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  1. 9 minutes ago, Ming Ming Hatsune said:

    This is like me asking you to provide proof that every single dislike on that video is genuine and not influenced by anybody else, just themselves.

    You literally said in this post

    That you can discount THOUSANDS of dislikes to the video because they were told to dislike it.

    I asked you to prove 2 things.

    1: That someone did tell people to dislike the video.

    2: That it had some kind of impact in the thousands.


    So far all you've done is say "Well these people said it" and only 1 of them has over 100 upvotes on his comments. Which doesn't even prove anything.

    Where are these thousands of people who have been influenced that you were referring to, because you know what I think? I think the vast majority of people either liked the trailer because they actually liked it... or they disliked the video because they actually disliked it.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Ming Ming Hatsune said:

    When people go around and shout "Everyone downvote this!", even with some likes within those comments, you honestly think no one, after seeing those comments, will not go ahead and dislike the video? Where are the comments saying "this is silly?" Or people downvoting those comments? Seriously. 

    Ok lets assume this nonsense is scientifically accurate.

    Total number of dislikes on the video: 415,000

    Lets assume all the likes on the 'everybody dislike lolz' comments are unique people including the OP who did in fact downvote the video because they were told to: 131

    Total number of people who were directly influenced to down-vote the video as a percentage: 0.0315%

    And I even included the numbers from the comment you posted in your picture didn't actually tell people to down vote the video, just that they thought it looked bad.


    So unless you're actually going to post definitive proof that this actually means something, this is a tin foil hat show.

  3. 45 minutes ago, Ming Ming Hatsune said:

    You are so predictable. I was waiting for you to question me this, so I prepared this just in case.


    Now I'm sure there are more, but I'm not going to dig around 11,000 comments.


    What the fuck does this prove other than someone wrote "Everybody downvote this!" 

    It doesn't prove at all that people disliked the video because someone wrote those comments, it doesn't prove that there was a pre-planned organised campaign which hundred of thousands took notice of to downvote it.

    We're dealing with numbers in the HUNDREDS of thousands here who watched this and didn't like it. But you're claiming that most of that, or a portion of that can be brushed off as being just a campaign? 

    Seriously what kind of tin foil hat nonsense is this?


    Lord just turn this around the other way and you realise how daft of an argument it is. "Oh the only reason this video got so many positive votes was because someone told other people to rate it positive!"

    19 minutes ago, Tarnish said:

     there's people like this lovely chap on the SA3 FB page who considers the movie "pissing Sonic Stadium off" a posivite about the movie, so the type of people who defend something because others hate it is definitely a thing.

    Yeah I was told about this. That person is actually a member here who is doing a really bad job of hiding their identity.

  4. 1 minute ago, Legendary Emerald said:

    Let's talk about trailers for a moment. It's very rare that a trailer this bad and unpromising still leads to a good film, but it'd be disingenuous of us to say it has never happened.

    The only film in recent times that I can think of which had a really bad first trailer but actually turned out to be a pretty good film, was Star Trek Beyond.

    But this is just... "We have to make it realistic or people won't take it seriously!"


    People are not going to take ManHog the Shiny Teeth seriously.

  5. If anyone wants to post this in the game thread, go right ahead.

    I decided to look at how accurate the cartoon was to the game and... I was quite surprised.


    They obviously invent a few things to make for a fun story... But for the most part... everything that you see in the cartoon you can do in the game in someway or is accurate to the game in someway.

    It's quite impressive the amount of detail they've gone into without making something that isn't representative to the actual game.

  6. So I recorded my reaction to watching the trailer...

    I tried to illustrate a lot of my points with some examples and even compare some of the imagery to other movies...


    But here is the York notes version...

    Sonic looks awful. There's just nothing else to say, he's hideous.


    But the main crime that the trailer has is just how generic it looks. Like, even if you put aside the generic military briefing room and the generic government gets it wrong opening gambit...

    Our first reveal of Doctor Robotnik...

    He's wearing a black suit and has a silly moustache... They've modelled him off Dick Dastardly, only given him a black coat. He just looks like he's playing a comedy Agent Smith. 

    There's nothing interesting about his reveal, but this is the first reveal of the villain for the movie! They even build up a dramatic reveal music key it's just a guy with a black coat on. There is nothing interesting about how he looks, or how he sounds.

    Now if he started like he looks at the end of the trailer... THAT'S INTERESTING! That's something I wanna know more about, that's something that stands out... This is just... we've seen it before.

    Then there's the issue of the Egg-O-Matic and badniks... they're so generic... They look like they're from other movies... In the video I compare them to machines in Terminator, but someone in the comments said they look like the machines in the Robocop Remake... and... Jesus they do!

    Literally the only thing in this movie which gives it it's own identity... is Mushroom Hill at the end, that's interesting, that's different and even then they get the look of it completely wrong.


    The whole 'We need to study the creature and it's fur'... Why isn't it a chaos emerald... Sonic's fur is not magical, it's not electrically charged... it's... Never been anything... Yet now it is...

    The entire trailer feels like it was a random plot they had for an original IP, then when Sonic was up for sale they bought the license and just slapped it on.

  7. 2 hours ago, Eurisko said:

    Anyway again, great video. Would love to see more of this sort of thing.

    There's plenty more on my channel lol.

    As for the 'it never came near my town'.

    I thought the same for mine... Then I discovered it actually did, it came within 45 min of my town. But Sega never published a full list of the bus stops, so you had to ring them up and ask where it was stopping... which... is really annoying.

  8. I recently did a lot of research and investigations into an old event that Sega used to hold between the years of 1992 and 1995.

    They were basically Sega Roadshows, the first was called "Sega on the Road" and the last one was called "In 2 Action." Each bus would tour major cities and large events in the UK allowing people the opportunity to play the latest Sega games and hardware. 

    You've probably seen a few pictures of these in videogame magazines and issues of Sonic the Comic. Well... I was able to find some video and accounts of the events so I decided to try and gather together the best and most common accounts of the events into one video which covered the roadshows in order to catalogue and inform.

    You can watch that here.

    Anyway... I wanted to ask about this here due to a really interesting comment I got on this one and something that was bugging me even when I was making the video.

    So the first roadshow was in 1992, the bulk of the events happened during the Summer of that year in the UK. The bus was decorated as you see in the thumbnail, with Sonic 2 imagery all over it. 

    And part of the attraction was the chance to play Sonic 2 in a competition style "How far can you get in 5 min" or "Can you beat the Sega high score?" And from what someone has told me, when they went onto it, someone was able to get all the way to Aquatic Ruin Zone during their run.

    Others have said that when they tried the game some people didn't make it out of the Emerald Hill Zone since the game wasn't released.

    So.... Does that mean that these events had Sonic 2 available to play in a near full condition... BEFORE it was officially released? Just that it seems the upper floor of these busses always had a Sonic competition, yet in some of the footage I found they're clearly playing Sonic 1, soooo... 

    Anyone go on these in 1992 and remember an early Sonic 2?


    Anyway, the 1995 event seems to be the last one and they had a Sonic, Tails and Knuckles mascot attend a few of them, sadly there's a distinct lack of media for these. Did anyone attend these and does anyone have any additional photos or dare I say video? 




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