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  1. 5 minutes ago, Legendary Emerald said:

     This means only $111 dollars has been raised from outside sources thus far, unless there are even more FUSers in the background inflating this number.

    I wish my Patreon got $111 per month!

    That's actually not too bad assuming all the payments go through at the end of the month. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    I really hate the Eggpawn Assault missions, no matter what your build, if you get hit, you literally just stop in place for seconds, one hit is enough to mess up a platinum run.

    Nooooo it's not....

    The pink ones will stop you dead because they have the spike wisp on, the red ones only do if you linger too long an get caught in the bomb wisp blast.

    But you can and in most missions you have to physically impact the pawns otherwise it's just not possible to do it.

  3. Another decade is coming to a close, so we need another new Terminator Movie.

    Staring Linda Hamilton, only details released so far is that it's a direct sequel to T2 and is ignoring all the other Terminator sequels. 

    The new terminator has the ability to split into multiple terminators. James Cameron is back as writer, Tim Miller is director. 



    Trailer drops tomorrow.



  4. Regarding the ring missions... always drift into the rings. It doubles the bonus time you get from them.

    The drifting missions are quite hard, for the planet wisp stage. Take the centre route it's easier.

    Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

    Well, I encountered what is my first major bug - during the first Traffic Attack race in the second world, if you retry, it’ll cause robots from your previous attempt to not be despawned properly - specifically - if you run into the score robots. They’ll be frozen upon your second try, but will still have hit detection. You won’t get points from them, but you will be stunned and hit, if you run into them, like normal. This is bad as it can happen literally in the middle of the road where you need to drive to get the score bots that work properly.

    Oh so its not just me this is happening too then?

  5. Remember in the original ASR? How some fans tried to get an online lobby full of Big the Cats using a glitch?

    Well... I've been waiting nearly 9 years to do this lol

    Skip to 7:58 for when the madness starts... But we actually get organised at 12:00 and drive in full Big the Cat formation.

    This is followed by us all playing as Knuckles and exploring Boo's house.


    Also during this stream we found possibly the most obscure reference in the whole game. Skip to 1:12:40. I start to play the horns... Well... Sonic's horn is actually a reference to Sonic Spinball, it's part of the music used for the Sega chime when you start that game.

  6. 31 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

     they feel almost entirely new. That's the impression that I'm getting from people like @Mayor D 

    They are. 

    But even aside from the gameplay, they're not a copy pasta of the old tracks, they have some minor changes here and there as well as improved visuals and a few new hazards.

    Also did a mini review and analysis. I say mini because there was a lot more I could have talked about.


  7. 7 hours ago, Sandman444a said:

    Yeah, I was almost getting that impression a bit early on. Maybe technique gets a big stronger when it's just the solo races. 

    The thing about the exclusive wisps was actually entire new to me and supposed I never actually noticed. Certainly makes the power characters look much stronger in my eyes seeing that they get the Void and Spike wisps.

    You can get void and spike wisps if you're a speed type and technique type to.

    However they have to be passed to you and this isn't a rare event by any means.

    The only rare wisp that I've seen so far is the drill wisp... which is annoying since there's a hard trophy related to it.

    Technique characters are also not that bad, especially in later races, there's a few tracks where they can take some insane shortcuts and cut some crazy corners. Thing with them is not to try and win the race on tracks which have rough terrain, but use them as a supportive type, supply items to other players, or go offensive. Since they can take insane shortcuts, they can make up lost progress quite well.

  8. Some fun bits of lore interpretation that TSR adds from the in-game dialogue.


    Strong hint that Sonic characters eat bacon.

    Multiple characters at some point took their drivers test and passed.

    Knuckles has visited a doctor.

    Knuckles secretly wants to be a bird. He gets very excited when he gets air time.

    Silver is from the future. Blaze is from another dimension (re-affirmed)

    In the opening CG sequence. It's strongly implied that Eggman murders Team Rose before Vector, Blaze and Silver then murder him.


    Also something I was wondering in this.

    Is Silver's voice actor in this the same person who voices Kirito in Sword Art Online? He sounds so much like him.

  9. So I got into a few online games.... there are some issues...

    Basically, there is a set minimum time to start a game and you cannot speed through it, even the results screen, so you're waiting a while for races to both start and finish before you return to the lobby and start again.

    You can end up in a race against two human players on the same team... if this happens... Yeah you're completely screwed.

    But... for the fun thing... and spoiler because it's a big spoiler if it's not been revealed yet.


    You can have a race full of Big the Cats! Yes every player can pick the same character!

    Also there is this system called 'commend', when you finish the race the game identifies players who performed the best in a number of stats, like players taken out, fastest speed, number of items passed.

    You can if you like 'commend' a player for how they did... But I have absolutely no idea what this does, even if you get the most commendations (like I did) I didn't see or notice anything like a reward.


  10. Oh yeah, there is one other thing which might be a problem.

    The online is spit between Ranked and Casual so the player base is split by default, then there are 3 main online modes to select which again will split the online crowd. 

    Have a nasty feeling this will impact the online popularity for some versions of the game.

    2 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

     Mothers Canyon (the second Planet Wisp track) really does look rather bland. There are a lot of straightways that seem to be designed solely for slingshots. It's not very exciting.

    It's probably the worst track out of the entire racing series. 

    It's just incredibly boring when you hit that section with nothing on it. 

  11. Gameplay courtesy of me. 

    Yes my copy arrived mega early!

    Initial thoughts.

    It's good, very good, not as good as Transformed, but we're talking like a small degree here. Whilst I miss the non Sonic characters and the transformed ability (I miss it a lot) the game for what it is is very good.

    The tracks, so far I've only found one I really don't like, and it's because it has a really long moment where nothing really happens on it. It's the one where giant mother Wisp follows you.

    Knuckles has THE BEST dialogue by far, especially when he cries out that he's a bird and screams when he has his ultimate move. 

    It takes A LONG time to unlock everything, I was playing for 1 hour 15min and hadn't unlocked any other characters and only raced against one other team.


    Things I don't like.

    In GP races you can't swap characters after a race ends, you're stuck until the end of the GP.

    The loot box system. (Skip to 1:19:30 in the video to see this)

    This mod unlock system is a loot box system, there is no other way to describe it. Whilst the drop rates are very generous, I got a lot of legendary items, I also got A HELL OF A LOT of temporary single use items, nearly 50% of the boxes I opened where those. 


    Things that could make it better

    Fashion mode. Let me pick mods for my car, but let me either have default or more control over their performance, I want to make my racer unique without having a speed penalty.


    Criticisms which really don't mean anything anymore.

    The returning tracks: Yeah they're similar in layout to the previous games, but you now have this completely unique and different gameplay mechanic which totally changes how you approach the course, such as your racing line, when to use your special moves, items etc. It's pretty much a new course.

    In game radio: Its barely noticeable.



    It's a really fun game, definitely worth your time. 


    Any questions?

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