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  1. 5 hours ago, Red said:

    The UK Toy Fair is today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone) so we may possibly get a look at Movie Sonic soon. No doubt they're going to market the shit out of the movie with as many toys as possible.

    I actually have a pass to attend that, but can't afford to go... sad times.

    Chances are if there are Sonic movie toys, you won't see them, certainly not if they're in controlled areas.

  2. 3 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    Oh wait, is THAT what the implication is supposed to be?

    Cause from the way the game frames it, Infinite was just a sadistic dick getting off of how terrified Buddy was.

    That's the conclusion I get.

    Like I say in my video. Forces is a mess, it witholds key information and presents vital information which is contradictory to what the player sees currently in the moment.

    For example. We see during buddy's flashback that infinite let's him live, Infinite does say something like 'tell everyone what happened here.'

    Now think back to the beginning of the game. One of the characters mentions how something (we realise later it must be infinite) has everyone terrified and their losing their will or something.

    A line which is very similar to the one Infinite will give much later in the game. And it would make the 6 month war much easier for Eggman if he has a way to make people run away before he even turns up, with tales of how someone was able to wipe them all out who made all these demonic like illusions.

    But also I just think it makes more sense for them to juxtapose Eggmans forces by having Infinite as a psychological weapon.

    You have Eggman who is the sledgehammer. Giant robots, smashing stuff, breaking things.

    Then you have Infinite. Yeah we see. Some physical stuff, and there's that laser beam on the soldiers.

    But the majority of his powers involve warping reality and creating illusions, we later find out that all these illusions are not real, but because their minds believe it's real, the illusions can hurt them as if they were.


  3. So I'm currently making a 1 hour 30min long documentary video on Tails in Sonic Forces (don't ask how it got to that length it just did).

    But in part of it I talk about Infinite.

    Infinite is a pretty stupid character and villain, pretty much what everyone else has said... he's over dramatic, a complete push over in battles, terrible backstory (and really, this is only something the hardcore fans bother with).


    But in my video analysis of Tails, at one point I started to look at the 6 month war, and wanted to know how devastating it was, I realised that Sonic Forces is really bad at conveying information to the player, key and vital information is given out much later in the game and this information is often undermined by the actions of the characters and events of the game.

    In the case of the 6 month war and it's impact on the population, there is a lot the game withholds from the player, we don't even know exactly what kind of resistance Eggman faced after he captured Sonic. For instance, did Eggman just steamroll or was it a long drawn out slowly loosing battle for the Resistance? 

    Well... regardless as to what kind of war you think it was, Infinites role in this is quite scary. 

    Whilst Eggman is the hammer, he builds giant machines and destroys everything on a physical level. Infinite wrecks havoc with the minds of the resistance. There's tons of small references that people are just loosing the will to fight and how something is causing them to panic and run. 

    We later see how Infinite's main tactic against resistance is to wipe out all but one survivor and let them run away and tell the story of what happened, that's quite cruel and a very powerful psychological weapon.

    We see how Infinite can warp reality which completely renders trained soldiers useless. Infinite as a weapon is a powerful psychological force for terror, he cripples the will of the resistance as well as being able to just outright destroy them.


    ... ... It's just a shame that this is all under cut by his melodramatic delivery and the fact he throws cubes at people for the majority of the game.


  4. Edit: Teaser Trailer revealed!



    So it seems that a new Ghostbusters movie is in production. Only it's not a sequel to the recent reboot, but a sequel to the 1984 verse.

    It's being directed and written by Jason Reitman who is the son of the late Ivan Reitman, yup the actor who played Egon and directed the original 1984 movie.

    The movie will be set in the present day, but is described as a sequel to the events of the 80s movies and will not be a sequel to the recent reboot.

    Movie will be released around 2020.



    (The animated Ghosbusters movie is still happening and is due for release after this one).


  5. Decided to do another one of these and decided to look at a really obscure subject. All the various Sonic stage shows/plays.

    Why did I do this? Well... in the research for my last video, the one about the Mascot costumes, I stumbled on a very obscure stage show that I've never seen anyone talk about.


    In 2003, Sega of Japan held a Sonic Party, think Summer of Sonic or Sonic Boom but on a much smaller scale. Well at this event there was a stage show called 'Sonic & the curse of the vinta vs sonic velocity machine!' Holy monkey!

    Sadly, there's no video of it, but there are a handful of pictures and accounts of the plot, so I decided to look more into it as well as some of the other sonic shows that Sega have done. 

    During this time I also uncovered video of the Sally costume from Sega World Sydney and some footage of Sonic dancing at Sega World which is almost certainly the routine used in the show.


    As before, any feedback on my videos/stuff I can improve on, do better, would really appreciate. 

  6. BUMP!

    So I wasn't sure whether to post this or not, but figured.... this is the closest we'll get at the moment until someone uploads something better.

    I've been working on a new documentary/retrospective on the various Sonic stage shows that Sega have done over the years, so of course the Sega World Sydney stuff was in there. 


    Well... When I was looking for Sega World Sydney footage I found some really interesting pieces of video. One of which I uploaded last night as part of a teaser for my project... At the time I thought 'Heh Sonic dancing, this is funny' so I slapped a bit of audio from the Sonic Live in Sydney show on top of it.

    This is that teaser...

    Then after I uploaded it I watched it on repeat a few times... and then I looked at the original source that the video came from found out the rough date it was filmed and went 'holy shit!'

    *Dancing Sonic is at around 3:20

    This is from a segment of a TV show called 'Healthy, Wealthy and Wise' A show which ran up until 1998. When did the show change to a puppet show? According to reports, after the 1997 season.

    Meaning it's almost certain that this was filmed in 1997. The first year Sega World opened.


    Now look at the move that the performer does, aside from some standing moves, he actually goes into what is called a Pique Turn (I had to do them during my Drama days)...

    Check out this.


    Now, this Sonic mascot, does pretty much what the Ballet dancer does. Watch the clip again.

    1: The performer raises their arms.

    2: They bend their arms slightly.

    3: They cross their legs.

    4: They turn using the momentum from the crossed leg.

    But the key thing... the key thing they do which all dancers do which a lot of people who just 'spin' don't do...

    5: They keep their head fixed until the last moment.

    Point 5 is vital to performing multiple spins without getting dizzy, if you cannot do this, you'll loose your balance and fall over. That's why if you've ever spun around on the spot, after about 3 or 4 spins you feel really dizzy. But dancers do that head trick and they can do tons without feeling the effects.

    if this were just any performer in the costume and had to do a spin, odds are they would not do that but the Sonic mascot does. Add up that to all the other movements the mascot does and compare it to the professional dancer.... Its the same bloody dance move!


    This performer was a dancer from the dance show! This is part of the routine used in that show! What I bet happened is during the filming, the crew asked if the performer could do something interesting for some filler footage, so the performer did part of his dance routine from that show! 


    For full disclosure, that's my video... now if a mod wants to move this to showcase, go ahead... but.... Why I'm posting this in SGD is because... I'm actually quite shocked at how much there is here of this piece of Sonic history and how poorly documented it is in some cases.

    For over 27 years now, Sega have used official mascot costumes to help promote their games whilst you're probably familiar with the two modern Sonic ones which normally go to fan events and E3, you are probably not as familiar as the one off used Eggman, Cream or Werehog costume.

    There's also a 1995 Classic Knuckles costume.... which only 1 photo exists of. Surely someone somewhere has another image of this!? 

    Another thing I learnt whilst doing this... is due to Sega's structure back in the 90's... With Sega of Japan, Sega of America... and virtually every Country in Europe having it's own office, each region of Sega 'Europe' e.g. Sega London, Sega Italy , Sega Germany... All made their own costumes! And some were comically bad! The 1992 German costume is utterly horrendous. Yet the only media of it comes from an internal marketing video.... despite there being 50 costumes in the video!

    We've got people here from all over the world, and I bet that in some of your regional videogame magazines, some of these lesser known costumes were used as promotional images in them. So lets find them and document them!


    Check out the video if you're interested and want to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes. Because I bet there's more out there and I bet there's more and better video of some of these costumes. I can't believe there is only 4 seconds of the Sonic Adventure costumes and no footage at all of the Eggman costume.

  8. 45 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Why would/should have Sonic been the exception the unwritten rule that cartoons don't work in movies like this? 


    10 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Paramount chose this direction for a reason. And it was a decision that was informed by their past successes.

    Anyone else spot how the argument just ever so subtly changed once I pointed out the real reasons why movies fail?

    Yet if we didn't limit it to Paramount Animation which has only existed for 7 years, suddenly we're very limited and can't bring in the numerous examples of where cartoons have worked in movies?

  9. 26 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying. And how could I be wrong? If I am wrong, how come it has never been attempted before in any movie? Why would/should have Sonic been the exception the unwritten rule that cartoons don't work in movies like this? 

    Because your argument is only right if you completely simplify it to the point of explaining it to toddlers or someone who doesn't understand what makes a good movie.

    You're whole stance, which you've now just admitted is 'Sonic must look realistic, because otherwise people don't like it, look at all other movies to prove I'm right.'

    So the reason why therefore the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie failed is because the characters didn't fit in with the real world setting? 

    It had nothing to do with the following...

    • The script.
    • The acting
    • The jokes.
    • The plot.
    • Sound design.
    • Costume design.
    • Direction.
    • Cinematography.
    • Editing.

    Now apply that to any other movie which meets your criteria.

    It's completely nonsense argument. And even if you were adamant that it was that, I can name a good chunk of movies in which it has worked exactly like that, even to your parody extreme with the 'cartoon artstyle.'

    It's like how some people think that all you need in a game to make it good is a good story and that Gameplay is a minor thing. 

  10. Just now, PeterPancake said:

    Nobody is going to take a cartoon seriously in a story about loneliness, despair and friendship. In a story with high-speed action and stakes. They are two completely different mediums that do not mesh. 

    Isn't that the plot for the Secret of Nimh which is a cartoon? Same for An American Tale?

    Plague Dogs.

    Watership Down. 

  11. 10 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    Says the fact that it's never never been done before. Roger Rabbit is nothing like ET, Earth to Echo, Bumblebee or Super 8. Having a cartoon as the central character in any of these movies would have been detrimental to the tone and story they were trying to establish. 

    Can I just see if I understand this right?

    Your entire argument is... "Sonic must look realistic because nobody will take him seriously if he looks like a cartoon in a live action film, my evidence of this is every other film which has had a live action cartoon hybrid."

    Even then I'm not sure what you mean by cartoon.

  12. 14 minutes ago, PeterPancake said:

    And if anything, the fan backslash that might make them even more curious. They'll want to see what all of the fuss is about. 

    Nobody has ever ever ever done this.

    If you are not a fan of something. Why on earth would you be interested or go looking for what fans of something have to say.

    Also you keep harping on about 'people outside will like It.'

    Where are these people? Because I'm looking at places outside of the Sonic fansites, reddit and social circles. It isn't a positive response so far, it's overwhelming negative.

    Where is this mass of people who find this poster appealing?


    So far, the only other person I've seen other than you who genually likes what they've seen so far, is the Sonic Adventure 3 admin... Lol.

  13. So with all the 'hype' surrounding Silent Green Hill Sonic... We missed a trailer.



    So this is odd, the parallels to superman are clear for all to see, but instead of the boy growing up 'good' he's bad and becomes twisted by his powers. They've not said if it is an official DC/Elseworlds movie, and I don't think they can due to licenses, but... well... there it is.

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