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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkenRXh1odg

    So the guy who reveled a screen from the cancelled PSP game Sonic Origins has revealed details surrounding another cancelled Sonic PSP title called Sonic: The Shadow World.

    The game never made it past pitch state. But from what we get from the pitch is that the game was pitched by Climax and described the game as being the polar opposite to what is normally found in a Sonic game.

    The plot is that Sonic becomes trapped in the Shadow World (which is home to Sonic' nemesis Shadow (yes THAT Shadow)) and must escape.

    Instead of lush green tropical lands, lava and dead trees would surround the player. Sonic would battle creatures not badniks.

    Multiple modes planned.

    Shadow & Sonic playable.

  2. Just over a week ago I uploaded a video about the history of Sega World London, (see here)

    It contained a bunch of new information about the park including some newly discovered old footage from inside and even some of the advertisements for the park in some of the underground tube stations.

    The video has been passed around quite a lot and it's triggered a few people to come out and share some new information including one amazingly cool find..

    There has always been a question as to what happened to the giant Sonic statues that were scattered around the park, one of them is now with Sega Amusements and has since been repainted. But the others have always been a bit of a mystery.

    Well... the most iconic of the statues, the one with Sonic balancing a globe on his finger has been found!

    I don't have permission to say who the owners are, but apparently it's been with this company since the park closed and the statue was removed, just sitting in an office back room all this time. Obviously Sonic is currently doing his paperwork of playing a very good game of hide and seek which is why there's not a better image.

    But that's another statue off the list! The Sega World London Globe statue has been found and is living a happy life doing paperwork!

  3. So if you're feeling brave...

    When I was researching for that video... I looked at a lot of games which have had Tails in since Generations and I have noticed that they're trying to change a lot of the mainline cast to be more supportive and not just be a Sonic in another colour.

    I can't remember everything I said in that video since it's getting on for a year old now, but from what I remember when I looked into his character.

    When you look at what was going on in Sonic Adventure, they clearly portrayed him as a character who was trying to step out of his best friends shadow and stand on his own. Which was fine. A lot of games and secondary media until them had portrayed him as that. 

    Now SA2 is an odd one, because the big belief is that originally he wasn't to be in that game (or at the least not very much at all), but it's kinda a continuation of what happens in Adventure, then we get the moment at the end of the game when he thinks Sonic has died and battles Eggman that a lot of his fans think is amazing.

    The problems start in Heroes, both Tails and Knuckles start to become on par with Sonic in terms of their abilities in, they're also on par with Sonic now... but have all their additional benefits, like Tails being an inventor and computer programmer. The example in the video I give... Imagine there's a scenario where Eggman attacks in an airship, and Tails is around with his plane... If you think how he was post Heroes and Pre-Generations, there's the question of "Why are we waiting for Sonic? When Tails can easily handle this?"

    And this goes on for several games, then around the time Generations comes out, stuff starts to change for all the characters, but with Tails specifically things seem more drastic. Tails seems more towards the technical support and tactician rather than the go to hero. 

    For me at least that's fine.


    I know a lot of people dislike Tails in Sonic Lost World, but... I actually think his portrayal in that game is really good. Aside from the one or two howlers, Tails is always active in the support role here, he's using his abilities to benefit the mission, even when he's captured he uses his abilities to try and escape. 

    Now with Forces.... That game is a mess, for me it feels like they tried and then dropped an angle for the character but didn't try to re-write it. But in the initial opening section, there is still a hint of the positive aspects they've tried to do with him and you even see Sonic gesture to Tails to not get involved in the battle. Tails was really to get involved but Sonic said no.

    The issues come afterwards, it can be explained with what's in there, but... Forces is a mess.

  4. On 6/23/2019 at 9:04 AM, BuzzyLee said:

    Oh, guys. I don't know where to ask help and how to create a new topic. Found only this. I have three debts on academic papers in College. The teacher assigned me to write these papers in the summer, that is now.. I don't want to waste time. Have you ever used custom essay writing service? I need your feedback and recommendations. I was in a panic!

    There's a piece of software called TurnItIn which is used by almost every college and University worth their salt.

    It can spot this kind of plagiarism a mile off.

    And I know this to be true because aside from running my own papers, disserations, reports and even computer code through it...

    Paying for an essay from these places is a bad idea since the irony is, the more they do, the more likely the plagiarism software can and will detect it.



    But out of curiosity. What's are the papers on? Might as well try and salvage something constructive from all this.

  5. During the 20th anniversary, Sega really went all out to promote Sonic. If you were around these forums back then, you'll remember how crazy it was, every day it felt like something new was announced or leaked. 

    They even held various events all over the world, most of these were basically conventions or parties such as Summer of Sonic and Sonic Boom, but then you had the really odd ones like the skateboarding event 'Generations of Skate.'

    But there was one event which was held in the UK during May of 2011 which barely got any attention even back then, and in the 8 years since the event was held... Absolutely no new information has come to light... Until last week.


    So in a nutshell... 

    Run Sonic Run was a mini 5k Sonic themed marathon held in London during 2011. There was both a kids race and an adults race held, according to Sega, 500 kids took part in the first race from over 10 schools in the local area.

    Apparently Sega did have plans to hold more events like this throughout the UK. In the video I looked at the photos carefully and noticed that they did have multiple banners for this, so it probably wasn't just a one off thing, they did invest quite a bit into this which does suggest they really were looking into doing more.

    But the new information came last week. Several Run Sonic Run Goodie bags were sold at an internal Sega charity event and I was lucky enough to get one. 

    This event actually had it's own branded merch, and in the video I do spot the merch in one of the photos.


    Here we have a 20th anniversary event, which had over 500 people take part in, which gave away free branded merch... and for over 8 years there's barely any information online about it. The Sega Blogs who originally hosted the story are long deleted, even the predominant wiki pages like Sonic Retro and the Sonic fandom wiki don't have any mention of it.

    So since 8 years have passed and some of the people who went on this are now likely in college or about to start uni... I have to ask. Did anyone here actually go to this? Or knows someone who did?

    Just that I can't believe it's been 8 years and all we have are 4 low quality photos and then 8 years later the first images and video or the bags which were given away, we don't even know what was inside the bags or what actually happened at this event other than the race itself.


  6. So I've been.... very busy...

    I created an hour long analysis of the game. I decided to take a really deep look at this game because on the one hand I think it's a really great game with some amazing design choices, then on the other there's choices which leave me baffled.

    I cover the team based mechanics, why they work and why they work really well both in terms of execution and how they're communicated and explained to the player without the need for text based explanations.

    I talk a lot about the tracks, I think I've figured out why some tracks seem really dull compared to others, when I discuss Sky Road I talk a lot about how that game just seems to lack any movement or life in the stage, on the other hand there is the incredible Boo's House which is just a masterclass in making a track, it's got tons of life, has a narrative running through it and is one of the few tracks in this game which doesn't feel like a raceway.

    That's a big problem I think this game has compared to the others, almost every track in this game feels like a race course was built in a zone. Opposed to ASRT which had courses that felt like the racers were the intruders, or racing around an event that wasn't a race.

    There's quite a lot I go over, I know I sound a bit negative on the game but... The core aspect of TSR is really really good. 

    And I don't think that the game on the whole is a victim of poor design, because there's so much in it which is designed VERY well, such as how the team play is communicated non verbally and how Boo's House has an amazing hidden story running through it. They clearly had the talent to do some very special things here, but it feels like either their scope was limited or they had a very limited budget to do what they did with ASRT.

    I bring up the big legacy problem that TSR currently has, that being, even if you add another 15 characters to the game, who cares? Part of the excitement for new DLC in ASRT was finding out the All Star move of a new character, in TSR everyone shares the same ultimate, it's like if you added a new character to a fighting game and they shared the same finisher... Why would you care as much?


  7. Plot spoilers.... these come from multiple people who claim to have attended test screenings... Source is... All over YouTube.



    Set after T2. Basically, the events of T2 successfully wiped out Skynet, there is no Skynet anymore.

    But a new Ai takes over called 'Legion'. They send a terminator back in time to 1998 who manages to kill John Connor! Apparently Connor is killed when he is still a boy, they said that apparently Edward Furlong's face is digitally placed onto another actor.

    Now a new potential resistance leader emerges in the form of the girl we see in the trailer. The rev 9 is the new terminator who goes back in time to kill the girl, there is however a new human resistance who is able to send back the lady to protect her who is an augmented human.



  8. So I'm just doing a new video which is a VERY in-depth analysis of the game, and I was looking for some stock footage and came across the E3 trailer again...

    Can we just talk about how terrible the marketing for this game was early on.

    I mean... This was the e3 2018 trailer!


    They don't show...

    ANY of the team play mechanics, absolutely none. that's tons of gameplay and opportunities to show off why this game was different to all the other racers out there and none of it is shown.

    Only 1 weapon is shown in action and it misses the target.

    They only show one mid air trick, and they actually cut the footage to a new racer so the effect is lost.

    No drifting ingame is shown which results in a speed boost.

    The Team Ultimate move isn't shown in game, only via a cg sequence.


    And this was the main trailer that they showed for months. It's not bloody wonder people thought this game looked dull when the marketing was this bad for months before they had SXSW and finally started to show it off properly.

  9. 14 hours ago, Eurisko said:

    Anyone having issues getting the adventure mode key for Chapter 4 stage 5. I’ve done all the requirements but won’t give me the key. 

    EDIT: It has just randomly given me the key. No idea what’s gone on there. 

    If you haven't beaten the stage yet. The game already progresses back to the map.

    But if you have beaten the stage. Even if you get new stars or keys you need to quit to the map after the race in order for the keys and stars to unlock.

  10. So I'm writing up a more detailed analysis of Team Sonic Racing... and when looking at the tracks I noticed something about Boo's house which makes me like the track even more.

    Basically, the track mirrors a classic horror movie set in Egypt. 

    Click to see the full explanation but here is the abridged version.

    In Boo's house, the racers start outside the pyramid, they break in and one thinks they see a ghost (First racer always see's Boo, then Boo hides behind a pillar).

    The team explore the entrance one discovers a tunnel to another chamber. The team enter it.

    There is no way back the way they came, the route constantly descends further down, deeper into the pyramid.

    On the way evil spirits try to stop them (ghost hallway).

    King Boom Boo also tries to stop them (he occasionally pops up and mocks you).

    Eventually the team make it to the final chamber, face King Boom Boo... Open a portal and return to the surface.

  11. 16 minutes ago, Teoskaven said:

    I'll most definetly get the PS4 version. Hopefully this means the framerate is more stable, i remember that being one major problem of the original release.
    The cool thing is that for the italian dub of the game they actually called the specific voice actors of the movies (minus the one of Peter, who sadly had passed away one year prior the game's release), so the argument that this is the unofficial third Ghostbusters sequel is more than true even for me.

    I think at the time, graphically the Xbox 360 version was by far the superior title. Graphically at least.

    PS3 version was missing a lot of particle effects and was prone to hard crashing online.

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