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  1. *looks through the flybox fox cafe window, ponders going in and taking a seat at the first empty table*

  2. As Bender once said "Awwww you..."

  3. lol no need. I really don't care much about the stars anyway. I know how great I am. Anyway, the great thing is, I know who left the ratings, mainly because I don't get many profile views, so it's a simple case of looking at the last person who viewed to get an idea. And I know exactly who left the ratings soo... haha.

  4. I finally got my computer working... msn still won't play though... hope you get well soon, show that tuna who the boss is!

  5. Heehee... do you ever wonder if some people just visit our profiles to see how far we'd take our flirting? xx

  6. I am happy you approve.

  7. I do hope you find the time to pay my profile a visit. xx

  8. *still isn't complaining*

  9. *Is officially snogged within an inch of his life, Not that he's complaining mind you.*

  10. *is jumped on* Why hello there my georgeous, wild, crazy checkered lady *mwah!*

  11. Welcome back. Don't be a stranger xx.

  12. If you could make it to SOS 09 that would be beyond epicness. Anyhoo, yup been to the US 3 times before now. As for a Mouse Ear hat... urm... I guess I could try one out, just so long as it doesn't melt on my head in the heat.

  13. Two weeks, can't stay any longer than that unfortunately. lol I've had to re-arange it already so I can go to SOS 09 this year. And I too find that acting like a child in every way possible is the best method of enjoying disney.

  14. Oh my, thank you very much for the comment, and good news, I'm coming to the US in September. Off to Florida to see the house of the mouse.

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