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  1. 20 hours ago, Tarnish said:

    So once again, relying more on nostalgia than actually trying push the franchise forward. I mean the extra choices are nice, but if I wanted to have the SOR 2-3 experience, I'd go and play those games, Streets of Rage Remake, or the dozens of free Beats of Rage mods. Having the original sprites among the HD graphics just looks so out of place, and in any other game I bet they would get flack for it for being lazy asses. This game is still not really convincing me it's worth my money.

    Sorry but what kind of tosh hot take $10 youtuber nonsense is this? 

    This isn't a case of a simple sprite swap on the pre existing characters, they're had to re-code and redesign an entire new cast for the game based on the previous three titles and even create new movesets to account for the new combat system in the 4th game which itself is running off an entirely different programming language let alone game engine.

    And we're calling them lazy asses because the art style doesn't look that right since it's based off the older 16bit sprite designs?


  2. On 4/7/2020 at 1:18 PM, Jack at Home said:


    I do find it funny that this video instead of debunking SA1R rumors, it reinforces them despite trying the opposite.

    But the video does actually reinforce the idea that there's an "Adventure-something" coming, otherwise what the hell is coming?

    "Your video reinforces the idea that a Sonic Adventure Remake is coming, because we have no idea what is coming... so it must be a Sonic Adventure Remake."

    ... ... ....

    There used to be a snooker table in this pub.

    I mean... How do I respond to this... you literally admit multiple times in your reply that my comments are right, that everything people say points to an adventure remake is false, baseless and... doesn't mean anything.. I just.. How can even come to the conclusion that it reinforces the rumours lol?

    On 4/7/2020 at 5:30 PM, Roger_van_der_weide said:

    Every animated cartoon so far was to directly tie-in with a specific game in stores, Mania and Team Sonic racing.
    The Chao in space video is the only one that doesn't directly advertise a relevant game.

    The obvious explanation... 

    it's not tied to a game, it's tied to popular movies and even a Christmas film. Like I said in the video, it's paralleling star wars. The chao in space segments contain pretty much multiple story elements from Star Wars, what big film was released a few days after? Star Wars.

    However it also has a subplot of Eggman trying to steal the christmas gifts. Which in itself is a mini parallel to The Grinch, he's even dressed in a Santa suit.

    Not everything has to be tied to a game.

  3. Ok so... that bus I mentioned on the previous page.

    This one.

    I said it wasn't possible to track in real time... well... IT IS!


    Enter the registration plate... LTZ1764 

    The site will now tell you where the bus is!

    I've tried it and whilst I can verify it. It does seem to work!

    It even shows that the bus is registered as being the "Sonic" Bus!



  4. If you think that video is interesting.

    I went one step further.

    I'm amazed I'm saying this.

    But I think Movie Sonic is a far stronger and clearer brand than Modern Sonic is.

    Even if you put aside the gameplay and level design problem. Modern Sonic is in an absolute mess. It's overly converluted and contraditory... often within it's own individual game.

    Yet the Movie is just clearer and as a world is stronger than what the game counterpart has on offer right now.

  5. 12 hours ago, Soleary said:

    Hi there,

    My daughter got sonic mania for her ps4 for Christmas.  We have never played before and dont know the basic commands.  Can anyone help? Our sonic has hit a wall and cant jump high enough to get up over it, there's no way back or down.  How does he fly? Or a super jump?


    I think I know what the OP is talking about because I had a similar problem.

    By any chance. Are you playing Sonic Mania Plus and you're on Angel Island where you get Ray and Mighty?

    If so... this is what you do.

    If you have Ray (The Yellow looking dude) jump into the air and press left then right repeatedly.

    Ray will start to do his flight move. It takes a few moments to get the rhythm right but he should be able to clear the wall.


    For Mighty (The red guy who looks like Sonic), I don't remember this too well. But I think if you jump in the air then press the jump button again mighty crashes down to the ground?

    There's a part near the wall which I think he can break through which allows you to clear it(?).

  6. hQ9t4W7.png

    For the past month, I've been organising a bit of a bit online event for the community to participate in two nights of Team Sonic Racing fun and games. 

    The idea initially was to simply pick a date and time to give a boost to the online community so we could try and have some online antics with lots of new people instead of the usual loyal following. Well... It's since grown into something more.

    I was able to recruit a number of well known Sonic Streamers and personalities in the community who have agreed to take a time slot to Stream TSR and try to raise money for the Charity Special Effect.

    Date & Time

    We're streaming tomorrow (Monday 16th December) at 4PM (GMT)/11AM (EST) for a few hours, then picking up the next day (Tuesday 17th December) at 5PM (GMT)/12PM (EST) for another few hours.

    Full Schedule

    The full schedule, who is streaming and on which version is as follows (Subject to any unforeseen changes).





    How can I help? 

    Obviously, if you fancy watching either of the streamers and joining in with the chat, that's always a huge moral booster, but we're also taking donations for Special Effect during the event. Any donation is welcome and the money goes directly to Special Effect via Tiltify.

    But what we'd also love to see is people actually joining us online and joining our races so you get to race with us during our respective live-stream, or just come online and lets give the game some love and support with some fresh players. 

    Who is Special Effect? 

    Special Effect is a UK based charity that helps people with disabilities get into gaming, they happen to be supported by both Sega and Sumo digital and do some incredible work. More information on their website.

    How can I donate?

    Each streamer should have a very obvious icon or sign post to how you can donate... Alternatively, feel free to use this link.

    Further Information

    We don't have a site or a twitter account for this event, the next best thing would be to either follow myself or Sam since we'll be tweeting the various times/moments when someone is online and if there are any changes, as will any of the other streamers during the event.


    Any questions, fire away and I'll try to answer asap!

  7. 3 hours ago, skull902 said:

    Having trouble getting it to launch, unfortunately. Like I double-click the application and it just crashes my file explorer. Real unfortunate; it looked real good from the trailer.

    Try right click and run as administrator.

    Also check your anti virus isn't automatically killing it as a false positive like mine was.

  8. 8 hours ago, Sean said:

    The recent Bluray transfer is taken from the original masters. It's still standard definition but it's better than the old copies.

    Is it!? I did not know that. I thought it was DVD clips due to that message they have on the box!

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