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  1. Having played Mania Plus for a while now.

    I have to say...

    IGN were 100% right with their score for the DLC.

    1. PaddyFancy


      What did IGN say about the DLC?

    2. Conando


      Can you play as Mighty and Ray in Mania mode too?

    3. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Not tried yet, but I guess it's possible.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Yes, you can. They aren't exclusive to Encore Mode.

      The biggest parts of the DLC are the two new playable characters and the team system of Encore Mode. The stages are only very slightly remixed (and often look unpleasant with the new colours), so the new mode in itself doesn't add tons to the game. For a fiver it's fair and good value, but it's not much of an expansion. I'd say a 7 or 7.5/10 for the DLC is about right. 

    5. Conando


      Yeah, sounds fair.

    6. TheOcelot


      For the dlc alone 7/10 is  a fair score.

      For the full packaged (physical release content, Mania mode & Encore mode etc) I'd give it at least 9/10.

    7. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Ok so I'm now up to lava reef...

      I think 7/10 might even be too generous.


      The problem is that Encore mode which as someone who went straight into because I'd already beaten Mania, Encore mode is just boring.


      Other than the giant rings being in other locations, what's the difference?

      Yeah 'that boss is great and the new level transitions are nice, and the fact you are effectively playing as all 5 characters makes it feel like a real adventure.


      But the mode itself just lacks anything new or exciting, the original surprise moments that the original brought isn't here.

      And a lot of the new level pallet colours just don't look nice.


      Ray is an absolute joy to play as though, Mighty is... ehhhh 


      Encore mode is basically... remember how in the mid 2000s everyone was making Rom hacks which were "I made the green hill blue" pallet swaps.


      That's... what Encore mode feels like. It feels like it may have been a tiny bit over-hyped for what it is.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Perhaps the most disappointing thing about Encore Mode is that the bosses are completely unchanged. The new boss is actually part of the update and applies to Mania Mode, so it's not even part of Encore Mode.

      The last they could have done was change the arenas to make the bosses require a different strategy, even if the boss AI didn't change. 

  2. Non spoiler Mania status...



    1. TheOcelot


      Use the left and right buttons to control Ray's ascent and descent.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Most people played Super Mario World

    3. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      Most people in our generation did, maybe.

      Not the current one.

  3. If you could all re-tweet this so I can get a Sonic Mania Plus Press Kit... 

    That would put a smile on my face :)


  4. My copy of Mania plus is here!

  5. I just ordered Sonic Mania Plus...

    The Japanese version, and discovered that in you pay Amazon in Japanese YEN, they lower the price by another £5!

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      That's crazy. One would think it would be the opposite, pay more

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Whaaat?? I’ve been wanting to get the Japanese version so this is amazing to hear!

    3. TheOcelot



      I also ordered the Jp version via "CDJapan" today. Forturnately I had earned "points" which I used to reduce the price also by about £5.

  6. The ride never ends!

    Time to bump up the Aliens Colonial Marines thread!

  7. <Tweet>

    Oh you don't think we can make Tails anymore funny looking!?


    Well feast your eyes on this!


    1. Pelvic WOO! engine
    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Tails got chubby since Forces

  8. The other day I was playing a multiplayer game.


    Suddenly a dude starts sending me tons of abuse because I kept killing him.


    Checked the guys profile and found a YouTube link.

    Turns out we a wannabe streamer.


    Anyway, I reported the abuse to Sony.


    His newest video is. "I Got banned from the PSN!"


    My reaction can be summarise from 0:49 of this video.


  9. Sonic Forces is now only £10 in Tesco.

  10. (Tweet)

    This is what happened when Disney Housekeeping noticed I had a Sonic Plush in my hotel room...


    1. Stritix


      Or maybe it's actually possessed?

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @Stritix Now we know where the Tails Doll from SomeCallMeJohnny went after all these years :D!

    3. Osmium


      They actually did the same with a Tails plush I had a few years back

  11. I think Aaron Webber might be a fictitious person or an artificial intelligence.


    Think about it.


    We never see him or the Sonic Twitter account in the same room.


    We never actually see either of them eat a cheese cake.


    And neither one of them have ever been around to your house!

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Badnik Mechanic
    3. RedFox99


      Do you want cheese cake?

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      But that's just a theory.


      A Reality Theorytm.

                     This isn't a Game.

    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      You think this a game!?

  12. Some of you who follow me on Facebook already know but...


    My cat Freckle, known to a lot of you as Merch Kitty passed away yesterday morning.


    She was over 20 human years old and I'm going to miss her a lot.

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Sorry for your loss.

    2. Fletch


      I'm really sorry for your loss... 

    3. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I saw. And I’m sorry to hear :(

    4. Kiah


      Oh I thought she was doing better... I’m sorry for your loss. 

    5. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Sorry for the loss of your companion...

      20 years old is pretty old for a cat though.

    6. Zaysho


      You have my condolences, Hogfather. Losing a pet hurts, but at least she lived a good, long life.

    7. Milo


      I'm sorry to hear about Merch Kitty's passing. You have my condolences.

  13. So now that Jim Carrey is in talks to play as Eggman.


    Can we finally drop the idea that Eggman is a serious villain?



    1. The Master

      The Master


      "Well at least I tried."

    2. Ferno


      b-but forces

      then again infinite was created because sonic team thought eggman couldn't be taken seriously enough to conquer the world

      ..too bad they team-rocket-ified eggmans image with orbot and cubot

  14. So hard...

    So hard.

    The movie will bomb.

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Heavy and Bomb confirmed

    2. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      Hoping and praying it does. Good grief... 

    3. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      It won't, don't worry.

      Because movies flop, they don't bomb XD

  15. <tweet>

    Guys... I'm at Disney World...

    I think I've found evidence that a Disney Dark Souls game would totally work.


    1. Bloxxerboy


      What would the “You Died” look like?

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic


      "You stopped believing"

  16. Script is fake mon

  17. If it wasn't for Banjo man and the huge break.... This would have been an incredible if not very short conference.

  18. Ok conference is awesome again.

    Praise be to RE2.

  19. This is without doubt the worst E3 conference of all time.


    When considering the line-up it should be the best.


    This staging idea is utterly dreadful

  20. Conference Thoughts:

    It was a good one, but... lots of the games shown are also on PS4 and Switch. 

    They should have done what Sony normally does. Start with the multi format stuff and have the last hour as system exclusive content.

  21. You know it's bad when even the rent a crowd doesn't cheer Gears Pop.

  22. Having a crappy day.

    A really really crappy day.

    1. E-122-Psi


      What's happened?

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      You and me both bud. What eating you, Gilbert Grape?

    3. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      I can't, I want to talk to someone but I just can't.

    4. PaulyBFromDa303


      Understandable if you don't want to talk to any of us. But don't bottle it up for too long. That's not healthy for anybody

  23. So my city just got hit by a 3.9 earthquake.

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Are you ok??

    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Despite all the other shit I'm going through right now.

      Yeah this is fine.

    3. Kiah


      I remember when Virginia got hit with a 5.8 earthquake back in 2011...scary stuff. 

      Hope you and everyone else is okay. 

    4. MightyRay


      Glad you're O.K. and nothing was badly damaged. Still it's pretty scary seeing everything wobble around.

    5. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic



      The way things are with me right now. Probably wouldn't care if I got hurt.

    6. Kiah


      I don’t know what’s going on with you but I hope things get better. 

      In the meantime you really shouldn’t resort to unnecessary passive aggressiveness and a lack of appreciation for those showing concern for you. 

  24. Lol Just Cause 4 has just been leaked!


    1. Blacklightning


      Yay yet another identical "blow shit up" sandbox with more land than actual content


    2. Polkadi~☆


      so can we expect actual content this time

  25. <tweet>

    Oh guys.

    Sonic X Stretch Armstrong is now a thing.


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