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  1. For those who are still having trouble with the side missions.

    I did most of them in this stream. Time stamps are as follows.

    Destruction Stage 5-10 7:23 (Here I show a way to absolutely cheese the stage, pretty much a guaranteed platinum medal.

    Ring Challenge Stage 1-6 10:00 (Here I explain the 'snaking' drift method which makes ring challenges much easier, as well as air drift moves to get more rings + time.

    Ring Challenge Stage 2-6 15:20 (I explain in a lot of details how to beat this stage, and show you can beat it even if you make A LOT of mistakes.)

    Ring Challenge Stage 2-2 19:18 (This one takes me a few attempts, I explain in a few laps how to do it including how to drift between rings to pick up double the amount, you can see my route never changes, it's just a case of practice)

    Ring Challenge Stage 3-3 32:00 (Quite a difficult one, follow my route, and take my advice in the later attempts about not pulling air tricks.)

    Ring Challenge Stage 5-8 43:57 (Takes a few attempts, all about mastering the drifts on this one).

    Ring Challenge Stage 7-9 58:00 (Quite hard, took me a good few attempts, the route is easy, but you have to be quite accurate in the pyramid at the start).


    Daredevil Stage 1-5 1:13:30 (It's quite easy if you strictly follow the route I take).

    Daredevil Stage 3-4 1:20:30 (There are 4 possible routes you can take, the route I take is the easiest, but it will take you a few attempts to get the red then yellow zones right.)

    Daredevil Stage 4-8 1:35:15 (It's actually not that hard, there is one section which is tricky due to a hidden dash pad right by the checkpoint, do it on my first attempt.)

    Daredevil Stage 5-3 1:41:00 (This is the easiest daredevil stage, you can completely lose your multiplier near the end and you'll still do it. But you MUST hit the red checkpoint before the balloon bounce. Otherwise you'll lose your multiplier, I do this one twice just to show how easy it is.)

    Daredevil Stage 6-9 1:46:20 (The hardest Daredevil mission in the game, takes me a VERY long time to beat it. The route barely changes so skip to the last 3 runs and you can see which route I take and how I eventually do it.)


    Hope some of you find this useful

  2. So I'm probably going to do a follow up review/analysis of this game..

    I still really like it, but it does have a lot of issues which do harm the game in the long run, most of the stuff are little things which just so happen to be very annoying, e.g. no music selection, whilst this isn't much of an issue in normal races... Dear lord it's horrible in time trial mode, or the side missions... the same song... over and over... and over.

    Not to mention the multiplayer waiting... some of which wouldn't be too bad if there was more feedback to the end user. 

    I can't decide if this is poor design or a consequence of the lower budget that was offered for this title. There's a bunch of other issues as well, it doesn't harm the gameplay, but it impacts the overall experience.  


    Also tonight at around 7pm GMT( around 1 hour 30min from now).

    I'm going to be streaming a bit of a masterclass to beat the side missions in this game. Noticed lots of people having problems but there's a few really good tricks you can do to almost guarantee beating them. 

    Going to show a bunch of tips and tricks for some of the stages that means you can pass them first try without any problems (no not just the eggpawn assault trick).

    I'll be doing it via YouTube so if you think you might find some use from this, be sure to subscribe/bell and tune in. I'm also likely to mess it up a few times so yeah there is that as well.

    In one of the stages for destruction there's an amazing exploit to beat that on the first try and I'll be showing some of the routes and tactics I use for the drifting challenges and ring capture challenges.

  3. 2 hours ago, Cortez said:

    Oh hey Climax Studios, it’s right above my work (wagamama), I often get some of the staff come in for lunch so it’s cool that they once pitched a Sonic game.


    How has it been 2 hours and nobody has asked you the obvious question which is probably a lot harder to do than it sounds?

  4. This guy runs a popular YouTube account which specialises in uncovering and archiving cancelled games and footage from scrapped builds of release games. 

    He claims that there are a few other images from this pitch.

    Who are Climax? I guess it's Climax studios, they were responsible for Silent Hill Shattered Memories and typically seem to make games based on other peoples licenses and IP's.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Polkadi~♪ said:

    and don't worry, you can still flee from these forums while you still can :V

    Oh I'm still going to be a member here and joining in with the discussions, just that all the energy I put into my articles will be going to other avenues.

    *Looks left*

    Ohhhh I'm a red now.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Legendary Emerald said:

     This means only $111 dollars has been raised from outside sources thus far, unless there are even more FUSers in the background inflating this number.

    I wish my Patreon got $111 per month!

    That's actually not too bad assuming all the payments go through at the end of the month. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I really hate the Eggpawn Assault missions, no matter what your build, if you get hit, you literally just stop in place for seconds, one hit is enough to mess up a platinum run.

    Nooooo it's not....

    The pink ones will stop you dead because they have the spike wisp on, the red ones only do if you linger too long an get caught in the bomb wisp blast.

    But you can and in most missions you have to physically impact the pawns otherwise it's just not possible to do it.

  8. Another decade is coming to a close, so we need another new Terminator Movie.

    Staring Linda Hamilton, only details released so far is that it's a direct sequel to T2 and is ignoring all the other Terminator sequels. 

    The new terminator has the ability to split into multiple terminators. James Cameron is back as writer, Tim Miller is director. 



    Trailer drops tomorrow.



  9. Regarding the ring missions... always drift into the rings. It doubles the bonus time you get from them.

    The drifting missions are quite hard, for the planet wisp stage. Take the centre route it's easier.

    Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Well, I encountered what is my first major bug - during the first Traffic Attack race in the second world, if you retry, it’ll cause robots from your previous attempt to not be despawned properly - specifically - if you run into the score robots. They’ll be frozen upon your second try, but will still have hit detection. You won’t get points from them, but you will be stunned and hit, if you run into them, like normal. This is bad as it can happen literally in the middle of the road where you need to drive to get the score bots that work properly.

    Oh so its not just me this is happening too then?

  10. Remember in the original ASR? How some fans tried to get an online lobby full of Big the Cats using a glitch?

    Well... I've been waiting nearly 9 years to do this lol

    Skip to 7:58 for when the madness starts... But we actually get organised at 12:00 and drive in full Big the Cat formation.

    This is followed by us all playing as Knuckles and exploring Boo's house.


    Also during this stream we found possibly the most obscure reference in the whole game. Skip to 1:12:40. I start to play the horns... Well... Sonic's horn is actually a reference to Sonic Spinball, it's part of the music used for the Sega chime when you start that game.

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