. If you were to remake Sonic's campaign from scratch you'd end up with most of the assets you need for the other parts. 

    That's true, it does re-use assets, but can you name a game which isn't from a first party Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft studio (even then I think you'd be pushing it), that comes close to being the modern equivalent of that?

    I think you'd even struggle to find a comparable game in terms of scope and scale from the year Adventure was released, let alone a modern game equivalent. 

  7. 17 hours ago, Raphael Martins said:

    Your arguments doesn't make sense. There are games with much more characters and voice actors than Sonic Adventure 1 nowadays. It doesn't make the games too expensive to make. 

    So I risk putting myself on the spot here by asking this but... What's considered an acceptable campaign length for a game these days? 6-8 hours?

    Can you please name some games which in recent years which have 4 playable characters which are actually unique in terms of gameplay and not just 'class' differences? Which all have a campaign that is the same or very close in length to the primary + 2 other characters that have equally unique gameplay and a slightly smaller campagin? 

    The closest I can think of is Yakuza and that isn't separate campaigns. 

    That's an example of the scale here, how many games go for that sense of scale at just something as basic as playable characters which have unique gameplay and campaigns? 

  8. 54 minutes ago, Raphael Martins said:

    Sonic Adventure remake could have expanded level design, better directed cutscenes and voice acting, better presented story, better design Adventure fields. I could be amazing!

    Except it won't.

    This is something I really need to talk about more and something that those who want it need to realise.

    Let's just hypothetically say that tomorrow Sega Announces a full on ground up Sonic Adventure Remake. 

    It is not going to be a 1 for 1 Sonic Adventure remake.

    Sonic Adventure was made to sell a console, just look at that game in terms of scale for the time. There's what... 6 different characters, each with near unique gameplay style. each with their own music themes and cues, each with their own unique cut-scenes each with their own voice actor, some have really unique level designs despite being based in the same location. 

    A full on 1 for 1 remake will be lucky enough to even be half of what the original is. 

    The closest thing in recent times we've had to an adventure game is Forces, technically 4 characters with unique gameplay (sorta) each with their own stages, music cues etc. But look at that game in terms of scale it doesn't even compare, most stages are over in barely 1 and a half minutes. Some are barely 60 seconds in length.

    The last game we had which came even remotely close to emulate the scale of SA1... was Sonic 06, and the only reason for that is due to the "Amigo" portions of certain stages.

    Does anyone, truly believe that Sega would risk a 1 for 1 remake in terms of scale for Sonic Adventure? 6 fully playable characters, each with their own storyline, unique gameplay? I'd wager you'd be lucky to get half that.

    I'd almost be willing to put money down that if Sega did decide to remake the game, they'd only focus on Sonic... Or... They would totally re-design the game ala a Resident Evil or FF7R route. So you have a Sonic storyline, which cuts to single levels in which you play as Tails and Knuckles... I don't even think you'd get Big or Gamma as much as I'd love a Gamma stage.

    Sega don't make games anymore to sell a console, nobody outside of Nintendo, some Sony first party studios and a few Microsoft studios. 

    I just cannot ever see Sega taking that risk to making a game in todays standards with the same scale.

  9. 37 minutes ago, Jango said:

    I too wonder why. Is almost as if they have something related to the Dreamcast era planned.

    So for those who don't know... which is probably nobody who still posts here, I used to write news articles for the site.

    I remember you doing this before for one of the Sumo Sonic Racing games, you were teasing loads of stuff and acting as if you had some kind of contact who was giving you information, and I used to question you on this and from what I recall, none of what you teased or hinted actually came to light or I might add has even come to life as being part of some kind of cut content. 

    So... Wanna actually reveal your source or justification for all these non hints you keep posting?

  10. 20 hours ago, Tarnish said:

    So once again, relying more on nostalgia than actually trying push the franchise forward. I mean the extra choices are nice, but if I wanted to have the SOR 2-3 experience, I'd go and play those games, Streets of Rage Remake, or the dozens of free Beats of Rage mods. Having the original sprites among the HD graphics just looks so out of place, and in any other game I bet they would get flack for it for being lazy asses. This game is still not really convincing me it's worth my money.

    Sorry but what kind of tosh hot take $10 youtuber nonsense is this? 

    This isn't a case of a simple sprite swap on the pre existing characters, they're had to re-code and redesign an entire new cast for the game based on the previous three titles and even create new movesets to account for the new combat system in the 4th game which itself is running off an entirely different programming language let alone game engine.

    And we're calling them lazy asses because the art style doesn't look that right since it's based off the older 16bit sprite designs?


  11. On 4/7/2020 at 1:18 PM, Jack at Home said:


    I do find it funny that this video instead of debunking SA1R rumors, it reinforces them despite trying the opposite.

    But the video does actually reinforce the idea that there's an "Adventure-something" coming, otherwise what the hell is coming?

    "Your video reinforces the idea that a Sonic Adventure Remake is coming, because we have no idea what is coming... so it must be a Sonic Adventure Remake."

    ... ... ....

    There used to be a snooker table in this pub.

    I mean... How do I respond to this... you literally admit multiple times in your reply that my comments are right, that everything people say points to an adventure remake is false, baseless and... doesn't mean anything.. I just.. How can even come to the conclusion that it reinforces the rumours lol?

    On 4/7/2020 at 5:30 PM, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    Every animated cartoon so far was to directly tie-in with a specific game in stores, Mania and Team Sonic racing.
    The Chao in space video is the only one that doesn't directly advertise a relevant game.

    The obvious explanation... 

    it's not tied to a game, it's tied to popular movies and even a Christmas film. Like I said in the video, it's paralleling star wars. The chao in space segments contain pretty much multiple story elements from Star Wars, what big film was released a few days after? Star Wars.

    However it also has a subplot of Eggman trying to steal the christmas gifts. Which in itself is a mini parallel to The Grinch, he's even dressed in a Santa suit.

    Not everything has to be tied to a game.

  12. Ok so... that bus I mentioned on the previous page.

    This one.

    I said it wasn't possible to track in real time... well... IT IS!


    Enter the registration plate... LTZ1764 

    The site will now tell you where the bus is!

    I've tried it and whilst I can verify it. It does seem to work!

    It even shows that the bus is registered as being the "Sonic" Bus!



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