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  1. Dear SSMB. Get some good headphones and listed to it! Dat Baseline is incredible! It's really great track but... Have to agree with the sentiment that it doesn't feel like it belongs in Sonic 2.
  2. For the last two weeks I've been working on a new documentary / history video. Basically, after the whole Sonic statue in the mountains thing exploded. I started to think of all the other giant Sonic statues that are out there, so I started to look into it and discovered that not only are there a lot more than people are aware of... But that there's no central location to show them all. Even Sonic Gear doesn't have a comprehensive list and what images they do have are really small in size so a lot of detail is lost also a lot of the statues are missing information or the information is completely wrong. So I decided to try and find them all, as well as all the information I could about them and gather them together in one place. I think I may have done it, and I even found some information and discoveries which I'm sure the fanbase is unaware of. Though I wouldn't be surprised if I have missed 1 or 2, especially since Japan has tons of statues that even the bulk of the fanbase doesn't know about. Anyway... here are a few highlights. Sega World Disney Land During the late 90's Disney and Sega partnered up to bring a mini Sega World to Epcots innovations centre... it was full of Sonic imagery including several statues including this almighty one. This statue originally appeared at CES 1994 and was moved to Epcot in which a bouncy barrel base was added to it. But this is the significant discovery that I made. Every time Disney makes a new land or plans a new area, they make a model of it... and the model for the Sega World at Epcot has survived the years! There are some clear changes from the photo above and my video, but it looks more or less the same for the mot part. Surfing Sonic Found at Sega World London, it's one of the lesser known statues because it was on the top floor with all the 'sports games' so not many people went up there it seemed. It's a magnificent statue which just seems that it defies the laws of physics by not falling over. Anchor Sonic So this statue was placed above a very old Sega world at some point in the 1990's, this was a statue that I've never seen before... but... to my amazement... It's still there to this day, but now looks like this! They re-decorated it to a more modern Sonic design! Street View Address. 1 Chome-6-11 Funabori, Edogawa City, Tokyo 134-0091, Japan Laughing Sonic That artwork of Laughing Sonic actually made it to a giant statue. At CES 1995 it welcomed visitors to Sega's booth and was even the basis for a Sega World Sydney Sonic statue.In recent years it's even been turned into a plush and First4Figures were to make a statue of this design but cancelled it before release. So are there any which I missed? Are there any others out there? Because it would be nice to find them all since a lot tend to get destroyed once the event is over.
  3. "Kill it with fire!" *Screams, laughter* "NO!" People need to stop believing this was done deliberately.
  4. A new car! Now there's also something else really interesting about this tweet... It's true! I couldn't believe it when it was pointed out to me! That costume has not been used for years and suddenly here it is! Wonder if it means that Sega have all the other old Sonic costumes somewhere.
  5. You know... I bet I'm smart enough to actually devise a scientific test or method or even just a basic questionnaire to prove I'm right. But I don't need to!
  6. I'm only going to comment on the whole cheating aspect. As someone who was recently betrayed by someone in a similar manner. I am completely on Heidi's side in this. People who do this kind of shit don't just accidentally do it, or make a mistake for whatever reason. They know exactly what they're doing and know exactly the kind of hurt it's going to cause if it's found out and it almost always is found out. So pretty much rooting for Heidi in all this as it stands right now.
  7. But we've been told for weeks now that movie going audiences wouldn't care and that Sonic had to be realistic otherwise people outside the fandom would reject it... Are you telling me the exact opposite is happening!?
  8. (Tweet) 

    Help me out with my science experiment?


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    Anyone able to help me out with this statue query?


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    Alex Kidd is Thanos


  11. Funny you made this topic... I tweeted this today. Also this. A few awesome scenes I found.
  12. No idea. I didn't go to this event. Myself and the other staff except for Svend and T-bird didn't even know about it until we saw the article on the site about it.
  13. So in the two days that you were sat there filling with rage... How many times did you feel your opinion was being persecuted because someone else didn't agree with you instead of saying your opinion was wrong? Because so far all I'm getting is "We should all embrace change!" No we shouldn't. If something looks like trash, it should be thrown out due to X Y and Z. You just mindlessly agree to change because it's different. It needs to show some kind of merit or distinction at building on what's different. And with regards to this design. It completely sucks.
  14. Your username is stop nitpicking and you accused everyone who had any kind of complaint against the design as just whiny with nostalgia goggles on...
  15. Oh here we go....

    1. PaddyFancy


      I saw that coming when that caught my eye a few minutes ago.

  16. https://www.amazon.com/Sonic-Mask-Adult-Full-Head/dp/B07RB1H7RT/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=sonic+mask+for+adult&qid=1556844987&s=gateway&sr=8-2 Jesus Christ....
  17. You literally said in this post That you can discount THOUSANDS of dislikes to the video because they were told to dislike it. I asked you to prove 2 things. 1: That someone did tell people to dislike the video. 2: That it had some kind of impact in the thousands. So far all you've done is say "Well these people said it" and only 1 of them has over 100 upvotes on his comments. Which doesn't even prove anything. Where are these thousands of people who have been influenced that you were referring to, because you know what I think? I think the vast majority of people either liked the trailer because they actually liked it... or they disliked the video because they actually disliked it.
  18. Ok lets assume this nonsense is scientifically accurate. Total number of dislikes on the video: 415,000 Lets assume all the likes on the 'everybody dislike lolz' comments are unique people including the OP who did in fact downvote the video because they were told to: 131 Total number of people who were directly influenced to down-vote the video as a percentage: 0.0315% And I even included the numbers from the comment you posted in your picture didn't actually tell people to down vote the video, just that they thought it looked bad. So unless you're actually going to post definitive proof that this actually means something, this is a tin foil hat show.
  19. LMAO! What the fuck does this prove other than someone wrote "Everybody downvote this!" It doesn't prove at all that people disliked the video because someone wrote those comments, it doesn't prove that there was a pre-planned organised campaign which hundred of thousands took notice of to downvote it. We're dealing with numbers in the HUNDREDS of thousands here who watched this and didn't like it. But you're claiming that most of that, or a portion of that can be brushed off as being just a campaign? Seriously what kind of tin foil hat nonsense is this? Lord just turn this around the other way and you realise how daft of an argument it is. "Oh the only reason this video got so many positive votes was because someone told other people to rate it positive!" Yeah I was told about this. That person is actually a member here who is doing a really bad job of hiding their identity.
  20. LOL! Oh yeah ok alright. Is there even any point asking for the names of people and then proof that people actually disliked it because they were told to over the fact that they thought it just sucked?
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